Season 3 Episode 4

All Halliwell's Eve

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2000 on The WB

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  • All Halliwell's Eve

    All Halliwell's Eve was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed because it had a lot of depth and development for the characters and story lines. It was awesome to see Morris hanging with the sisters and connecting with them like family. It was fun to see the sisters dress up for Halloween and I liked their costume choices. The real fun happens in the past as the sisters are sent back in time to help a good witch protect her baby. There was a lot of great action, intrigue and drama. It was interesting to see Cole in the past as well as certain scenes really added to the relationship developing between him and Phoebe. Prue met a man in the past and was smitten by him immediately. Piper learns that she delivered her Great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother Melinda. Watching Leo and Morris work together was awesome and I hope their is more of this as Morris really proved himself. I liked the irony in the ending when Cole showed up dressed as an Angel. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Wicca... old school style.

    Finally, Cole/Belthazar's quest to destroy the Charmed Ones begins, and with his return, the episodes build in intensity until the excellent payoff of Sleuthing with the Enemy.

    Apparently, I did not enjoy this episode as much as many reviewers. Just finally having Leo, Cole, Dorian and the sisters all together at the manor is enough to warrant at least an average rating. I also enjoyed the costumes.

    However, the entire trip back through time was mostly a clunker for me. Cole becomes very benign from that point forward, pretty much just a spectator. The sisters are pretty much powerless, and their easy capture and then very fortunate rescue by some good samaritan, who then is killed himself, is all somewhat pointless to me. I also did not get into the old wiccan ways that revived their powers. Some reviewers really seemed to appreciate that, but I know it never comes into play again in the series and therefore somewhat seems out of place here.

    I actually got a kick out of Phoebe on the broom though, even if it was completely contrived.

    The best part of the episode was actually Leo and Darryl working together to deal with the Grimlocks. Leo making a potion? Wow. The entire thing was asinine, surely. I mean, what were the Grimlocks doing while Leo and Darryl were in the kitchen? Watching TV? Laughable, really, but still, it was great to see Darryl get in on the demon action.
  • God, This Season Sucks...

    Charmed continues to go on a downward spiral with this episode which sees the sisters time-traveling back to the 1600's to rescue a pregnant witch from an evil crone who wants to turn her unborn child evil.

    All Halliwell's Eve also has Leo and Darryl trapped in the manor with two Grimlocks, who want them dead. The Grimlocks hadn't been seen since season one's Out of Sight and I liked them there and I liked their motives, but in this episode, they just turn into stale, almost "ordinary" demons, whose prime objective is to kill. Not do anything that's a bit original.

    The main storyline is also boring. I had no interest in any of the characters and I found Cole's involvement unbelievable. I will, however, give the writers some merits for at least trying to expand on the Halliwell's ancestry further than just Patty and Grams. All Halliwell's Eve could have been a really good Halloween episode but sadly, it just doesn't work. Also, the scene with Phoebe flying on the broomstick felt like something straight out of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

    Rating: D
  • The Charmed Ones Get a History Lesson

    All Haliwell's Eve-On Halloween, the sisters are pulled back in time to the 1600s to save a witch and her soon-to-be-born child from the hands of an evil witch who wants to raise the child evil. The sisters later discover that this situation may have more personal implications than they first imagined.

    A very intriguing episode as the sisters get sent back to the days of witch trials on Halloween. I love this plot as it gives a chance for the sisters to explore the other depths of their magic as well as find out more about their history. The Salem setting is well done and makes for a refreshing setting for the whole episode. Clare Carey is great as Eve, a leader of a local coven of witches who trains the Charmed Ones to re-discover their essence of being witches. Also, Judy Geeson was good as the cruel, evil witch, Ruth as well as her team-up with Cole. Although, Cole doesn't really get to do much throughout this hour besides find out that he and Phoebe are soul mates. Then there's the little development with Prue falling for Micah, one of the village men who comes to their aid. Shannen is pretty hilarious as she plays Prue falling head over heels for guy who isn't even from her own time. The twist with Charlotte's baby being Melinda Warren was a great surprise and nice how the sisters got to save their whole line.

    The Grimlock sub-plot with Darryl and Leo trapped in the manor with them was entertaining. I'm glad the writers brought them back as they are some the best villains they ever created. It's nice to see Darryl get some development with him and Leo teaming-up together to stop them. But there are some down sides, mostly Phoebe flying on the broom to scare off the witch hunters which looked so awful and bad on scree it was literally cartoony. I don't understand why the writers try to do scenes where the effects budget just can't support, ehw! All and All, "All Haliwell's Eve" is a truly fun episode that sees the sisters becoming better witches and learning a lot from the witches before them.
  • It's that special time of the year again. Halloween, I mean!

