Season 2 Episode 13

Animal Pragmatism

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2000 on The WB

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  • Go Leo

    Really Dan you come into the club and throw your flowers on the other flowers. And considering we can visibly see he didn't even know about Leo he can't know those flowers were for Leo or Piper, it makes it even more rude to just throw the flowers down on top of them.

    His insane jealousy, that turns into background checks and fights is annoying. And really when Piper says she needs some time at the club but Dan stops her before she can say anything and is all "Oh no let me and he was just rude.

    I like how we're already seeing Phoebe at college, I know they want to take advantage of a new background - which thankfully they don't do often - but it was still a bit of fun.

    Tessa was well acted I think, the others were lame, especially since we know the red head one got it on with the rabbit. I don't get why Tessa is the only one acting weirded out. I'd like to believe in magic, but if I saw it for real I will probably freak out (even if only for a few minutes) my first thought wouldn't be to jump in the sack and not care. Also how she just takes them to Phoebe's house, that is just beyond rude to do. I'd hate people bringing strangers to my house even if they weren't magical. Not just so I could have some fun time.

    I like in the end how they end up being arrested because they get to permanently be human.

    I am sick of people questioning Phoebe and her visions and making her question them. Like when their father takes the book she's all "I don't know what I saw" actually yes you do, very clearly. And in that one it was very obvious it wasn't just kissing. (And ffs, why would Phoebe get a premonition of kissing. her visions are usually important).

    Prue 'finishing' doing nothing, while being expected I guess was kind of lame. I'm sure she has something to do with her life, cleaning the house anything.

    I didn't mind Piper buying Leo a card, although I don't know why it's expected. Being a romantic, I do believe Valentines should only be towards the one you love, and I know she loves Leo, but she's supposed to be only loving Dan. And everyone here is right, her card so "To a dear friend", while yes I can understand a smidgen of jealousy on Dans part, not to the extent he had. I also don't get why he just took it out of her hands.

    Fashion: Piper looked nice in this episode, her character definitely feels like she's coming out in the world, especially confidently. Nice clothes, while still conservative. I like her hair and make up. And that pink dress at the end does suit her, although with proper support her chest could've looked better.

    Dan: Do your shirt up properly.

    Leo: Rocked that black shirt at the club.
  • Animal Pragmatism

    Animal Pragmatism was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because it was great to see this type of story where ordinary women use Phoebe's knowledge to enhance a generic spell from book of love spells for Valentines Day. It was funny to see how things turned out and the campy humor sort of reminded me of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. There was more character and plot development, especially for Piper who was caught between her feelings for Dan and Leo. I admire Leo for stepping up and fighting for what he wants and for true love. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • One Valentine too many...

    This Valentine's Day episode is about 60% bunk. Fortunately, the season long story of Piper, Leo and Dan is enough to carry and elevate the show. Now that Phoebe is in college, the writers waste no time in using that as a setting. A trio, fitting, of coeds decides to turn three animals into humans, with Phoebe's help, of course. Ah, they are surrounded by horny college guys. What is the problem? And where did the animals come from? There are pigs and poisonous snakes available on campus? And it was kind of cool that the snake was immediately a bad guy, but why was the rabbit? Some bad carrots?

    The most painful part of this whole escapade is when the entire club of patrons gets turned into animals. The set of Charmed suddenly becomes a petting zoo. I feel for Alyssa working in those conditions.

    However, Leo is back, and he meant what he said about fighting for Piper. And its Valentine's Day. That all sets up a very interesting quandary for Piper and her boyfriend. Dan is nearly likable here as he finally shows a fault: jealousy. Not the greatest faults to just blithely admit to. And for how great he has had it for most of this season, things are about to rapidly go the other way on him. After all but pushing Piper in bed with Dan, the sisters are clearly suddenly in Leo's corner, very understandably since he did just saved Piper's life. Nearly everything goes wrong with Dan's plans on V-Day, while Leo scores a near coupe de tat with his simply written card. The scene at the end was marvelous, and an all time fave for Piper and Leo fans. So, in a way, even with all of its missteps, this remains a very fondly remembered episode for many Charmed fans.
  • I found this to be a strange episode, particularly as a rather dangerous spell was cast.

