Season 3 Episode 22

All Hell Breaks Loose

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 17, 2001 on The WB

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  • plot holes

    While i always love this episode it has one major plothole in it that i just noticed while rewatching the series.

    In season one love hurts, when Leo is shot with the dark lighter arrow and Piper switches powers the try and heal him this at first doesn't work and Leo dies. Quite some time goes by and then Piper figures out the trigger and brings him back from the dead.

    So by this logic Leo should be able to bring Prue back as well!

    I know that they had to write her out but then try to do it so it makes more sense!
  • Not a bad farewell but way too many plot holes.

    Ok I don't get the people saying they don't get what happens at the end? I mean it's a cliffhanger sure but not that great of one. We see Piper and Prue lying there, we don't know if they're dead or alive and Phoebe is in the underworld. The source promised to warn Piper and Prue about the attack and Phoebe would stay in the underworld. He broke his promise and never warned them and decided to kill Phoebe anyway so Phoebe left the underworld because he broke his promise so she could as well and Leo healed Piper because she was still alive and Prue was dead? WHERE IS THE QUESTION. And on top of that, at the start when they first get hit and get healed straight away you can see from the blood that Prue is bleeding out quite a lot where Piper just has a bloody nose and hand that is more drizzling if anything so it makes sense that if Leo took even 10 minutes to arrive that he could probably only have healed Piper because Prue would've bled out.

    Yes I agree, while I may hate Shannen, it shouldn't have ended on a cliffhanger, but I thought where it ended and where Season 4 kicks off with a saddened Piper and a mothering Phoebe is perfect. I wouldn't change it.

    I didn't like how Prue-centric it was, even if it's her final episode, the audience isn't supposed to know that so I'm writing this pretending I don't know, I feel it should've been spread evenly between them for a season finale. I thought Piper's death scene was done so well, just the heartbreak on Leo's face in that snap second he realises Piper is dead, and the snap second it took Phoebe to realise it was Piper from Leo's face. I thought it was as good a finale as any to farewell Prue.

    But I HAVE to agree Ilatrion. It was just so flawed. If I saw that video, my first thought is 'hoax' or it's a stunt to make this nobody get famous and I'm surprised her bosses didn't try and verify it, as if they'd just air that. IF I did believe it was real, I'd still be trying to find the blue guy not the women in it because they did nothing while he vanished. And as if a woman climbs onto a car, gets a gun aim, stands there and aims it and then fires it without anybody noticing. It's not exactly like she was covert, and to fire that precisely when you're emotional requires good aim and the gun isn't conspicuous. And my god, watching that scene, us as the audience, can see the big, red, TV van in the background it is directly in front of their eye site and they both look directly at it when they glance around so I have to agree that is the worst of the flaws in this episode next to journalists just publishing anything without checking facts. Opens them up to lawsuits. And like the others said - where are the cleaners! The show may not know they exist yet but when they do exist the least they could do is somehow reference back to give a reason why... Like in season 8, Coop, starts with a 'C' and to me they did that to reference back to the start of this season when they could've named him anything (yes he's a cupid, but with all the cupid's out there I'm sure some of them have alternate names), that was smart, and the cleaners I thought were cool too just could've referenced back here.

    And not to mention but this time a season ago, there was a demon that killed a human because she was about to prove demons exist and now this demon goes into the street to allow himself to be exposed and prove demons exist... so really every single human that watched this show should be killed by whatever he was called too.

    And Leo can change his appearance like he did when pretending to be Balthazor so why did they not think "just change our appearance to be able to walk around in public safely".

    And the crowd forming I thought was a bit over the top for a story with no proof.

    And people saying that the elders have control over time. They don't actually, they sent the sisters back in time, for a lesson and only to be a part of history. Not the power to reverse time. Like Clyde later on, all he could do is send people to the past not outright reverse time.

    Although I do like the theory that the Source planned this exposure from the start because for his personal assassin Shax was kind of pathetic. And going into the street? That breaks every rule they have and is hardly conspicuous. So the theory that he planned the entire exposure knowing that humans can be the worst kind of killers and could kill them for him. And as a last resort go to tempus which means he'd make the deal he made keeping Phoebe in the underworld so to him it's win-win. And he did win in the end. Not his fault he didn't know about Paige yet.


