Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2000 on The WB
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When Piper contracts a life-threatening tropical virus that leaves her in intensive care, Prue and Phoebe cast an 'awakening' spell to save her life. However, since the spell was used for personal gain, the sisters can no longer sleep, and Piper's sickness spreads into an epidemic as a direct consequence. Meanwhile, Prue quits her job at Buckland's and Phoebe enrolls in university.moreless

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  • Piper and Phoebe win this one.

    I actually love this episode and even my hatred for Prue can't ruin that. I thought Phoebe and Piper were excellent in this! They played their scenes brilliantly and even when they were 'acting happy' you could still see the slight fear in their eyes.

    Dan wasn't so bad either, he genuinely looked terrified for Piper.

    I loved the little sub plot with the young boy and the doll. While it is quite silly, it definitely suits the story, and it does show us the disease progressing and it is the side affect of their magic. They brought the disease to life and now it's punishing them.

    My only issue with this entire episode is the bloody doctor. While I thought he was cast well, and this being the only TV show that does a follow up episode to a cliff hanger and he is played well there too. For a doctor I thought he was horrible. Absolutely NO charisma or sympathy or empathy or anything at all. "Oh your sister is worse, i won't do s**t, bye" basically. He never even explained the disease to them, it's fatality rate (if it has one), just anything. "Your sister has this. Move out of my Way. Have this drug. Bye" "She's dying, I don't care move". I just wanted to punch him and wonder how he hadn't been fired for probably many complaints.

    Yay to Phoebe starting College. We all knew it was bound to happen, but it's another of those things that I feel happened at the right time. Not too early where she's still confused about life and over the moon about Witch craft and doesn't have real organisational skills yet. But not too late that we're going to be watching her in College until the end of the show and have her life go nowhere on screen. Furthermore, I like that Phoebe was the voice of reason (initially) about not using magic and a spell to cure Piper.

    Fashion: Well piper was rocking the "i'm dying" look. And that black see through top

    Phoebe looked very pretty.

    Even Prue lookd alright in her green top, wasn't being a skank for once.

    So yay for Leo being Back.

    Yay for Phoebe being in College.

    But my biggest irk with this episode, one in the past and many in the future is their lack for reading the whole spell. The awakening spell had 2 parts to it, we can hear Prue memorising the second half and we could visibly see it but all they say is the first part to reverse it. And they've done it before, do it again and it's annoying. What's the point in having an entire spell if you can just shorten it to whatever you want.moreless
  • One of the best so faaar!

    Leo finally comes back!
  • Awakened

    Awakened was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was very well written, the character development was awesome, and there was lots of intriguing drama as well. Piper getting sick and then the sisters using magic to help her unleashes some unintended consequences on them and innocents. Prue took a major leap and decided to quit her job and I can't wait to see what new direction she takes. Phoebe was awesome in helping the sick boy feel better about every thing. The ending was spectacular as Leo confesses his intentions to Piper now that he is mortal again. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • An angel to watch over me...

    I think we see a trend here. Leo is back and the entire series basically awakes from the dramatic slumber it was under in this fabulously tense and powerful episode.

    Totally original conflict here as Piper gets bitten by a fruitfly and contracts a particularly aggressive and deadly illness. The sisters at first remain calm, Piper even refusing the suggestion of calling to Leo for help, but that soon changes as the mysterious illness puts Piper into a coma and threatens her very life. There are standout performances from everyone here. I think the list is headed by Alyssa Milano as Phoebe is the first to sense danger and quickly becomes desperate to save her sister. Matthew Glave as Dr. Williamson is an excellent temporary addition to the cast, and even Dan is convincing in his heartbreak. Even from the beginning it is jarring to see Piper hospitalized and a real tear jerker to watch her deteriorate. The women are fantastic in every hospital scene, especially Holly and Alyssa. We get to see a little bit of the strong, courageous Piper of the future here when she takes control and talks Prue and Phoebe into reversing the spell. Not to worry, she still has an angel watching over her.

    The three Leo scenes are great. This marks the first time, of many, that Leo would heal Piper before death claims her, but this is the most dramatic, with Leo stepping out of the white light on the very brink of her soul being lost. As great as this scene was, I actually think the writers could have done even more with it. I also think the writing didn't match the urgency of the situation in Leo's first scene. Still, like I said, all three scenes are great, and I especially love that Leo showed up at the club at the end in front of all 3 sisters. As great as it is to have Leo back and know he's going to fight for Piper, I wonder how he's supposed to win as a normal mortal when Dan has been portrayed as Mr. Wonderful to this point. I guess Leo has the advantage of having saved Piper's life. His earnest delivery of the line, "I'm going to fight for you, Piper. Let the best man win," is possibly my favorite line of the entire series. Brian Krause is just awesome here.

    I had no problem with the ninja doll. The writers did what was necessary to dramatize the progression of the illness. It was kind of funny, actually. A typical Charmed touch of levity within a somber and dark episode.

    This episode could be said to have done as much for the story of Charmed, as far as moving it along, as any episode in the series. It brings Leo back for good, for the most part, and sets the stage for his reunion with Piper and the exit of Dan. It ends Bucklands and Jack. Both for the best. And it introduces Phoebe back to college, where she will be set on her path for the remainder of the series.

    Amazing episode that righted the ship and got fans back to looking forward to the next show.moreless
  • Personal gain...

