Season 5 Episode 2

A Witch's Tail (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2002 on The WB

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  • The Little Mer-Witch

    A Witch's Tail (2)-Piper, Paige and Leo struggle to convince Phoebe, now a mermaid, to come back to her life as a Charmed One, when she decides to "swim" away from her problems with Cole. Meanwhile, Piper casts a spell to stop her panic attacks but instead of facing her fear, she suppresses it, endangering herself and her baby, when a sea Demon comes after her mermaid sister, Phoebe. In order to help Phoebe, Paige takes drastic measures and enlists the aid of Cole, and his newfound demonic powers. Sigh, Part 2 feels like a pointless extention of Part 1. It's just 40 minutes of Phoebe as an annoying mermaid and more, unnecessary Cole bashing! Now all of a sudden Cole is such a hugh threat to Phoebe? Paige's whole rant to Cole at her job was beyond harsh and completely undermines Cole actually keeping the Source at bay when he was possessed. You actually start to feel bad for Cole here, he's just trying to show Phoebe he actually cares and wants to do some good, yet every keeps giving him sh!t....yeah, because helping Phoebe and her sisters kill the Source as well sacrificing himself to the Source which got him possessed wasn't enough. At least Phoebe comes to her senses at the end and admits she still has feelings for Cole.

    Piper becoming bada$$ witch for a hour was the only real highlight of the episode. You can tell Holly Marie Combs was having a blast showing off Piper's tough, no holds bar side. I especially loved her confrontation with Necrom and her delivery of "It's that the best you got?" It's also great to see Piper overcome her fear, especially since her experience underwater with her mom is like how Prue overcame her fear of drowning in "From Fear to Eternity." Not to mention, getting healed by her baby was a nice twist. It's too bad the rest of the episode drags the plot and never really adds anything to it. "A Witch's Tail (2)" ends this supposed epic 2-parter on a dud. The writers really need to stay away from the fluffy mythology stuff like mermaids! SMH....
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