    "Miss Halliwell what is going on"

    You just effing saw a gunshot, saw her being dragged out of the house bleeding out! HOW STUPID ARE YOU.
  • all hell breaks loose prue dies

    i loved this episode actually this was my fave of all the series mainly for the fact that Prue (Shannen Doherty) was still there. Not only was the magic spectacular the acting was terrific seeing Michel Bailey Smith again was exciting and great because he has an amazing face for evil. Another thing which i personally felt the best thing was the emotional bond with the audience (when piper dies) and also (the last time you see prue) and to me that was really heart warming. No offence to Rose Mcgowen but i did not like Paige's character as much as Prue and i felt i enjoyed the episodes with Shannen in more
  • All Hell Breaks Loose

    All Hell Breaks Loose was a perfect episode and season three finale of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of awesome magic, action and intrigue. There was also a lot of great character and plot development. It was neat to see The Source. I liked the story lines and how they unfolded. It was great to see what happens when the sisters are caught on camera using magic to vanquish a demon. Phoebe was still down below with Cole and they had some good scenes. The ending was kind of surprising and I certainly look forward to watching next season!!!!!!!!!
  • the charmed ones deal wit ha docter being hunted by shax.but saving him meant tha tthey got exposed .piper gets shot and phoebbee goes down to the underworld t osave her.time turns back and prue dies.

    this eposiode is pure tragic,magic,and exicting!
    the epoisode is i will review.
    the charmed ones deal wit ha docter being hunted by shax.but saving him meant tha tthey got exposed .piper gets shot and phoebbee goes down to the underworld t osave her.time turns back and prue dies.well thats basacally it.
  • One of the best season finales in all 8 seasons.

    All Hell Breaks Loose was one of the best season finales throughout the entire 8 year run of Charmed. Different from many episode, we first see the girls in the midst of dealing with their innocent, rather than starting off with the problem from the very beginning. Also it was one of the few season finales that had a real cliff hanger at the end, where we didnt know the state of all the characters. The only other finale like this one was the season 5 finale, where Leo had his orbs scattered at the end. Good episode but sadly Prue is gone after this.
  • Shannen's powerful farewell opus... Bye PRUE.......

    Many Charmed fans, certainly Prue fans, have asserted this is the best of Charmed. Anyone who has read my other reviews will not be surprised that I say- hardly.

    I am NOT a fan of cliffhangers. IMO, a season should be a complete story unto itself, with a beginning and an end. Cliffhangers, like in Season 5, are a dramatic copout. If I was rating this episode just off of Shannen's acting and the final 15 minutes, it would be a 10, easy. Shannen acted her @ss off. For a final appearance as Prue, she sure didn't mail it in. More like, she tried to give such an epic performance that we would never forget her. The final 15 minutes of this episode includes some of the greatest Charmed scenes ever made.

    However, for the first 45 minutes, I have a lot of issues with this episode. I admit the exposure conflict is slightly more realistically portrayed here than in other episodes, but it still features glaring holes in logic that detract from the believability of the episode. The sisters didn't see the brightly dressed TV reporter and large camera when they went outside looking for Shax? They didn't see either afterwards when they looked around? The original TV footage, cool as it was, showed nothing damning for the sisters. It showed a mysteriously blue man accosting two women in the street and then disappearing. The questions should have been around the blue guy, not the two women who he was confronting. The sisters could have easily denied that they had any idea who he was. When since does a demon attack people in broad daylight in front of people? Where are the Cleaners?

    Why would the Elders need Tempus to rewind time? They sent the sisters through a time portal in All Halliwell's Eve.

    How did the crazy chick stand on a van with a rifle, in the middle of a crowd, and shoot Piper while she was standing in her house with the door closed? Whuh?

    Why would the swat team be trying to kill Prue? That is murder in this country.

    Also, by this point, I am just tired of the whole Phoebe/Cole, is he evil, is he good, subplot. And their scenes in the underworld, when juxtaposed against what is going on above, actually seem somewhat boring and out of place.

    However, the final 15 minutes, starting with Prue's give in to panic in front of the house, are INCREDIBLE. It is such a powerful moment when Prue snaps and starts throwing people out of her way. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see Piper dying, knowing that Leo can't save her this time. Prue's despair and then rage afterwards are epic. I love when she tells Leo, "They killed her. They think we are the demons now... GO!"

    The representation of the Source as a fallen angel is brilliant, and I wish they would have stuck with that same idea in future seasons. Since the Source didn't keep his word and warn Piper and Prue before Shax's attack, that explains why Phoebe was out of the underworld in Charmed Again. Holly and Brian are fabulous in this episode as well. Especially difficult scene for Brian since he had to change emotions in extremely rapid fashion.