    While in P3 slicing an illegally imported fruit, Piper collapses and is moved to the San Francisco Memorial Hospital. The specialist Dr. Curtis Williamson finds that she has Oroya Fever, a very rare disease in the United States. Meanwhile, Prue is working in the authentication of a Monet. When Piper gets into a coma, Dr. Williamson tells Prue and Phoebe that Piper has to pull out of the coma by herself. Leo is contacted by Prue and Phoebe, but he informs them that he is not allowed to heal Piper. The sisters decide to cast an awakening spell to save Piper, but their personal gain causes an outbreak in the hospital and the Center of Disease Control (CDC) is called, with dramatic consequences for the sisters and Leo.

    "Awakened" is one of the best episodes of the second season of "Charmed". The important ethical attitude of Prue, against the new policy of Buckland, is enough to make the show worthwhile. But in addition, the sisters learn the effect of the personal gain. The now mortal Leo will certainly dispute the love of Piper with Dan in the next episodes.moreless
Matthew Glave

Matthew Glave

Dr. Curtis Williamson

Guest Star

Andrew Ducote

Andrew Ducote


Guest Star

Daniel Reichert

Daniel Reichert

Dr. Seigler

Guest Star

Brian Krause (I)

Brian Krause (I)

Leo Wyatt

Recurring Role

Lochlyn Munro

Lochlyn Munro

Jack Sheridan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • TRIVIA: This is the first time the Charmed Ones learn how they can contact Leo when he's not around. When he is close by, he can hear them calling out his name.

    • After the threat has been contained at the end of the episode we see Piper collecting the imported fruit and throwing it away. Wouldn't this have been the first thing she did once being released from the hospital the first time consitering they were the carriers of the insects that made her sick?

    • The doctors call for anyone who's been around Piper to be put into isolation. How is it Dan is never rounded up and isolated with the sisters?

    • TRIVIA: This is the second time Piper dies.

    • How was it that Leo was able to save Piper anyway? Several episodes prior to this in P3H20 he was unable to cure poison ivy because he could only heal when the Elders allowed him to. Yet, in this episode he was forbidden to heal Piper and was able to do it!

    • TRIVIA: This episode features the third and final appearance of Prue's boss Mr. Caldwell. Surprisingly, despite having had dialouge in each of his appearances, the actor was never credited for his appearances.

    • TRIVIA: This episode does not feature the Charmed Ones battling demons, warlocks or any other supernatural threat.

    • When Piper first recovers after the spell, she is apparently released that night, since they are shown hanging at P3. It is unlikely that after coming as close to dying as she did, that the hospital would've released her. Which also brings up how the sisters quarenteened, then as soon as Piper collapsed, nearly dies again and then has another miraculous recovery, that they apparently were sent home again. Just because Piper, along with everyone else at that point, recovered miraculously, does not mean that once again, her and her sisters would be sent home without any delay! Unless of course the scene at P3 was on a different day.

    • TRIVIA: This is the fifth time one of the sisters has been in the hospital and this is actually Piper's second time.

    • After Prue astral projects back from the Book of Shadows, she recites a verse of the reversal spell. However, she left out the second verse, "Return the disease from whence it came, So life can ease back to the same". Since she left out half the spell, how did it work?

    • When a nurse leaves Nathan's room, the ninja stops the door from completely closing with his sword. Blood is dripping from his sword, leaving a drop on the floor. When the ninja enters the room, the blood is gone.

    • Leo says that the Elders didn't want him to save Piper and so they clipped his wings but why wouldn't the Elders want him to save Piper? If Piper died as the Doctor said she would have then there would be no more Power of Three and how would the Elders benefit from that?

    • When Piper is cleaning up at the club after being cured, she is shown cleaning up the same place over and over, even though the glasses were already cleaned up. Yet the glasses that were already cleaned away appear each time she goes to start again.

    • TRIVIA: This episode features the song Lust by Tori Amos, Under The Influence by Citizen King, The Chemicals Between Us by Bush and Five Fathoms by Everything But The Girl.

    • TRIVIA: This is the seventh and final appearance of Lochlyn Munro as 'Jack'.

    • TRIVIA: Leo has his wings clipped for saving Piper's life.

    • Leo said he couldn't heal Piper because she wasn't hurt fighting evil, but how many times has he healed one of the sisters for just a tiny scratch?

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Nathan: So you're saying that my Ninja Doll can fight my illness by freezing the monsters and by moving them...
      Phoebe: And Kickboxing, don't forget Kickboxing.

    • Piper: So, what's wrong with me?
      Prue: Um, they don't really know. We're just sort of waiting for blood test results.
      Piper: I'm sure it's nothing too exciting. It's probably something trendy like mono or Epstein Barr.

    • Jack: The world is made up of almost-perfect. It's nothing but near-misses and necessary compromises.

    • Leo: Now that I'm a mortal I'm going to fight for you! And may the best man win!

    • Piper: Wait, you enrolled? Phoebe, this is huge.
      Phoebe: Hugest thing I've done since I came back home. I mean, aside from vanquishing demons, and saving the world from evil, of course!

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Procitnutí (Awakening) France: Le fruit défendu (The forbidden fruit) Italy: Il risveglio (The awakening) Germany: Fieber (Fever)

    • Matthew Glave (Dr. Williamson) and Holly Marie Combs previously appeared togethor on Picket Fences. Holly, a regular member of that cast, played Kimberly and Matthew had a recurring role as Deputy Skeeter.