    Three university students are feeling lonesome given that it's coming up to Valentine's Day and they feel bad about not having men to share the special day with. Trying a little bit of hocus pocus of their own, they buy a cheap and nasty spell book which they intend to use to change their circumstances and find them dates.

    Things don't go exactly according to plan and Phoebe offers to help them. The results are completely disasterous when three men are conjured and turn out to be not the nice people the lonely girls were looking for so it's up to the Halliwell's to fix things before any more damage is done.

    I found this one extremely slow and boring and the fact that Phoebe, kind-hearted though she always is, casting a spell for something so relatively unimportant didn't sit well with me.
  • Petting Zoo

    Animal Pragatism-A group of lonely mortal women at a University cast a spell that turns three animals into men, who wreak havoc on the town. Meanwhile, Prue adjusts to life being unemployed.

    An episode with a lame A plot that just gets more ridiculous, I never could get into "Animal Pragastism" as it features a sisters going up against a bunch of animals...literally! Are we really suppose to be threatened by a 3 animals who become nothing more then your average college jocks with a few scary eyes and can jump really high!? I mean seriously! Not to mention, the scene where Phoebe turns P3 into a zoo brought some bad effects, especially with the dodgy green screens in the back. At least, Lela Lee (Tessa) gives a good performance and Piper's dream sequence is beautiful as she and Leo embrace in a kiss at the center of P3. It's a touching scene, but hardly surprising it was always apparent that Piper still had strong feelings for Leo. All and All, "Animal Pragatism" is a very missable episode as it's poor main storyline just bores to no end!
  • Piper knows who her heart belongs to, but she knows that Leo is her soulmate. I totally relate...

    everytime i see this episode i cry my eyes out.

    I know how Piper feels....i think this episode is beautiful and sad
    we all know what its like to want to be with the one we love. but dont know how to end a good relationship to be with the one we really love. Even though Dan is a good guy and handsome, it doesnt matter to Piper because she knows where her heart lies. And that is with Leo. Their love is epic and the kind of love we all seek. I think that Piper knew that Leo was her destined soulmate the moment she met him...
  • Very boring.

    I really did not think much of this episode. For one thing it seemed to be very random and out of place. The main story was so boring i almost lost intrest. I mean animals turning into men-surely they could come up with a better story? Well all that being said i found the Piper love story/love triangle more intresting. But even that is getting on my nerves. I think that Charmed is dragging out the plot this year seriously if the episodes do not get better i may stop watching at the end of season 2. Well lets hope the next episode is better.
  • Animals are humans and humans are treated lke animals! It's a sick, sick world.

    Three animals are turned into humans and used by three women as living sex toys. Pheobe's premonitions lead her to the commotion that she, in part, caused while Piper figures out her feelings for Leo, who is working at P3 after having his wings clipped. Pheobe and Prue try to reverse the animal spell, however they accidentally wind up turning everyone at P3 into animals. Prue and Piper are forced to take on the animals one-on-one, which leads to them ultimately sealing the animals' conversion into humans. However they have a hard time enjoying it in jail. I really loved the daydream sequence in this episode, which helped the audience realize that Piper still loves Leo. Meanwhile, Prue as a hell of a time adjusting to life, where she's not a corporate giant.
  • Valentine's day!

    On Valentine's Day eve, three college students, friends of Phoebe's, buy a witchcraft book to cast a spell in order to seek dates. The spell transfors animals in humans for twenty-four hours. They tape Phoebe's correction spell and transform a snake, a rabbit and a pig in men. However, they become humans with animal instinct, threatening and killing people. Meanwhile, Prue feels uncomfortable at home without working and Piper is divided between her love for Dan and for Leo.

    "Animal Pragmatism" is a funny episode, mainly when the humans in P3 are transformed in animals and the place becomes a zoo.
  • I loved the dream sequence in this episode.