    The final scene and cliffhanger was like Shannen was trying to burn the house down with her departure, frankly. Seems somewhat senseless that Prue died for an innocent that gets killed anyway, and like I said, cliffhangers suck. Unfortunately for Shannen and fortunately for us, it didn't work.

    For a final appearance as Prue, she sure made it a memorable one. Incredible job, Shannen, and props for being sensational through most of 3 seasons.

    Now bring on PAIGE!
  • This episode made me very sad. Prue has always been my favourite character and knowing that she wasn't going to be back made watching this one tough. Thanks for 3 seasons of great work, Shannen, you were definitely missed.

    When a demon is vanquished and the incident is captured by a television crew, Prue, Piper and Phoebe are exposed as witches to a national audience who just can't seem to get enough. Reporters and the curious are everywhere and the girls know their lives will never be the same again. Meanwhile, Phoebe has problems of her own as she makes the journey to the underworld in order to try to save Cole.

    Back above ground, it looks as though a deal can be reached whereupon time can be reversed and the horrors which have taken place can be changed. Unfortunately, not for Prue, who does not survive, in spite of everyone's best efforts.

    I always loved "Charmed" but the show, for me at least, was never quite so good or compelling after Shannen Doherty left. I had watched her grow up on "Little House On The Prairie", "Our House" and "Beverly Hills, 90210" so seeing her leave was tough, particularly as, in spite of the off-screen difficulties, I always thought that the three actresses worked superbly together. No disrespect to Rose McGowan at all, but I always missed Prue.

    An excellent episode that everybody must see.
  • "All Hell Breaks Loose"

    And so we enter into the last Shannen Doherty episode, the season has glowed and offered many of the leads the opportunity to really excel in their characters and make them unforgettable.
    Early on in this episode it is clear it is attempting to tie of many of the loose ends that have been left dramatically over the course of the season. Phoebe going down into the underworld to rescue Cole is both exciting but undeniably obvious; the brilliant acting though seems to hide the obvious plot twist.
    When the sisters are exposed on television using their powers groups of people begin to crowd the manor. After a wannabe - witch breaks in on the two sisters, Prue & Piper, they block off all the entrances. This proves one of their biggest mistakes. Piper is shot by the witch who is angry as they didn't acknowledge her. Rushing out to get Piper to hospital Prue uses her power to knock people of of her way; this brings the people to the conclusion she must be evil.
    In hospital Piper dies much to Leo's and Prue's despair. Phoebe makes a deal with The Source to turn back time so she can save Piper in the exchange she will join him.
    With time turned back a demon arrives in the manor, Shax, and knocks both Prue and Piper through a wall. Killing Prue.
    The episode is continued next season minus one brilliant Shannen Doherty. It seems that one of Charmed's biggest mistakes was letting her go as she does leave one huge hole in the rest of the show forever. On the plus side however this episode allows both Holly - Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty and Brian Krause to deliver excellent performances.

  • Shannen Gets Out with Her Reputation Intact... Kinda

    DR GRIFFITHS: "What are you?"
    SHAX: "The end..."

    WOW! The best ever episode of Charmed, All Hell Breaks Loose is so action-packed, events begin about half-hour before the episode starts. Various scenes deserve prizes, Piper’s shooting, Prue’s lease of anger against the crowd and reporters and the final scene with the manor doors smashing shut are all ground-breaking.

    Shannen Doherty certainly makes a good impression behind the camera and seems to have much more potential than her last directional effort, the lacklustre Be Careful What You Witch For. The only downside to this episode is the lack of a real ending as the cliff-hanger isn't really resolved. No matter how many off-screen fights and bust-ups Milano and Doherty had, it would have been nice to of actually seen Leo's choice between saving which sister. After three years, we say farewell to Prue Halliwell and Shannen Doherty. Always the most interesting sister, she has gone through many ups and down’s over the course of her time on the show and will be sorely missed. So long, Prudence.
  • Best Episode Ever

    When I first saw this episode, I was blown away by the whole episode. It was probaly the best episode out of the whole series. Shannen gave us her best performace, and was a excellent episode to go out on.

    Though For her final scene, I was pretty upset, they just left her and Piper to die and next season, Prue's dead and gone.

    Cole and Chris got good ending to there characters, and they came back. Which I thought they got a better send off than Prue and she didn't come back.

