Season 6 Episode 20

A Wrong Day's Journey into Right

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2004 on The WB

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  • The Sisters and Their Muscular Sex Toy #2

    You have to question the writer's motives in their decision to bring back Mr Right, or as I call him "pointless living, breathing sex toy for the sisters". At least he serves an actual purpose in his second appearance compared to when he popped up in Prince Charmed, one of the worst episodes of any television series. Ever.

    A Wrong Day's Journey Into Right has Paige (who's feeling horny) summoning up Mr Right to spend a couple of nights with. The spell goes wrong, however, and it also conjures up Mr Wrong, the exact opposite of Paige's perfect guy who wants to kill the sisters.

    There is hardly anything interesting during this episode. The Demonatrix (oh god) demons working for Mr Wrong are painful to watch and it's just so obvious that somehow the writers will get Phoebe into one of those leather outfits! I found it hilarious that Phoebe calls the Demonatrix outfits "tacky", this coming from a woman who has the wardrobe of a sleazy prostitute! Please!

    Gabriel Olds gives a good performance as both Mr Right and Mr Wrong, far better than the Eurotrash hunk with the long name that played Mr Right in Prince Charmed. It was fun to see a car chase on Charmed but I found the Chris storyline extremely boring. We're not interested in legal stuff on Charmed! If we wanted to see something to do with court cases, we'll watch any of the 10,000 David E Kelley shows on the air at the moment!

    For an episode written by Cameron Litvack, the best writer on Charmed at the moment, it's an awful hour.

    Rating: D