    I thought the episode was alright, but I was mainly watching for the whole Piper, Leo, Dan thing. Don't get me wrong, I like Dan, he's cute, but he pales in comparison to Leo. He's an angel, literally. You can't beat that. I actually thought that the whole daydream thing actually happened, until Piper zoned back to reality. That should've been a tip off right there to who she should really be with. Instead of finding out in Give Me A Sign. She didn't need a sign to who her heart was with. That's why I think so many people like the whole Leo/Piper relationship. It was meant to be, perfect in imperfect way. The type relationship everyone wants in their lives. It's beautiful.
  • Year of the snake

    It's Valentine's Day and everyone is after a date, including three of Phoebe's college friends who are so desperate they try turning animals into men. Of course, as mortals, they can't do this but, thanks to Phoebe's excellent spellwriting skills and a dictaphone, they use her voice to cast the spell successfully.

    You might expect the result to be total comedy but, instead, the episode turns quite dark as the manimals lash out at anyone who crosses their path. The actors playing the snake and the rabbit are pretty good, and the rabbit does the wild, staring eyes thing really well. I'm less convinced about the pig.

    For once, the Piper-Leo-Dan storyline has a bit of life to it and, this week, forms a strong sub plot. Quite why Piper would choose to have a Valentine's Day meal at work with her ex working behind the bar is a bit of mystery. It's also a little cheesy the way she daydreams of snogging Leo while Dan is waiting for her outside but at least it tells us how the triangle will end.

    The episode reaches a dramatic end at P3, with Phoebe first turning everyone into an animal then turning the manimals into men for good. Prue's cry of "Piss off, Thumper," is an all time classic! My only gripe (and not just in this episode) is the way they always have to pan around the room when Piper uses her freezing power. I think we all know how it works by now.

    Overall, though, this is a decent hour of Charmed and certainly doesn't deserve its low score.
  • Three girls buy a cheap 'spell' book and try to turn animals into men for Valentines Day. At first it doesn't work but with Phoebe's help, they get their men. One problem...the men are threatening to expose magic and hurt people in the process.

    It wasn't one of my favorite episodes. In some parts, you could tell what was going to happen. It was you know the typical 'Valentines Day' episode where everything goes wrong, with everyone (including the men, excluding the Charmed Ones) in P3 turned into animals when Phoebe tries to turn the men back into animals. When her spell backfires and goes terribly wrong, Phoebe has to try to reverse it while Piper and Prue try to locate the two missing girls. When they find them in a car trunk, Phoebe's spell reverses and the men that were turned back into animals, are turned into men again. It was kind of typical...but still a fairly average episode.
  • I have seen better

    Animal centered episode. Animals are everywhere in this episode. I really thought that this is probably one of themost boring episodes that I have ever seen. Nothing really happened that made you on the edge of your seat. It seemed liked the sisters only got involved because Phoebe was the one who technically turned the animals to humans.
  • Not The Best episode and it wasn't even average.

    Animal Pragmitsm is the only charmed season 2 episode that I hate, I mean yeah I'm not exactly a fan of the bad episodes like Ex Libris etc but this episode was just bad beyond belief. So Phoebe's college friends are trying to find love during valentines day and they by a book of love spells and they cast a spell and guess what the animals turn into humans. Who would of guessed that? This episode is the worst episode of season two, in my opinion and everytime I watch it I wish I hadn't. Overall: This is the only season two episode of charmed that I hate.
  • You Perverted Pig!

    Probably one of the most underrated episodes from season two, Animal Pragmatism, in my opinion, features one of the greatest scenes in Charmed history.

    The episode sees three of Phoebe's college buddies performing a spell for Valentine's Day which turns animals into men. The spell works but the men take on the characteristics of their former selves, a pig, a snake and a rabbit. Meanwhile, Prue adjusts to her life now that she's quit Buckland's.

    The closing moment of this episode is one of the saddest in Charmed history. In the scene, Piper opens a Valentine's card from Leo and realizes she is still in love with him. Then she runs through the crowd in P3 and grabs Leo, kissing him passionately. But then we realize it was all in Piper's mind. We see Piper put down the card as we fade to black. It's a note-perfect scene and one of the most beautiful I've ever seen on TV. I didn't care about Piper and Leo's relationship at this point in time but I couldn't deny how powerful this scene was.

