Season 6 Episode 20

A Wrong Day's Journey into Right

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 02, 2004 on The WB

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  • Couldn't Be More Wrong If They Tried!


    A Wrong Day's Journey into Right-With Piper away at magic school and Phoebe without her active powers, overworked Paige conjures Mr. Right for stress relief but, unknowingly, releases his evil twin, Mr. Wrong.

    I honestly don't know how viewers could take this series seriously at this point. It's just embarassing watching the our lead actresses are forced to perform ridiculous scripts like this. The villains of the week? Mr. Wrong and...dear lord...the Demonatrix! I donm't know what's worse: the pun or that they actually had a bunch of strippers in tight leatehr who wear suppose to be demons. Poor Cameron Litvak, even his writing could make sense out of this horrid material! Phoebe once again is forced to wear a sexy, revealing outfit while looking stupid and Paige conquers up yet another sex toy, this time for her selfish needs. I swear the writers have made the sisters so dense, it's like they have no respect for themselves anymore! It's like personal gain means nothing on this series anymore and who is Phoebe to talk about it being wrong when she has a longhistory of boning any guy that comes her way! I feel bad for Holly Marie Combs, it's like Piper barely does anything anymore. Considering Holly was about to pop out her baby, Piper is pretty much sidelined for most of the episodes to give her some rest on set. Although it was cool getting to see her use her powers on the Demonatrix, we even got somerare freezing again!!

    Ehw. Then you have Paige's Mr. Right worshipping her throughout which is just as unbearable to watch as you'd expect. Chris' arrest is pretty boring to watch, although it's nice to see him and Leo finallycome to some sort of agreement. Then you haveDarryl not helping the sisters anymore which probably the smartest thing he has ever doneconsidering the sh!t he pulled on them him this year, it about time he rezlised that. Anyway, your typical waste of time episode.