Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2000 on The WB

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  • Piper and Phoebe win this one.

    I actually love this episode and even my hatred for Prue can't ruin that. I thought Phoebe and Piper were excellent in this! They played their scenes brilliantly and even when they were 'acting happy' you could still see the slight fear in their eyes.

    Dan wasn't so bad either, he genuinely looked terrified for Piper.

    I loved the little sub plot with the young boy and the doll. While it is quite silly, it definitely suits the story, and it does show us the disease progressing and it is the side affect of their magic. They brought the disease to life and now it's punishing them.

    My only issue with this entire episode is the bloody doctor. While I thought he was cast well, and this being the only TV show that does a follow up episode to a cliff hanger and he is played well there too. For a doctor I thought he was horrible. Absolutely NO charisma or sympathy or empathy or anything at all. "Oh your sister is worse, i won't do s**t, bye" basically. He never even explained the disease to them, it's fatality rate (if it has one), just anything. "Your sister has this. Move out of my Way. Have this drug. Bye" "She's dying, I don't care move". I just wanted to punch him and wonder how he hadn't been fired for probably many complaints.

    Yay to Phoebe starting College. We all knew it was bound to happen, but it's another of those things that I feel happened at the right time. Not too early where she's still confused about life and over the moon about Witch craft and doesn't have real organisational skills yet. But not too late that we're going to be watching her in College until the end of the show and have her life go nowhere on screen. Furthermore, I like that Phoebe was the voice of reason (initially) about not using magic and a spell to cure Piper.

    Fashion: Well piper was rocking the "i'm dying" look. And that black see through top

    Phoebe looked very pretty.

    Even Prue lookd alright in her green top, wasn't being a skank for once.

    So yay for Leo being Back.

    Yay for Phoebe being in College.

    But my biggest irk with this episode, one in the past and many in the future is their lack for reading the whole spell. The awakening spell had 2 parts to it, we can hear Prue memorising the second half and we could visibly see it but all they say is the first part to reverse it. And they've done it before, do it again and it's annoying. What's the point in having an entire spell if you can just shorten it to whatever you want.
  • One of the best so faaar!

    Leo finally comes back!
  • Awakened

    Awakened was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was very well written, the character development was awesome, and there was lots of intriguing drama as well. Piper getting sick and then the sisters using magic to help her unleashes some unintended consequences on them and innocents. Prue took a major leap and decided to quit her job and I can't wait to see what new direction she takes. Phoebe was awesome in helping the sick boy feel better about every thing. The ending was spectacular as Leo confesses his intentions to Piper now that he is mortal again. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • An angel to watch over me...

    I think we see a trend here. Leo is back and the entire series basically awakes from the dramatic slumber it was under in this fabulously tense and powerful episode.

    Totally original conflict here as Piper gets bitten by a fruitfly and contracts a particularly aggressive and deadly illness. The sisters at first remain calm, Piper even refusing the suggestion of calling to Leo for help, but that soon changes as the mysterious illness puts Piper into a coma and threatens her very life. There are standout performances from everyone here. I think the list is headed by Alyssa Milano as Phoebe is the first to sense danger and quickly becomes desperate to save her sister. Matthew Glave as Dr. Williamson is an excellent temporary addition to the cast, and even Dan is convincing in his heartbreak. Even from the beginning it is jarring to see Piper hospitalized and a real tear jerker to watch her deteriorate. The women are fantastic in every hospital scene, especially Holly and Alyssa. We get to see a little bit of the strong, courageous Piper of the future here when she takes control and talks Prue and Phoebe into reversing the spell. Not to worry, she still has an angel watching over her.

    The three Leo scenes are great. This marks the first time, of many, that Leo would heal Piper before death claims her, but this is the most dramatic, with Leo stepping out of the white light on the very brink of her soul being lost. As great as this scene was, I actually think the writers could have done even more with it. I also think the writing didn't match the urgency of the situation in Leo's first scene. Still, like I said, all three scenes are great, and I especially love that Leo showed up at the club at the end in front of all 3 sisters. As great as it is to have Leo back and know he's going to fight for Piper, I wonder how he's supposed to win as a normal mortal when Dan has been portrayed as Mr. Wonderful to this point. I guess Leo has the advantage of having saved Piper's life. His earnest delivery of the line, "I'm going to fight for you, Piper. Let the best man win," is possibly my favorite line of the entire series. Brian Krause is just awesome here.

    I had no problem with the ninja doll. The writers did what was necessary to dramatize the progression of the illness. It was kind of funny, actually. A typical Charmed touch of levity within a somber and dark episode.

    This episode could be said to have done as much for the story of Charmed, as far as moving it along, as any episode in the series. It brings Leo back for good, for the most part, and sets the stage for his reunion with Piper and the exit of Dan. It ends Bucklands and Jack. Both for the best. And it introduces Phoebe back to college, where she will be set on her path for the remainder of the series.

