Season 2 Episode 13

Animal Pragmatism

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2000 on The WB

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  • One Valentine too many...

    This Valentine's Day episode is about 60% bunk. Fortunately, the season long story of Piper, Leo and Dan is enough to carry and elevate the show. Now that Phoebe is in college, the writers waste no time in using that as a setting. A trio, fitting, of coeds decides to turn three animals into humans, with Phoebe's help, of course. Ah, they are surrounded by horny college guys. What is the problem? And where did the animals come from? There are pigs and poisonous snakes available on campus? And it was kind of cool that the snake was immediately a bad guy, but why was the rabbit? Some bad carrots?

    The most painful part of this whole escapade is when the entire club of patrons gets turned into animals. The set of Charmed suddenly becomes a petting zoo. I feel for Alyssa working in those conditions.

    However, Leo is back, and he meant what he said about fighting for Piper. And its Valentine's Day. That all sets up a very interesting quandary for Piper and her boyfriend. Dan is nearly likable here as he finally shows a fault: jealousy. Not the greatest faults to just blithely admit to. And for how great he has had it for most of this season, things are about to rapidly go the other way on him. After all but pushing Piper in bed with Dan, the sisters are clearly suddenly in Leo's corner, very understandably since he did just saved Piper's life. Nearly everything goes wrong with Dan's plans on V-Day, while Leo scores a near coupe de tat with his simply written card. The scene at the end was marvelous, and an all time fave for Piper and Leo fans. So, in a way, even with all of its missteps, this remains a very fondly remembered episode for many Charmed fans.
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