Season 2 Episode 13

Animal Pragmatism

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2000 on The WB
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A group of lonely mortal women at a University cast a spell that turns three animals into men, who wreak havoc on the town. Meanwhile, Prue adjusts to life being unemployed.

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  • Go Leo

    Really Dan you come into the club and throw your flowers on the other flowers. And considering we can visibly see he didn't even know about Leo he can't know those flowers were for Leo or Piper, it makes it even more rude to just throw the flowers down on top of them.

    His insane jealousy, that turns into background checks and fights is annoying. And really when Piper says she needs some time at the club but Dan stops her before she can say anything and is all "Oh no let me and he was just rude.

    I like how we're already seeing Phoebe at college, I know they want to take advantage of a new background - which thankfully they don't do often - but it was still a bit of fun.

    Tessa was well acted I think, the others were lame, especially since we know the red head one got it on with the rabbit. I don't get why Tessa is the only one acting weirded out. I'd like to believe in magic, but if I saw it for real I will probably freak out (even if only for a few minutes) my first thought wouldn't be to jump in the sack and not care. Also how she just takes them to Phoebe's house, that is just beyond rude to do. I'd hate people bringing strangers to my house even if they weren't magical. Not just so I could have some fun time.

    I like in the end how they end up being arrested because they get to permanently be human.

    I am sick of people questioning Phoebe and her visions and making her question them. Like when their father takes the book she's all "I don't know what I saw" actually yes you do, very clearly. And in that one it was very obvious it wasn't just kissing. (And ffs, why would Phoebe get a premonition of kissing. her visions are usually important).

    Prue 'finishing' doing nothing, while being expected I guess was kind of lame. I'm sure she has something to do with her life, cleaning the house anything.

    I didn't mind Piper buying Leo a card, although I don't know why it's expected. Being a romantic, I do believe Valentines should only be towards the one you love, and I know she loves Leo, but she's supposed to be only loving Dan. And everyone here is right, her card so "To a dear friend", while yes I can understand a smidgen of jealousy on Dans part, not to the extent he had. I also don't get why he just took it out of her hands.

    Fashion: Piper looked nice in this episode, her character definitely feels like she's coming out in the world, especially confidently. Nice clothes, while still conservative. I like her hair and make up. And that pink dress at the end does suit her, although with proper support her chest could've looked better.

    Dan: Do your shirt up properly.

    Leo: Rocked that black shirt at the club.moreless
  • Animal Pragmatism

    Animal Pragmatism was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because it was great to see this type of story where ordinary women use Phoebe's knowledge to enhance a generic spell from book of love spells for Valentines Day. It was funny to see how things turned out and the campy humor sort of reminded me of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. There was more character and plot development, especially for Piper who was caught between her feelings for Dan and Leo. I admire Leo for stepping up and fighting for what he wants and for true love. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • One Valentine too many...

    This Valentine's Day episode is about 60% bunk. Fortunately, the season long story of Piper, Leo and Dan is enough to carry and elevate the show. Now that Phoebe is in college, the writers waste no time in using that as a setting. A trio, fitting, of coeds decides to turn three animals into humans, with Phoebe's help, of course. Ah, they are surrounded by horny college guys. What is the problem? And where did the animals come from? There are pigs and poisonous snakes available on campus? And it was kind of cool that the snake was immediately a bad guy, but why was the rabbit? Some bad carrots?

    The most painful part of this whole escapade is when the entire club of patrons gets turned into animals. The set of Charmed suddenly becomes a petting zoo. I feel for Alyssa working in those conditions.