    Overall I'll rate this episode 10/10
  • Last episode of the show I fell in love with. Last episode with the original power. Last episode with Shannen Doherty. Premiere of: I Hate Phoebe! One last time: Piper the middle sister. So much drama!!! Classic! Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs gave

    Last episode of the show I fell in love with. Last episode with the original power. Last episode with Shannen Doherty. Premiere of: I Hate Phoebe! One last time: Piper the middle sister. So much drama!!! Classic! Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs gave excellent and outstanding performances.

    One of the three series enders: season 3 Finale, season 7 finale, and of course series 8 finale.

    I love it.
  • brilliant but a disappointment

    the farewell to prue!!!!!!!!!!! cries!!!!!!!!!!!
    this must have been one of their best ever episodes. But i was left disappointed at the ending. Theres no finality for prue. Leaves the audience asking alot of questions. Dont understand how they could finish it with prue and piper on the edge of death... and the next season pipers \\\" alive and kicking\\\" and prues \\\"dead and buried\\\" i mean, what the hell?? its not fair!!!! i expected more than this!!!
    Shannan did a brilliant piece od directing and the episode was awesome! but i still feel kindda cheated.
  • INTERESTING... to say the least

    Well, for once I can call Prue's performance believing (no, not excellent - believing) Her crying scenes when Piper was shot were quite good. However, Holly Marie Combs was better, as always. No one can dispute thet fact that she's the best actor between her, shannan, rose and alyssa. But, anyway, I'm erring

    Okay, why did I give it an 8.5. Well, what let it down was: (besides them letting shannan direct it)

    There was no music. Where was the tragic music when Piper died (they put tear jerking music at andy's funeral)

    The cliffhangar was too much at the time - Fans will have been ripping their flesh of their faces just to know what happens to Prue and Piper at the end.

    Also, it doesn't FLOW well with the opening episode of season 4. I mean, we didn't get to see Piper's and Leo's immediate reaction after Prue died. It snapped straight to the funeral. I'm sure they could've bribed shannan to lay down while piper and leo sobbed over her. All for the fans, right? right?

    yeah, so there are why I only gave it an 8.5. Other than that, it was good (got rid of prue, didn't it. Never liked her anyway. If no one noticed, Piper is my favourite, yes)

  • All Hell Breaks Loose is by far one of my favorite episodes. Not only was there a lot of acton and suspense, there was the simple fact that one if not all of the Charmed ones might die. Shannen and Holly's acting in certain parts is very moving.

    All Hell Breaks Loose is by far one of my favorite episodes. Not only was there a lot of acton and suspense, there was the simple fact that one if not all of the Charmed ones might possibley die. Shannen and Holly's acting in certain parts is very moving.. ie the hospital scene. It is such a great episode that it was a shame that Shannen left.
  • fantastic. This episode is amazing. It has great acting an intresting plot which consists of various twists and turns which make it even more intense and exciting. This is by far one of my favourite episodes (this and season finale of season seven) its sa

    wow, this is personally one of my favourite episodes. The acting from shannen and holly is amazing and the twists and turns in the plot make it incredibly gripping and intense. Unfortunately the loss of pru is deeply disapointing as i do not believe rose (paige) lives up to expectations. I love charmed piper is my favourite character and this is by far one of my favourite episodes of all time ( including last episode of series seven) great episode !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Sisters are exposed as witches and now they have to work with The Source to undo this. One of Charmed's best epiosdes!

    This episode is one of Charmed's finest.
    The way that Prue was written out was perfect, the storyline was fantastic. There aren't just any words good enough to describe this killer episode!

    The only sad thing is that it's Shannon's last appearance as Prue in the series. But she directed the episode very good.

    Sacrificing herself for the innocent --> Prue Halliwell
  • Dramatic

    Ok, this is one of the most (if not the most) dramatic episode ever in the show. Shannen's departure from the show (how things go til Prue's death) is brilliant, they couldn't have done it better. It's a great episode, although a very sad one too! Prue's gone and we fans still miss her.
  • The girls try to vanquish Shax, and get exposed when a camera crew catch Piper using her blowin-up power on Shax. Phoebe tries to get Cole back, and Leo goes to the underwold to try and make an agreement with a demon named Tempes to set back time.

