Season 3 Episode 22

All Hell Breaks Loose

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 17, 2001 on The WB
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When the Halliwell sisters are exposed as witches on nation-wide television, they form a pact with The Source to reverse time and undo the damage. However, in the process, one of the sisters makes the ultimate sacrifice, placing the Power of Three in mortal danger.

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  • all hell breaks loose prue dies

    i loved this episode actually this was my fave of all the series mainly for the fact that Prue (Shannen Doherty) was still there. Not only was the magic spectacular the acting was terrific seeing Michel Bailey Smith again was exciting and great because he has an amazing face for evil. Another thing which i personally felt the best thing was the emotional bond with the audience (when piper dies) and also (the last time you see prue) and to me that was really heart warming. No offence to Rose Mcgowen but i did not like Paige's character as much as Prue and i felt i enjoyed the episodes with Shannen in moremoreless
  • All Hell Breaks Loose

    All Hell Breaks Loose was a perfect episode and season three finale of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of awesome magic, action and intrigue. There was also a lot of great character and plot development. It was neat to see The Source. I liked the story lines and how they unfolded. It was great to see what happens when the sisters are caught on camera using magic to vanquish a demon. Phoebe was still down below with Cole and they had some good scenes. The ending was kind of surprising and I certainly look forward to watching next season!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • the charmed ones deal wit ha docter being hunted by shax.but saving him meant tha tthey got exposed .piper gets shot and phoebbee goes down to the underworld t osave her.time turns back and prue dies.moreless

    this eposiode is pure tragic,magic,and exicting!

    the epoisode is i will review.

    the charmed ones deal wit ha docter being hunted by shax.but saving him meant tha tthey got exposed .piper gets shot and phoebbee goes down to the underworld t osave her.time turns back and prue dies.well thats basacally it.
  • One of the best season finales in all 8 seasons.

    All Hell Breaks Loose was one of the best season finales throughout the entire 8 year run of Charmed. Different from many episode, we first see the girls in the midst of dealing with their innocent, rather than starting off with the problem from the very beginning. Also it was one of the few season finales that had a real cliff hanger at the end, where we didnt know the state of all the characters. The only other finale like this one was the season 5 finale, where Leo had his orbs scattered at the end. Good episode but sadly Prue is gone after this.moreless
  • Shannen's powerful farewell opus... Bye PRUE.......

    Many Charmed fans, certainly Prue fans, have asserted this is the best of Charmed. Anyone who has read my other reviews will not be surprised that I say- hardly.

    I am NOT a fan of cliffhangers. IMO, a season should be a complete story unto itself, with a beginning and an end. Cliffhangers, like in Season 5, are a dramatic copout. If I was rating this episode just off of Shannen's acting and the final 15 minutes, it would be a 10, easy. Shannen acted her @ss off. For a final appearance as Prue, she sure didn't mail it in. More like, she tried to give such an epic performance that we would never forget her. The final 15 minutes of this episode includes some of the greatest Charmed scenes ever made.

    However, for the first 45 minutes, I have a lot of issues with this episode. I admit the exposure conflict is slightly more realistically portrayed here than in other episodes, but it still features glaring holes in logic that detract from the believability of the episode. The sisters didn't see the brightly dressed TV reporter and large camera when they went outside looking for Shax? They didn't see either afterwards when they looked around? The original TV footage, cool as it was, showed nothing damning for the sisters. It showed a mysteriously blue man accosting two women in the street and then disappearing. The questions should have been around the blue guy, not the two women who he was confronting. The sisters could have easily denied that they had any idea who he was. When since does a demon attack people in broad daylight in front of people? Where are the Cleaners?

    Why would the Elders need Tempus to rewind time? They sent the sisters through a time portal in All Halliwell's Eve.

    How did the crazy chick stand on a van with a rifle, in the middle of a crowd, and shoot Piper while she was standing in her house with the door closed? Whuh?

    Why would the swat team be trying to kill Prue? That is murder in this country.