    The main storyline to the episode is pretty good. It's interesting to see everyday humans perform magical spells and the acting from the guests, including Christopher Wiehl and Lela Lee, is all impressive. The only downpoint to the storyline is the slightly gimmicky idea to turn everybody in P3 into animals. It seems to come out of nowhere and more or less stinks up what was a dark storyline.

    Animal Pragmatism is always said to be a really sucky episode by Charmed fans but I actually really liked it. It has a good mix of darkness, shock moments and comedy. And, of course, that final scene is just amazing.

    Director: Don Kurt
    Writers: Chris Levinson, Zack Estrin
    Rating: B
  • Cute to be seen

    I loved this episode!! it's always exciting to see Leo and Piper relationship growing... hate Dan by the way... loved the part when Piper reads Leo's Valentine card and she imagined herself kissing him that's really sweet... was a very good episode i can't complain, a lil bit silly but special too
  • And now three animals have been turned into men, and killer bunny rabbits are roamining the streets...

    Yes, yes, there are animals being turned into men by idiotic college girls, and yes, Phoebe is in college flirting, but when I watched this episode, my focus was on Dan, Piper, and Leo. Analysis: I would have rated this episode much higher if Piper ang Leo had ACTUALLY started kissing, instead of her just imagining it. I mean, everyone likes Leo better. Prue, Phoebe, even Piper. In my opinion, Dan should just take his smirking face, his annoyingly perfect boy-next-door personality, and his non-magical self, and just take them somewhere far, far, away, and leave Piper and Leo to make out in peace. Does anyone else agree?
  • one of the stupidest epsiodes

    i hated this eipsdoe, y could they say the spell when there not withces? i think that was just stupid, even if if pohebe (alysa milano) hepled tehm (or id they record her sayong the spell, i forget) anyway, i thought the part where piper hed to choose leo or dan, i thougth at the end, when she was running up to leo(even though it wasnt real) it was cool!
  • Valentines day has arrived!! Piper must face Dan and Leo as animals are turned into men!

    I loved the whole Piper/Leo/Dan triangle in this one. Nice how Leo send her card which she thought was perfect in the store :) I liked that also Dan is really becoming jealous! Bad Dan! XD It was sweet how Leo even got her a gift when he had practically no money and then her daydream about kissing Leo in the middle of P3. It showed where her heart lies, so I'd say ditch Dan and kiss Leo but Piper didn't do that. Shame. But I guess it would be to perfect if that happened on valentines day!

    Then the pig, snake and bunny turned into animals. Nice but creepy. Loved how Phoebe tried to make a spell but failed and turned everybody but themselves into animals. It's nice to see them mess up XD Overall this episode was well written and a good filler.
  • The Power of Three and the "Misunderstood" and Cannabalistic Animals

    The Power of Three and the "Misunderstood" and Cannabalistic Animals

    Main Storyline:
    Phoebe helps a group of very desperate women cast a spell which turns animals, (a rabbit, a pig and a snake) into men. The girls, besides Tessa, don't seem the least bit freaked out that they did this, and are almost killed because of their idiotic notion. A very dumb plot...and what is pragmatism anyway?

    1. Piper and Dan: Dan is an utter control freak, who needs to get over his obsession with Leo. The card said "to a dear friend," Dan, not "to my secret lover whom I fantasize about making out with."
    2. Piper and Leo: At the end of the episode, Piper fantasized about making out with her secret lover, Leo. Now, back to Dan. He?s so self-conscious! His relationship with Piper is rock-solid!
    3. Prue at Home: After quitting her job, Prue gets tired of doing nothing, caves, and admits that she misses working.
    4. Janice Robinson: She's Bald, Baby! Bald!
    5. Phoebe and Evan: Evan? Was that his name? I forget. It's not like he'll stick around for long. Phoebe only likes dangerous guys.

    A fairly week episode, with only the Piper sub-plots to keep me satisfied. This episode was kind of like Valentine's Day. Unnecessary.

    Grade: D

    The Ani-Men: Not really demons, as they were conjured from animals, but a bit srange. I mean, how dangerous is a rabbit? Really.
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