    Amazing. Brilliantlly acted by Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty. All Hell Breaks Loose is Shannen Doherty's final episode, which she directed, and did an amazing job doing so. Dramatic storyline which includes life, death, romance, fear, good, evil... classic Charmed. And Definetly one of the best episodes of the show so far.
  • Piper and Prue \\\"kill\\\" Shax, but get exposed on the news. As the title says, \\\"All hell\\\" breaks loose and Piper ends up being shot and killed by a crazy lady. Pheobe makes a deal with a demon and turns back time, costing another Halliwell sister

    This was a really dramatic episode. It was a rerun when I saw it, so I knew what happened but I was still at the end of my chair. Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty gave great performances. I was a little upset that they didn\\\'t make it a little more clear about Prue dying. Surprisingly, the saddest part wasn\\\'t Prue dying. I was almost to tears when Piper gsaped out her \\\"last\\\" words, \\\"I love you\\\" to Prue. Alyssa Milano gave a good performance to, but I\'ve seen her do better. The scene where she smashes the potion on Cole was a little to \"played out\" for me.
  • The best season finale out of the whole show


    Now that i have my breath back, I have one word.


    Definitely the best season finale out of all of them. The whole episode had me on the edge of my seat, and even when it was finished, i sat there for another ten minutes screaming at the tv for it to come back so i can find out what happens. Didnt work, but hey, i tried.

    So full of emotion, this episode could put even the toughest person to tears. Piper's death, and then at the end, will at least fill your eyes, both Shannen and Holly did an awesome acting job. A sweet sister scene in there as well. The whole episode is non stop full of action, drama, excitement and intruige.

    For sure, its one of my favourite episodes, although too sad to watch repeatedly. Ten out of ten, its a great one though!!
  • Absolutely loved it.

    This episode has to be one of the best ever Charmed episodes to date. There's so much emotion in it and it really brings the viewer right into the action. You're constantly kept wondering about what's gonna happen next throughout the episode. The story has so many different levels contained within it and that makes the sequence of events very realistic. While watching the show I found myself wondering how they could work things so it would all turn out alright, the fact the episode was so unpredictable adds to the whole atmosphere surrounding the story and makes it better again.
    It's a shame this was Shannen's last Charmed episode (unless of course she returns before S8 is out lol), but damn did she do a bloody great job directing it!
  • This episode started off where the sisters where the sisters were protecting a doctor from being killed. They end up defeating the demon but are exposed on tv. This causes choas and Phoebe makes a deal with the Source. This results in Prue's Death.(for re

    All Hell Breaks Loose was probably one of the best Charmed episodes I have seen. It has so much suspense because you have know clue what will happen next. Phoebe doesn't really play a huge part in this episode and that was probably because Shannen Doherty did not want to be with Alyssa Milano. The show has great quality like when Shax smiles because he sees Piper and Prue laying helplessly. I think that the way they killed off Prue was kind of cool even though I loved the character. Overall the episode scored a TEN with me and I think a lot of people agree.
  • All Hell Breaks Loose was probably the best season finale of the series. This episode was full of emotion.


    All Hell Breaks Loose was probably the best season finale of the series. This episode was full of emotion and suspence. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, my eyes glued to the screen, and it wasn't even the first time I watch this episode.

    Shannen Doherty & Holly Marie Combs once again proved what great actresses they are, it was their best performance yet.

    Piper's death was really sad, and with Prue crying I almsot started to as well, and it was even sadder when Leo orbed in & found her dead.

    I just didn't like the way this episode ended, with both Prue & Piper unconcious & Pheobe in the underworld, not knowing what will happen next.

  • One of the best episodes ever!

    I love this episode. So far I have seen it about six times.

    I think that if Phoebe wouldn't have had to go to the underworld to see Cole than Prue would have never died! Leo just had to go aafter her.

    I have a question though.. how did Piper live and Prue die? That doesn't make any sense. Well obviously though Leo had to pick one to save of something and he picked Piper. Also when Phoebe said I want my sister to know about this otherwise they are dead anyway her sister didn't get told of this.

    If Prue hadn't have died though i think that the show would have gotten weird because sometimes the show centers around her and she is the main person for everything. She always had to be in charge and I didn't really like that so yeah.

    I also think that Prue should have gotten Piper to the hostpital sooner. That part when it was like in slow motion she wasted so much time. She should have just gotten in the car and driven. Who cares if she runs someone over. Well alot of peoplel do but she would probly just want to save her sister.

    Overall I think that this was an awesome episode! I was one of the best. Good-bye Prue!
  • Having saved an innocent, a doctor, from the Source's assassin, Shax, the sisters are exposed as witches to an eager public. In the attempt to keep their innocent alive, remain safe themeselves and trying to reverse what has happened, the Charmed Ones pay

    Hello people of! I'm Brian, and this is my very first review. Hope you enjoy.

    As far as your average "Charmed" episode goes, in all fairness, "All Hell Breaks Loose" was indeed above average, in all aspects but a few.

