Season 6 Episode 20

A Wrong Day's Journey into Right

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2004 on The WB

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    Be careful what you lust for

    Not the most original episode but nicely put together. Benefits from some decent effects, a good guest actor and some fine performances by the cast regulars, particularly Alyssa. That face she pulls when she hears about the massage is priceless.

    The first half is full of intrigue: someone is slaying demons left, right and centre and they're doing it using the Charmed Ones' own potions. A bunch of leather clad hussies seems to be behind it but who is giving the orders? Alongside this is a subplot in which Paige conjures her dream bloke and has it off with him a lot.

    The clever part is that it turns out to be the dream bloke's evil twin who is behind the killings. It's great when all the threads come together like this and a lot of thought has clearly gone into the plot. Unfortunately the whole story is based on a glaring character flaw. There's no way Paige would use magic for personal gain just one week after facing the tribunal! We know she isn't stupid so why have her act like this?

    The demonatrics (groan!) remind me of the Stillman Sisters from earlier in the season. Not sure if this is intentional. Either way, they make great cannon fodder. On the subject of lookalikes, Paige's dream bloke looks a hell of a lot like Leo. Is this a case of sister envy? If so, she's kept it well hidden.

    There are a few other threads. Phoebe is still smarting from losing her powers, Leo and Piper get some rare time together and Darryl is no longer prepared to cover up for the sisters. Can't blame the bloke after what happened last week.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Chris's car chase - a bit of a novelty for this show. Can't believe that car orbed out in broad daylight though. Send for the cleaners!

    Score: 9.3
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