    Also, by this point, I am just tired of the whole Phoebe/Cole, is he evil, is he good, subplot. And their scenes in the underworld, when juxtaposed against what is going on above, actually seem somewhat boring and out of place.

    However, the final 15 minutes, starting with Prue's give in to panic in front of the house, are INCREDIBLE. It is such a powerful moment when Prue snaps and starts throwing people out of her way. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see Piper dying, knowing that Leo can't save her this time. Prue's despair and then rage afterwards are epic. I love when she tells Leo, "They killed her. They think we are the demons now... GO!"

    The representation of the Source as a fallen angel is brilliant, and I wish they would have stuck with that same idea in future seasons. Since the Source didn't keep his word and warn Piper and Prue before Shax's attack, that explains why Phoebe was out of the underworld in Charmed Again. Holly and Brian are fabulous in this episode as well. Especially difficult scene for Brian since he had to change emotions in extremely rapid fashion.

    The final scene and cliffhanger was like Shannen was trying to burn the house down with her departure, frankly. Seems somewhat senseless that Prue died for an innocent that gets killed anyway, and like I said, cliffhangers suck. Unfortunately for Shannen and fortunately for us, it didn't work.

    For a final appearance as Prue, she sure made it a memorable one. Incredible job, Shannen, and props for being sensational through most of 3 seasons.

    Now bring on PAIGE!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (22)

    • When Leo first heals Piper and Prue he heals them at the same time. So why couldn't he have saved both of them the second time?

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks the first and only time Prue ever attacks innocents with her powers. First, there is Alice Hicks (although later she wasn't so innocent) and then there were the people standing in front of the manor after Piper is shot.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first of two season finales in the shows' eight years that ends in a cliffhanger.

    • TRIVIA: This is the second time Piper's life is spared at the expense of a loved one when Tempest resets the day. The first time was in the season one finale Deja Vu All Over Again. In that episode, Rodriguez originally kills Piper (as well as Phoebe) when Tempest resets the day hoping that Rodriguez will be able to successfully kill all three sisters, instead it is Andy (Prue's on/off boyriend) who is killed trying to save them.

    • TRIVIA: During season 3, the Charmed Ones vanquished 22 demons, five trolls, three warlocks, one darklighter, one priestess, one banshee and one life essence. In addition, Cole vanquishes seven demons and one mortal, while three demons and two darklighters vanquish each other - a total of 47 evil beings.

    • TRIVIA: This is the 8th time one of the sisters dies, but this time it's two of them that die. First Piper and then Prue at the end.

    • When Prue uses her powers against an innocent - the crazy witch wannabe Alice Hicks - she sets into motion a series of events that culminate in her own death: Alice kills Piper; to save Piper, Phoebe agrees to the Source's demand that she stay in the Underworld while Tempus reverses time; and because Phoebe isn't there to save Prue and Piper when Shax attacks, Prue dies.

    • When Piper is brought into the emergency room, the red EKG lead is put on her left shoulder area. But when Prue starts removing the EKG leads after Piper has died, the lead is now black (which is the correct lead for that location).

    • TRIVIA: The song Dream On by Depeche Mode was played in this episode.

    • If the Cleaners had been assigned to watch the Charmed Ones since they became witches, where were they to clean up this 'little' magical mess?

    • When Piper was thrown through the wall, her stomach was above the floor, but she landed on her back.

    • After Prue and Piper are healed, they leave to go fight Shax but they didn't ask Phoebe for the spell. How would they know the spell if they had never heard it before?

    • TRIVIA: This the third and final death of Prue.She was first killed in the season 1 episode Power of Two and the season 2 finale Be Careful What You Witch For.

    • Prue has Leo check with the Elders to see if Shax was actually vanquished. Since when do the Elders know if a demon has been vanquished or not? They didn't know that Belthazor wasn't really vanquished earlier that season.