    Amazing episode that righted the ship and got fans back to looking forward to the next show.
  • Personal gain...

    While in P3 slicing an illegally imported fruit, Piper collapses and is moved to the San Francisco Memorial Hospital. The specialist Dr. Curtis Williamson finds that she has Oroya Fever, a very rare disease in the United States. Meanwhile, Prue is working in the authentication of a Monet. When Piper gets into a coma, Dr. Williamson tells Prue and Phoebe that Piper has to pull out of the coma by herself. Leo is contacted by Prue and Phoebe, but he informs them that he is not allowed to heal Piper. The sisters decide to cast an awakening spell to save Piper, but their personal gain causes an outbreak in the hospital and the Center of Disease Control (CDC) is called, with dramatic consequences for the sisters and Leo.

    "Awakened" is one of the best episodes of the second season of "Charmed". The important ethical attitude of Prue, against the new policy of Buckland, is enough to make the show worthwhile. But in addition, the sisters learn the effect of the personal gain. The now mortal Leo will certainly dispute the love of Piper with Dan in the next episodes.
  • When Piper becomes seriously ill after an insect bite, the sisters cast a spell to save her life, with disasterous consequences.

    Piper is bitten by an insect, after which she lapses into a coma and ends up in intensive care, fighting for her life. Broken hearted, Prue and Phoebe decide to use magic to save her and cast an Awakening Spell which doesn't help Piper but makes it impossible for the other two to fall asleep. As Piper's illness turns into a raging epidemic, her sisters make some life-altering decisions; Phoebe enrols in college and Prue quits her job at the auction house as she wants to do something else with her life.

    A very heart-wrenching and enjoyable episode that shows us even more clearly how close the sisters are.
  • Coma Chameleon

    One of the most underrated episodes in Charmed history; Awakened is emotional drama at its best, with a sisterly dilemma at the heart of the episode.

    In the episode, Piper is hospitalized when she is infected with a deadly virus. Phoebe and Prue cast an "awakening" spell to save their sister, but soon learn of the terrible after-effects of personal gain.

    Leo saving Piper really showed how much he cared for her, and Brian Krause gave an excellent performance. His scene with Piper just after she dies is one of the saddest moments in Charmed history

    The after effects of Piper's near-death experience also change the lives of both Prue and Phoebe, who decide to quit Buckland's and enrol in college, respectively. I was unhappy with Prue's decision to leave her job, as I thought afterward she didn't get much screentime outside of her magical life. I even thought her job as a photographer wasn't that interesting. But at least Phoebe's college enrollment gave her some character development and it also helped the show itself, with some college-based episodes stemming from it.

    The subplot, which involves a toy ninja coming to life, wasn't that great and seemed to be tagged-on purely for timing reasons. I never understand why writers decide to write in material like that as they'd know it would be impossible to pull off decent effects for such a story.

    Awakened is an amazing episode which centers on some really dramatic issues, including personal growth, sacrifice and loss. Powerfully written and excellently directed, Awakened is probably one of the first signs of true greatness Charmed ever had.

    Director: Anson Williams
    Writers: Vivian Mayhew, Valerie Mayhew
    Rating: A
  • i love this episode.

    This episode is the best so far of all the Charmed episodes. Watching the sisters find their way through the hardest of circumstances was captivating. The actors are all superb and it showed so well in this episode. Leo is my favorite character outside of the witches and I was sooo happy to see him again. We all just knew he would have to save her, but it was so hard to find out that he couldn't when they finally called on him. It's always interesting to see the side effects of their using their powers for personal gain and this was one of the most dramatic. Leo's final line saying that now that he's mortal he's gonna fight for Piper put the biggest smile on my face and made me so happy.
    I love this episode.
  • Is it just me or are the best episodes of Charmed when Demons and Warlocks are not involved

    Another quality episode of Charmed that has Piper contract a tropical disease, will she live and will Leo heal her?

    Although it was a little American Soap Operaish I really enjoyed this episode and so far is the 2nd best after Morality Bites. When any of the sisters are in real mortal danger the writers seem to come up with extremely engaging drama. The Ninja Chucky Doll (that when Piper was healed the disease passed into) might have been a little bit of a mis-step but not enough to undermine the drama too much. The denouement to all this resulted in first an outbreak of the disease at the hospital and then Piper accepting she must die by reversing the spell. So they not only had Piper in mortal danger but the consequences were very serious putting others at risk. This was therefore another lesson to be learned type episode.

    In the end when Leo saves Piper having an out of body experience it was so heartfelt. The fact that the powers that be then temporarily clipped his wings for going against their wishes was a nice sacrifice to make for the women he loves, ahhhh. It also propels the Dan vs Leo plot forward very well as Leo wants to fight for her now, which is Nice :)
  • How Do Witches Fight Disease?