    However, Leo is back, and he meant what he said about fighting for Piper. And its Valentine's Day. That all sets up a very interesting quandary for Piper and her boyfriend. Dan is nearly likable here as he finally shows a fault: jealousy. Not the greatest faults to just blithely admit to. And for how great he has had it for most of this season, things are about to rapidly go the other way on him. After all but pushing Piper in bed with Dan, the sisters are clearly suddenly in Leo's corner, very understandably since he did just saved Piper's life. Nearly everything goes wrong with Dan's plans on V-Day, while Leo scores a near coupe de tat with his simply written card. The scene at the end was marvelous, and an all time fave for Piper and Leo fans. So, in a way, even with all of its missteps, this remains a very fondly remembered episode for many Charmed fans.moreless
  • I found this to be a strange episode, particularly as a rather dangerous spell was cast.

    Three university students are feeling lonesome given that it's coming up to Valentine's Day and they feel bad about not having men to share the special day with. Trying a little bit of hocus pocus of their own, they buy a cheap and nasty spell book which they intend to use to change their circumstances and find them dates.

    Things don't go exactly according to plan and Phoebe offers to help them. The results are completely disasterous when three men are conjured and turn out to be not the nice people the lonely girls were looking for so it's up to the Halliwell's to fix things before any more damage is done.

    I found this one extremely slow and boring and the fact that Phoebe, kind-hearted though she always is, casting a spell for something so relatively unimportant didn't sit well with me.moreless
  • Petting Zoo

    Animal Pragatism-A group of lonely mortal women at a University cast a spell that turns three animals into men, who wreak havoc on the town. Meanwhile, Prue adjusts to life being unemployed.

    An episode with a lame A plot that just gets more ridiculous, I never could get into "Animal Pragastism" as it features a sisters going up against a bunch of animals...literally! Are we really suppose to be threatened by a 3 animals who become nothing more then your average college jocks with a few scary eyes and can jump really high!? I mean seriously! Not to mention, the scene where Phoebe turns P3 into a zoo brought some bad effects, especially with the dodgy green screens in the back. At least, Lela Lee (Tessa) gives a good performance and Piper's dream sequence is beautiful as she and Leo embrace in a kiss at the center of P3. It's a touching scene, but hardly surprising it was always apparent that Piper still had strong feelings for Leo. All and All, "Animal Pragatism" is a very missable episode as it's poor main storyline just bores to no end!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • When Phoebe and Prue were in the college going to the dorm Prue mentions that Phoebe was either conceived or born in the backseat of a car, either way this is not true. In the season 1 episode Is There a Woogy in the House? Piper says that Phoebe was the only one born in the house, also in the series finale Piper and Leo go to the past when Phoebe was being conceived and they were in Patty's bed.

    • When the ani-men were in P3 and darryl was trying to stop them prue astral projects in and out with a crowd full of people, isn't she worried about exposure

    • When the ani-men are at the manor and the human pig peels the skin off the back of the neck of the human snake, the piece of skin he peels off is much bigger than the piece he holds in his hand afterwards.

    • TRIVIA: This episode features Judith Owen's song I Promise You and Janice Robinson's song Nothing I Would Change.
      Janice Robinson - "Finally Taking Over You"
      Janice Robinson - "The Search For Love"

    • When Leo's voice is reading the card for Piper, he doesn't read exactly what the card says.

    • When Piper freezes the snake and rabbit in human form, outside the club, the rabbit is visibly moving.

    • When the human animals and the 3 girls are in the dorm room they said that they had 12 hours before they turned back to animals. When they got to the manor they said they had 4 hours left. That would mean that 8 hours went by. If they were in such a hurry to become human, why would they have taken so long to get to Phoebe?

    • TRIVIA: This episode is the first time Piper punches someone and she reacts by shaking it off.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, it's revealed that Phoebe is a vegetarian.

    • When the dead Pig falls out of the kitchen closet, you can see him wrap his arms around Phoebe as they fall to the ground. His arms falling forward is likely, but not wrapping them around like that.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first time it's mentioned that Darryl is married. Piper remarks to Darryl that he might be at her club to drink champagne with his wife.

    • When the sisters go back to their house with Tessa, Phoebe walks into the kitchen and hears a noise. Prue and Tessa notice it, too, and at the same moment notice that the glass of the front door is broken. Why didn't they notice that when they arrived at the house and walked in?

