Season 5 Episode 2

A Witch's Tail (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2002 on The WB

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  • "I'm Phoebe, I Wear Slutty Outfits For No Reason!" #1 - Barely-Clothed Mermaid

    Much worse than the first part, this part of A Witch's Tail just feels like padding. It was unnecessary to have Phoebe last as a mermaid this long and it's not fun watching her as one, just annoying.

    This hour has Phoebe loving life as a mermaid before things turn bad when the Sea Hag's boss, water demon Necron, goes after her.

    Alyssa Milano is good in this episode and she's shows a range of comedic talent when she's being interviewed by Nancy O'Dell in the bathtub but loses all her credibility wearing the tacky, nearly-naked mermaid outfit.

    The spell which Piper casts on herself in this episode and her fear of water after her mother's death would have been an interesting storyline... if it hadn't been done five years ago! Prue went through the exact same trials during the season one episode From Fear to Eternity and it's extremely annoying to see it played out all over again.

    I did like how Cole was used to bring back normal Phoebe but I thought their little hug at the end was slightly vomit-inducing.

    Like the first hour, there were some excellent special effects. The scene when Necron calmly walks himself out of an arrow, which is right through his neck, is quite nasty for Charmed and the electric eels electrocuting the kidnapped Piper are also well done.

    This is a wasted hour which didn't need to be made. The closing moments were quite thoughtful, though, and it was nice seeing Piper all happy again.