    It's Haloween and Prue, Piper and Phoebe find themselves on a journey back through time when a young, heavily pregnant woman, needs their help to save her unborn child from an evil witch who wants to raise the baby on the Dark Side. There are many hilarious moments here, most of them courtesy of Phoebe who just can't seem to stop herself from getting into trouble!

    The young woman, Charlotte, is not only scared of the evil witch, but also more than a little surprised at the 'magic' the sisters are able to use to help her through the birth of her baby, a daughter, whom she calls Melinda. And so, the line of Halliwell witches is born.

    Terrific episode.
  • Witches in time.

    From the embarrassing to the rather enjoyable, Charmed offers up its first solid episode of the season, as the girls are whisked back in time to 1700s to help deliver a baby. This is a fun hour with some extra snappy dialogue for once and a fairly watchable sub-plot involving Grimlocks, Leo and Darryl. The triad are out in full force since we learn that Cole was sent back in time to destroy the Charmed line of witches. It's mostly featherweight stuff, although the image of the three sisters hanging from a tree is mighty effective. The writers have done well to inject Cole into as many opening episodes as possible – Julian wears the charming, yet oh-so-evil look rather well. Then again, as his angel costume proves, he looks good in anything.
  • A favorite of mine in the series

    Time travel episodes always end up being favorites of mine. I just love them. This episode not only went back to the colonial times, but on All Hallow's Eve to end up saving the Halliwell magical family line! The opening scene is one of the best in the series, I think. The entire episode is written well and is full of comedy. The costumes are awesome. It was nice seeing the girls go back to basics with magic. Darryl and Leo fighting off the grimlocks at the manor was a good story as well. I always laugh when I see Cole because he looks so funny in colonial times. Anyway, this episode was awesome so you should go watch it if you haven't yet.
  • How to save your ancestors...

    In Halloween, while two Grimlocks attack Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Darryl and Leo at the Halliwell's home, the sisters are sucked into a time portal created by The Powers That Be and go to Virginia in 1670. Once there, the sisters are assigned by a group of good witches to rescue a pregnant woman named Charlotte and her unborn baby from the claws of the evil witch Ruth and Cole, who also comes from the future, and bring the mother and the baby back to the good side. Without their powers and chased by witch hunters, the sisters save and disclose the identity of the baby.

    "All Halliwell's Eve" is a great episode of "Charmed". The story is full of action and comedy, and very well tight up, with the sisters saving their ancestor Melinda Warren. Darryl also finds the truth about Leo.
  • We All Scream for Hallowe'en

    After two disappointing weeks, Charmed is right back on track with this. Time travel episodes are always enjoyable and this is every bit as good as the last two.

    The opening sequence is one of the best ever. The costumes look great, the script is witty and there's action from the word go when the sisters get sucked through a time portal in their own hall. What could have been a predictable Hallowe'en episode is turned on its head before we even get to the opening credits.

    The main action takes place back in 1670. This is full-on costume drama and it's great that the producers are still prepared to go to such lengths with the show. All the guest actors are good this week too. What a difference that makes!

    Watching the sisters get back to the basics of witchcraft was brilliant. I do wish they'd do this wiccan stuff more often. There's so much more to their craft than using the same set of powers each week. Ok, so it was obvious the baby was going to be Melinda Warren but that didn't matter. And Phoebe flying around on that broomstick was more than a little cheesy but it did tie into the plot so I'll let that go too.

    Having Darryl and Leo battle the grimlocks back at the manor makes for a strong subplot. It's great to see Darryl so involved and I really enjoyed seeing Leo brewing up potions from the BoS. Go for it, mate!

    Cole is so cool. The way he is constantly dissing other demons is hilarious. And this week, for the first time, we start to see his human side. When Melinda's mother asks to him to let her go you can see in his eyes he wants to say yes. He even manages to pull off that angel costume at the end. Well, almost.
  • The charmed ones go back in time again and a revisit from two of our old demon buddies!

    This was actually a very interesting episode of Charmed. Phoebe was so stupid when she opened the door realized who it was and ran! I would have at least slammed the door and ran! I loved how the portal just opened before Leo got a chance to warn them it was funny. I loved Phoebe's costume being a protest statement and showing cleavage as Prue pointed out!