    • When the ani-men break into the manor they break the window in the door in a different place than when Prue and Tessa see it later.

    • At the manor Tessa says Andrea told the ani-men about Phoebe but it wasn't, it was Brooke.

    • When Piper is hugging Dan in P3, the position of her arms changes from shot to shot, with her arms around his neck when the camera is behind her and her arms around his arms when the camera is behind him.

    • When the animals break into the Halliwell house, it's light outside, but the snake says there's 4 hours until they turn back into animals, and 4 hours till the girls die. They turn back into animals at midnight, so that would make it eight, so it should be dark.

    • How did three college girls get a poisonous snake? Why would they put it on the floor with nothing in between it and their ankles except a circle drawn in chalk? Why would they choose to do the spell with a poisonous snake - why not a non-poisonous one?

    • When the girls turn the animals into humans, they supposedly walk around in the nude, but when they take the basket of clothes one of them clearly has on white briefs. It's also seen in the shot inside the dorm room.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Piper (teferring to the animals): You they're the right ones?
      Prue: They should be, they were the only rabbit and snake that were next to each other.
      Phoebe: And they put up a hell of a fight.

    • (searching for Valentine's Day cards)
      Piper: Why don't they make a card that says, "You used to be my Whitelighter, and now your wings are clipped, and you're sleeping in my club"?
      Phoebe: Or how about "You snooze, you lose, and now I'm getting naked with the neighbor".

    • Phoebe: Uh, the good news is the spell worked.
      Prue: And the bad news?
      Phoebe: The spell worked on everyone.
      (Prue and Piper look out of the alcove to see that all the P3 patrons have turned into animals.)
      Piper: I don't have a permit for this kind of party.

    • Piper: Hey, Darryl. Please tell me you're here for a nice romantic evening with your wife.
      Darryl: No, that'd be what I'm late for.

    • Phoebe (to the animals): Okay... nobody bothers the witch!

    • (After turning everyone in P3 into animals)
      Phoebe (to the animals): I would just like to let you know I'm a vegeterian and I've never eaten any of you!

    • Piper (after hitting the snake guy in the balls): How does it feel to be a man now?

    • Phoebe: Okay. Guess what I saw on Pheeb TV?

    • Prue: So, Um... do you need help with anything?
      Piper: What happened to doing nothing?
      Prue: I'm finished.
      Piper: You can't finish doing nothing
      Prue: So than how do you know when you're done?

    • Prue: Back off, Thumper!

    • Piper: Why do we seem to have a habit of gathering our men at the scene of a supernatural smackdown?

    • Leo (voiceover): Piper, when we first met you thought I was just a handyman. Well, I'm a handyman again. The same guy you fell in love with. The same guy who fell in love with you. For who you are. Remember that and know that I'm not giving up.

    • Piper: Hello? Worker bees? Anyone?

    • Prue: Why do I have to carry the poisonous snake?
      Piper: Because you're the oldest.
      Prue: So?
      Piper: So you've lived a full life.
      Prue: Wait, you think that's the car over there?
      Piper: What, you want me to ask him?
      She shakes the box.
      Prue: You know what? You're a smart ass.

    • Piper: What's wrong with this picture?
      Prue: Okay... is that rhetorical or do I actually have to open my eyes to look at something?

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Zvířata a lidé (Animals and People) France: Instinct animal (Animal instinct) Italy: San Valentino (Valentine's day) Germany: Ein tierisch guter Spuk (A very good animal trace)


    • Prue: Back off, Thumper!

      Thumper is the name of the rabbit in the Disney movie Bambi.

    • Phoebe: ...a guy who could leap tall buildings in a single bound.

      This is a reference to the DC Comics superhero Superman. "Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" is one of the tag lines used to describe his incredible powers.

    • Title: Animal Pragmatism

      Animal magnetism is a phrase referring to a primal attraction between two people.