Season 6 Episode 20

A Wrong Day's Journey into Right

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

While Piper is at Magic School trying to figure out what evil is after Wyatt, Phoebe and Paige try to identify the demon who's been vanquishing other demons for the past three weeks. They're worried that some new force is trying to consolidate power, so he can take on the Charmed Ones. "My gut says he's going to go after the Smoker demons tonight," Paige says. "Mercury is in retrograde, and that is when they surface." The Smoker demons attack a priest, but before they can harm him, two blondes in black leather appear. Using throwing stars, they vanquish the Smokers, but let the terrified priest get away. Paige and Phoebe orb in. The demons attack, but the sisters vanquish one, and the other shimmers out, leaving a throwing star behind. Paige says she'll use the weapon to look through the Book of Shadows for the demon, but Phoebe says she'll do it herself. Paige needs her rest - she's been pulling double duty since Phoebe lost her active powers. Back at the manor, Paige goes to her bedroom, arranges three candles in a circle, and while lighting them, recites a spell: A perfect man I summon now Another way I don't know how Bring him now into the light Come back to me, Mr. Right An attractive man appears in the middle of the circle. Paige says, "Welcome back." The next morning Chris discovers that the throwing star belongs to a group of assassins called Demonatrix. Chris tells Phoebe and Leo that he doesn't know who the assassins are working for, but the demon is using Charmed powers. Phoebe and Leo decide to go to Magic School to check on Piper. Phoebe knocks on Paige's bedroom door to let her know where they're going. Mr. Right hides to keep Phoebe from finding him. After Phoebe leaves, Mr. Right comes out of hiding. Paige wonders whether she should have gone with Phoebe, but Mr. Right says, "She said not to worry about it, so don't…That's why you made me, to focus on yourself for once." He tells Paige she needs a vacation - she should be riding through Tuscany in a Porsche. Then, he conjures her breakfast. In the Underworld, a demon who looks just like Mr. Right reprimands the Demonatrix who attacked the Charmed Ones. He vanquishes her, then says to the others, "I don't want the sisters finding me, especially Paige. Not until I'm ready." He walks into a room under construction that looks just like the attic at Halliwell manor. At Magic School, after Phoebe leaves, Leo and Piper discuss their future. But neither of them knows what will happen between them once baby Chris is born. After all, Leo is still an Elder. Adult Chris tracks down Mr. Wrong, who calls himself Vincent, at a Porsche dealership. Vincent steals a car, and Chris borrows one to go in pursuit. Vincent orbs out with the car, but the cops stop Chris, and he's arrested. Darryl refuses to help out this time. His ordeal with the Cleaners changed him. After his involvement with magic almost got him executed for a crime he didn't commit, he's done helping the sisters. Chris orbs out of jail and tells Phoebe about Vincent. The two scry for him and discover that he's at the manor. They go to warn Paige and discover Mr. Right in Paige's bedroom. They conclude that Vincent is the backfire from Paige using her powers for personal gain by conjuring Mr. Right. Since Paige cast the spell to last for twenty-four hours, she can't unconjure Vincent and Mr. Right. Instead, she and Phoebe make a vanquishing potion. They find Vincent and try to vanquish him, but the potion doesn't work because he's not real. Vincent grabs Paige and orbs her to his lair. Vincent uses Paige's own desires, those of her dark side, to convince her to stay with him. "This is everything you've ever dreamed about," Vincent says to her. "Instead of fighting you, the demons will bow down to your feet. Instead of reining in your powers, you can use them at will. You're free. Unchallenged. Loved." Disoriented, Paige looks at him and says, "What about my…" "Your sisters?" Vincent asks. "They're a burden, aren't they. Forever forcing you to sacrifice yourself, your needs for them…Unless we do something, they'll try to stop us." Phoebe makes a new potion - one that will turn Vincent real so she can vanquish him. She tries it on Mr. Right and it works. Disguised as a Demonatrix, she goes to Vincent's lair. Meanwhile, Paige lures Piper to the Underworld, where the Demonatrixes try to kill her, but Phoebe stops them. She and Piper vanquish the Demonatrixes, then find Vincent and vanquish him as well, freeing Paige from his spell. Leo uses memory dust on the salesman at the Porsche dealership, who then drops the charges against Chris. Paige and Mr. Right say good-bye as he prepares to strike out on his own, with Leo's help. "If you're anything like me," Paige says, "and I have a sneaking suspicion that you are, you might get into a little bit of trouble out there." "Well," says Mr. Right, "if I'm anything like you, I can handle it, right? Will I ever see you again?" Paige smiles. "Only if you get into too much trouble."