    Darryl was great I absolutely loved him! It was funny to see him asking "Who are you?" all the time. I loved how he just decided to shoot at the demons too. It was sad when he was going blind though but of course Leo healed him.

    The girls not being able to use their powers in the past was something that was a total given I can't believe they were so surprised when nothing happened. It was funny to see the woman that summoned them their calling them frauds though. It was really interesting to see them learning all the magic that today we would see as cliché. I loved Phoebe flying away on the broomstick after Melinda was delivered. It was nice seeing Phoebe embracing the cliché that she spent so much time complaining about in the beginning.

    Cole was so annoying! I hated that he was the one that went back to destroy the Halliwell line and then he was flirting with Phoebe the entire time he was doing so. It was annoying to see Cole. This was a really cool episode and I loved that Piper got to deliver the beginning of their witch line. Cole being the evil guy was pretty Cole and a little lame!
  • Funny quotes and full of their wiccan heritage

    This episode is great with a capital 'G'. It is full of humorous quotes and the costumes are pretty cool too. It is good to see the girls finding out more about their wiccan heritage by trying the save a baby without their powers. Back at home Leo & Darryl are trying to get rid of the grimlocks that returned just for Halloween or All Hallows Eve. Prue meets a hottie while Phoebe discovers that her true love's name begins with a 'C'. The girls manage to save the baby who they later discover is their ancestor Melinda Warren, no thanks to Cole who tries to stop them. I recommend this episode if you are a Charmed fan.
  • Back to the [wiccan] roots.

    It is Halloween or All Hallows Eve, the night when magic is at its peak and mysterious things can happen. The sisters are all dressed up as witches and in Piper's case, a fairy to celebrate at a Halloween party. It was very amusing when Phoebe was scoffing at the witch poster and the pointy chin etc looked just like her!

    There are two demons who they have already killed who come back for revenge on the sisters. Just as they attack the elders drag the sisters into a portal and take them back to the 1600's, leaving Leo and Daryll to deal with the demons.
    The elders took the sisters back in time to save a magical baby and its mother, as a result of Cole's interference.

    Cole makes an appearence to try and help out the black magic lady but ends up giving up at the end. Prue meets a man who gets shot but most interesting runs into his desendant in P3 at the end.

    I love how this episode teaches them about basic witchraft and how everything works, from why they have witches hats to the pentacle in the apple. The baby they save turns out to be Miranda their great great .... grandmother. That is seriously cool. Excellent episode ^^
  • One of my favorite episodes

    I really enjoyed this episode. It is by far the best episode of season 3. How funny did cole look in the past. The girls as always though looked stunning and as usual saved the day and the halliwell line from being destroyed. Darryl and Leo at the manor had to stop some back from the dead grimlocks. Great episode.
  • I really like this !!

    It's All Hallows Eve and a few of the Charmed One's nemesis have returned from banished-land. In the middle of a battle with bad guys Prue, Piper and Phoebe are whisked through a time portal into Colonial Virginia where a small town is on a witch hunt for an unborn baby. Unknown to the sisters, Cole is also back in time making deals with an evil mistress who has captured Charlotte, a mother-to-be caring an unborn child believed to have powers that will last for eternityc. A small coven of good witches have cast a spell to retrieve the Charmed Ones to help them save the baby and mother, but he Halliwell sisters soon learn that they have no powers in the past. Trusting the Colonial Wiccan magic and the help of an unknown hero who sacrifices his life, they finally save the mother-to-be and the baby is born. As the Charmed Ones prepare to leave they learn the baby is their own great great grandmother, Melinda Warren. They just saved themselves too !!. When they return to present day the Charmed Ones immediately have to combat demons that were awaiting their return. When the coast seems clear, all head to the P3 to celebrate Halloween. Prue bumps into a present day version of their unknown Colonial savior and Cole, inappropriately dressed as an angel for Halloween, continues his deceptive romance with Phoebe.
  • I'm loving it!

    I loved this episode. It was meaningful and taught Piper, Pre and Phoebe old magical principles. I loved how they used the broom to counter dark magic and make those charms to ward off evil fall or their perch. And the apples! I wanna try that sometime. Charmed has got me believing in Magic. And in the beginning! Prue is so hilarious! How can she go " How can you make a statement and still show cleavage?!" I cracked up at that one. When they used the apples and the lavender to make the protective ring was BANGIN! I loved it. But Phoebe made the pe peak whne she flew across the moon and started to cackle. That was funny! But I still loved the episode! All Halliwell's Eve. But what I don't get it they helped deliver their great great how many generations back grandma!
  • One of my favorite episodes!