    The storyline was great, and the set up to what would be a fantastic climax to the season was of course intriguing. However, everything seemed to neatly fall into place, with a new twist from Phoebe. You guessed it!! Her total disregard for the lives of her sisters! How unchracteristic can you get!? I know Phoebe once stated that there can be "more at stake than sisterhood" (2x21 "Apocalypse, Not") but this is really taking it to the max! Bar this, one might say, abuse of a character's persona for the benefit of the plot unfolding, the story held up, and the cliffhanger shocked.

    The special effects, for those of you who like to see them nicely done (and I am definitely one of those people!) were spectacular, and likewise the stunts, for example, Prue being fired through a wall was pretty cool, and as for "costume" etc. Shax did look formidable and so all that complimented the dire situation in this episode.

    Hmmm....the acting. That IS a toughie. I hate to be blunt, but IN COMPARISON to other episodes, Shannen Doherty did not deliver appropriately. Take note that "acting is the art of REacting" not sheer OVERacting. Perhaps it was the fact that Shannen herself directed the episode but another opinion may be that this was her going out with a bang, almost as loud as the one in my head I got from watching her draining performance. It was a believable performance but oh so surely a draining one. Lines like "or our lives are OVER!" combined with angry faces and grrr-like poses were exhausting. This annoyed me as we know Shannen is a GREAT actress and she is indeed one of my favourite out there, and I hated watching Prue be so utterly demanding. As for everyone else, they delivered well, and kudos to Alyssa and Brian for a great reaction (note the word "reaction") in this episode.

    Overall, the episode cannot be shadowed by my nitpick-like comments and I do love this episode, and I hold it close to my heart in terms of how m,uch I love each one. It was a classic, no matter how you spin it. Well done Brad for an enjoyable episode.

    Adiós, B.
  • it is sad this was shannen dohertu\'s final episode

    it is sad this was shannen doherty\\\'s last episode she was a good person they so shouldve kept her on the show un til the end of season 4 which i heard tht is when she was supposed to die it is aalso sad that charmed is ending did u know charmed is supposed to run for 10 years but rose mcgowan doesnt wanna do it anymore she said all they need to do is get shannen doherty back for a season 9 dah it\\\'s not that hard just call her up and ask her and i\\\'ll bet shell so say yes reply to my review @!!!!!
  • Let me tell ya I was like a stone after watching it!!

    I didn\\\'e watch Charmed when Pru was on it, I started watching Charmed on the 6th season so it was kinda funny to review all the Charmedones past... And it really was!!! Welll, the thing is I got frozen with its end cos watching how Shax closed the door after get into the house and kill Prue was \\\"wow\\\"... Geee!!!

    The wholle episode kept me no breathing so I didn\\\'t expect less for the end... Even though I got kinda sad knowing that was the last Prue\\\'s episode but it had a lot of action and suspense (but I must say I was no interesting \\\'bout Phoebe and Cole)

    Such a cool episode!!!!
  • A truly incredible episode of Charmed; that lets us know even the Power of Three are humans too.

    This episode was amazing. It started off like any other, the Charmed ones are about to save an innocent and realize an important life lesson along the way. Of, course, something had to go wrong.. They were caught on live television. It seemed too easy, though, how they were caught on tape.

    I was speechless at how amazing the writers can make the show if they want to. The way they built up to the shooting of Piper was brilliant, and I actually cried, knowing she wouldn\'t die when Prue put her in the car and started having a meltdown in the middle of the street. Phoebe didn\'t do it for me in this episode, neither did Cole or Leo. They were made up for it however by the tearjerking performences by Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty.

    The scene in the hospital is TRULY memorable, and will, if you\'re a big Charmed fan, move you deeply.. Seeing a sister die is unforgettable.

    The death of Prue catches your breath and made me dying to see the next episode. Incredible episode.
  • My favorite episode in the whole series! Unfortunaley it was Prue's last episode :(

    In this season finale, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe must vanquish a demon named Shax who wants to rid of a doctor named Griffths. But when Prue and Piper weaken Shax outside, they get caught using their powers on live tv!

    In my opinion, this episode was the greatest in the entire series!!!! It made me cry and laugh.

    The acting was the best, espically by Shannen Doherty with her performace of crying over a dead Piper. The shots were exellent, the special effect, everything was excellent in this episode!!

    The only thing I didn't like in this episode was that it was Prue's last appearence in this entire show!!!!

    But other than that it was great!

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