    • The reporter and cameraman had a very good shot angle of Piper and Prue, as they were in a direct line of vision. After vanquishing Shax, Prue took a good look around to make sure nobody saw them. It's hard to believe that Prue couldn't see the cameraman and reporter who were directly in her line of sight.

    • The blood mark on Piper's shirt decreases from when she was first shot in the living room, to when Prue puts her in the car to take her to the hospital.

    • TRIVIA: Carrying on a season ending tradition, at the end of this episode the door of the Halliwell manor was closed, but this time it was by Shax.

    • TRIVIA: Michael Bailey Smith has now played four characters on Charmed - The Source, Shax, Belthazor, and a Grimlock in the season 3 episode: "All Halliwell's Eve".

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks the final appearance of Shannen Doherty as Prue Halliwell when Prue is killed by the demon Shax. Shannen also directed this episode, much like John Rhys-Davies. John, from the series "Sliders", conjured up the story for the episode of his departure and like Charmed, the plot of "Sliders" mostly took place in San Francisco.

    • If there are police everywhere and police tape to keep people back, how was the girl able to get on top of her van and shoot Piper before the police do anything?

    • After Alice shoots Piper, Darryl runs over there to help handcuff her but he really doesn't do anything, he just stands there. Why doesn't he run inside to help Prue and Piper?

    • When the soldiers are about to shoot Prue, she is standing facing the front of the room but when the camera switches the angle to inside the room, she is facing the side wall. Her position continues to change a few more times.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (Piper and Prue successfully vanquish Shax in a public place)
      Prue: Oh, this is bad... (notices people standing around them start applauding)
      Piper: (notices the News van) Ooooh, News at eleven...

    • Leo (after he finds out that Piper is dead): I don't understand.

    • (After breaking into the Halliwell Manor)
      Alice Hicks: Cool! I finally made it!
      Piper (Shocked): Who the hell are you?
      Alice Hicks: I'm Alice, Alice Hicks. I've been trying to contact you! I want to join your coven!
      Prue: Are you nuts? This is our home! Get outta here!
      (Prue uses magic to throw Alice out of the house)

    • Alice Hicks (about Piper): I killed the wicked witch! The wicked witch is dead! I killed the wicked witch!

    • Piper: Prue, I'm cold. I can't--I can't--I can't feel my legs. Don't go. I love you.

    • Darryl: Whoa, Prue, Prue. Even if you can save your innocent, that still doesn't save yourselves.
      Prue: Yeah, I know that, Darryl, but first things first, alright? Try and buy us as much time as possible with your captain as you can. (to Leo) And you, why don't you get back up there and whitelight a fire underneath your bosses' butts.

    • Piper: Hello Leo, nice of you to orb in...where've you been?!

    • Prue: They killed her Leo...they think we're the demons now.

    • Piper: We're gonna do talk shows and book signings and movie deals and then be taken by the C.I.A. and be dissected.
      Prue: How can you be joking about this?
      Piper: Who's joking?

    • Dr. Griffiths: What are you?
      Shax: The end.

    • Piper: If you ask me, I think you're being paranoid. We kicked Shax's ass. We bad.

    • Piper: Which one? Oprah or Barbara?
      Prue smiles.
      Piper: Barbara makes you cry. We go with Oprah.

    • Piper: Ahh, what happened?
      Leo: You almost died, that's what happened.
      Piper: Yeah, what else is new.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Title: All Hell Breaks Loose

      The title of this episode is an expression that describes when there is confusion or violence surrounding an event. It comes from the John Milton poem Paradise Lost, in which the line read, "Wherefore with thee came not all hell broke loose?..."

    • Alice: I killed the wicked witch. The wicked witch is dead.

      This is a reference to the famous line from the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz".

    • Piper: So what do you think, Oprah or Barbara?
      Piper: Barbara makes you cry. We'll go with Oprah.

      Piper is referring to the daytime talk show hosts, Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters. They both deal with really sad topics which in turn, sometimes cause their viewers to break out in tears.

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