    I dont know why but this one of my favorite episodes of Charmed. This episode the Charmed ones are sent back in time to protect a magical baby when the baby is born. They baby is a source of good majic and the charmed ones need to make sure the baby is born safely. Meanwhile Leo and Darryl must vanish a demon of there own. This is Darryl's first encounter with a demon considering he is a I dont want to know person. I was also in amazed how Cole went back in time to destroy the Charmed line. He didnt win. But I enjoyed how they learn how to channel their magic.
  • The Charmed Ones are sent back in time to save the birth of a prophesised baby, so good magic can continue.

    This episode is one of my favourites! Since it is Halloween, the veils between the worlds are thin so dead demons can come back to seek their revenge, in this case the Grimlocks. Before they attack, hot Prue, hot Piper and hot Phoebe are sent back to the 1600s where Cole is. Witch hunters are after them but good witches rescue them and they ask them to save a magical baby.

    They agree to try but forget they have no active powers since they are in the past. They are hurt and make another attempt and finally manage to rescue Charlotte, whose water has already broke. They deliver the baby in a protective circle and are safe. Phoebe embraces the cliche she hates of witches riding brooms to scare the hunters, and it is said that's how it started in the first place.

    They find out the magical baby was MELINDA WARREN.
  • I loved this episode - it was excellent to see Phoebe using more different magic, other than her powers.

    This episode was great! It started off slightly borig as they didn't have their powers, but when they started using other magic like the force field, and the sweeping from east to west thing, it began to get even better than the usual powers. It was quite nice to see phoebe getting to ride a broom stick - it was great to see her using magic apart from premonitions!

    I really loved this episode, all in all. The magic and spells they used were different and more exciting. They should have made a halloween episode every year! Excellent episode.
  • The Birth of Melinda Warren, and a Witch flying on a broom!

    Well It starts out with piper, Phoebe, and Prue all dressed up for halloween. When Phoebe answers the door..and two people are there and say trick-o-treat. Turns out they're Grimmlocks, the exact two that the charmed ones vanquished in the first season. Then I time travel thinger takes the charmed ones to Virgina back in the 1600's. They have to Rescue Charollete and her baby before midnight. In the mean time Leo and Daryell are left at the Manor to fight off the Grimmlocks. I'm not going to ruin the ending. Plus, Words cannot describe how good this eposide Is.
  • On Halloween night the Charmed Ones are summoned to the past to help save a very special Witch about to be born, while Leo and Det. Morris fight the Grimlocks.

    Of course the time travel episodes of Charmed are always fun--and this one did not disappoint as it also included Halloween! (The kid in all of us has to love that.) Also interesting were the allusions to traditional Halloween (or All Hallow\\\'s Eve)rituals and myths as well as the historical aspects of the Wiccan tradition. The twist of the baby\\\'s relationship to the Charmed Ones and Phoebe\\\'s possible contribution to Witch mythology were a fun addition to this episode. I must admit that four things troubled me about this episode: 1) The Charmed Ones should have known they would have no powers in the past, as they have faced that dilemna before. 2) The return of the Grimlocks was not completely explained (nor was their fear of Leo and Det. Morris since they could not be killed.) 3) It was a little hard to swallow that Phoebe would not recognize Cole. 4) The usually cautious Prue immediately trusted a stranger, Micah (whose \\\"twin\\\" of a descendent just happened to find her later in San Fran!) Overall, however, this espisode was enjoyable and fun to watch!
  • Halloween will never be the same!

    A great episode.

    The three sisters are sent back in time to save a magical baby whose prophecy is to be born that day...Cole/Belthazor also traveled back in time to try to destroy the Charmed Ones, again. Again, he didn't do it and let the witches go.

    According to "the fruit of knowledge" (an apple) Phoebe's true love's first name begins with a "C". < - - Cole was standing next to Phoebe when she saw this and he heard he say Cole aloud. This threw him because he has feelings for her, even though he was also assigned to kill her, causing a bit of a problem.

    The Grimlocks are back and waiting at home for the sisters to return. They were able to return to Earth when the veil between worlds thins-Halloween.

    Phoebe flying on the broomstick was a little much.

    Overall cool episode.
  • The Born of Melinda Warren.

    All Halliwell's Eve is one episode that you always like to watch over and over.This episode really impressed me so much , Every time that I watch I like more, It was amazing the story that the Charmed Ones came back to the past to save the beginning of their lines, Melinda Warren, Cole goes to the past too.Was really nice the scene were Melinda was born, This episode is full of action, Written By Sheryl J Anderson an amazing writer, this episode rocks, The Story Editors of this season definately was the best ones (Daniel Cerone and Krista Vernoff).Unfortunately this was the last greatest time-travel ever.
  • Awesome and funny

    it was a very special episode. Prue\'s charater developed into the world of magic and in personality. It explains so much about modern myths about witch craft like the broom sweeping it to sweep evil spirits and the hat to concentrate your magic. Also it is the turn point for piper. What I don\'t get is how did he fake their hanging? And it really brings out pipers maternal instincts and It explains Melindas coming in to the world and into magic. And pheobe really embraced her magic and the episode helps the dissolving tne hype of witch craft and the explaination of time
  • Charmed Halloween!

    The Charmed Ones go back to the past and they meet with their ancestors and must help her to save herself from the villagers that hate witches and want to kill them, while she helps the Charmed Ones to get back to their present, that by the way they are there because of Cole, and tried to save themselves from his evil power as he tells the bad woman where the Charmed Ones and everything aboutt they, which makes them more difficult to escape.
    This episode at least, was interesting and I like to see it again, not like previous.
  • In this Hallowen episode the sisters are sent back in time to help save a magical baby.

    I know some people might not like this episode but IMO, it is one of Charmed\'s best. I love the costumes both in the past and present time. Prue looked gorgeous in hers!

    I loved the fact that the girls got \"back to their roots\" of magic. And they showed several of the Wiccan traditions which I wish they would do more of.

    I enjoyed seeing Phoebe and Cole realize that he is \"her one true love\" The look on Cole\'s face when Phoebe says \"Cole\" when the apple peel shapes into a \"C\" is priceless!

    It was also nice to see Leo doing some spells and potion making, with the help of Daryll of course!

    Overall, this episode is (and has been since my 1st viewing) one of my very favorites!
  • What a fantastic episode.

    What a fantastic episode.

    Haloween is celebrated on Charmed for the first time, & the sisters get pulled into a vortex to the 1600's where they have to save an unborn child & her mother from an evil witch. Who turns out to be related to them.

    Cole also travels in time to the past to help the evil witch but when he finds out that he's Pheobes true love he realises that he just might actually have feelings for her, nothing is said about it but you could tell by the way he looked, surprised, when she mentioned his name.

    Meanwhile back in the present the Grimlocks are in the manor waiting for the sisters' return & Leo & Daryl are trying to vanquish them by making a potion. And Daryl discovers that Leo is "different".

    The coolest part was Pheobe flying on the broomstick.

    And we learn in the beginning of the episode that Cole's real name is Balthazar.

  • really um wow

    it was a good episode, and i dont think that the charmed crew should ever redo a halloween thing. At least not time travelling. Really good episode. If there was anything else to add about the episode, maybe they couldve looked more into the prue-mitch thing in the next episode, instead of skipping straight to Shaun. And also. I love cole, but he so doesnt look good in the white angel dress up thing at the end. Completely contraversial and he just looks silly
  • swesome!

    this was a cool episode! i liked it when leo was say ign to the elders, \"there not ready!\" right before they left. it was cool to find out that the girl they were trying to save was melinda warrens mother. thatw as cool! \"i think were family!\" that was cool! it was wierd that cole came there with them. but, as uasll, prue fell in love for a guy that is in the past! lol, that was funny!
  • Quite Possibly the Best Episode of the Series

    "All Halliwell's Eve" is quite possibly the best episode of Charmed. This special Halloween themed episode allows the viewer to learn the meaning behind the holiday, as well as time travel back to the 1600s to see what life was like as a witch. It was much more difficult compared to the lives of witches in modern culture. The witches feared for their lives and could only live in seclusion. Then, the sisters come to the 1600s by help of the elders to help save a baby. The sisters find out that their powers do not work yet, and must resort to using magic from their roots. The girls learn how to use certain herbs and ordinary objects to protect themselves from evil. This is very beneficial to understanding the culture of a witch. The awesome factor comes when Phoebe flies on a broomstick, "embracing the cliché".
  • Pivotal

    I liked this episode because of the time travel and the fact that the girls get to meet their Great x 13 grandmother or something and Piper gets to help deliver the witch who gave birth to the Power of Three. You can see even in this episode that Cole is turning from evil because of Phoebe, he wouldn't have given up so easily at the soldiers taking off than he did.