    Awakened-When Piper contracts a life-threatening tropical virus that leaves her in intensive care, Prue and Phoebe cast an 'awakening' spell to save her life. However, since the spell was used for personal gain, the sisters can no longer sleep, and Piper's sickness spreads into an epidemic as a direct consequence. Meanwhile, Prue quits her job at Buckland's and Phoebe enrolls in university. Jack: "The world is made up of almost-perfect. It's nothing but near-misses and necessary compromises."

    One of the most powerful episodes from the series which features no demon or supernatural threat in sight. This time, the sisters have to face a battle they might not be able to win when Piper falls ill under a deadly disease. Probably the finest script the writers have come up with as the emotional drama is so surreal, especially with Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano giving tremendous performances. The scenes with Prue and Phoebe falling apart with Piper's life hanging in the balance are truly heartbreaking as they struggle to find a way to save her. Piper's dilemma is performed so well by the whole cast it's almost surreal and sometimes you forget this is a show about witches fighting demons every week. This week it's all about family drama and how far one would go to save their loved one.

    The awakening spell was a delightful plot development and the issues, not to mention, consequences it brought were believeably disasterous. Okay, so the whole ninja doll coming to life and spreading the disease looked a bit campy with the cheap special effects, but it added some more great drama to the episode. I loved the fact that Prue and Phoebe's recklessness causes an epidemic of the disease as it shows that despite their dedication to saving each other as sisters, their will always be repercussions for them being witches. The best part of the episode is Piper falling back into her deadly coma after Prue and Phoebe reverse the spell. It's an emotionally tragic scene as Prue and Phoebe watch Piper dying in front of them. Then comes a truly stunning scene with Leo coming to heal Piper's spirit as they are both surrounded by beautiful white lights. Brian Krause gives one of his finest performances in that scene and it's a remarkable development for both characters which causes Leo to become mortal afterwards. Leo's sacrifice show just how much he loves Piper and it's a development Piper can't deny anymore.

    The signifcant aspect of storyline is how it causes Prue and Phoebe to re-evaluate their lives. Prue decides to quit her job as Bucklands and Phoebe decides to go back to college which are 2 plot developments that help to develop both characters very well. Filled with wonderful guest stars as well, including the young Andrew Ducote (Nathan) and Matthew Glave (Dr. Curtis Williamson), a flawless script written by Valerie and Vivian Mayhew, and terrific performances from the cast, "Awakened" achives what the past Charmed episode haven't, creating an emotionally driven episode that leaves you overwhelmed after it's over. A complete classic!
  • Hospital high drama

    After two very average weeks, we are suddenly treated to one of the best installments yet. Like "Morality Bites", this episode focuses on the consequences of personal gain and, like the above, is demon free. As with all the best episodes of Charmed, there is just one storyline and it involves the whole cast.

    "Awakened" sees the sisters cast a spell to cure Piper of a deadly fever, only to reverse it when they realise they are risking the lives of innocents. This is witchcraft at its absolute best and the scene where they cast the awakening spell is wonderful - I was willing the doctor to catch them in the act. Piper's startling collapse when the spell is reversed has to be one of the most dramatic Charmed moments ever.

    What I love most is the impact of their craft on the hospital staff. Twice, Piper comes back from the dead and leaves the doctors completely baffled. It's only right that one of them vows to find out what is going on. This is exactly how a show about magic should be.

    I'd have given this episode an even higher score if it hadn't been for that ridiculous ninja doll. I realise they needed a way of spreading the disease but surely they could have come up with something better than this? 'nuff said!

    This is Greg Vaughan's best performance to date and it just goes to show what can happen when he is given something to do other than simper. I actually felt sorry for Dan when Piper came round calling Leo's name.

    On top of all the near death excitement, Prue quits her job and Phoebe goes back to college. The sisters also learn they can summon Leo by yelling his name (boy, does this get overused in future episodes!). Sadly, we have to say farewell to the adorable Jack Sheridan. And shouldn't it be 'awoken' not 'awakened'?
  • Piper suddenly comes down with a mysterious and life-threatening illness.

    When Piper suddenly comes down with a mysterious and life-threatening illness that appears incurable, Prue and Phoebe ignore the code which prevents witches from using spells for personal gain and cure Piper with an "Awakening spell." The spell has an unfortunate side effect of spreading the dangerous disease to other patients in the hospital. Determined to save innocent lives, Piper puts her own life in danger insisting her sisters help her reverse the spell. Unable to watch Piper die, Leo risks his own code of ethics saving Piper at the last minute. Altered by life's recent events, Prue says good-bye to her job and Jack. Piper learns she spoke Leo's name in the hospital after he saved her and she has some explaining to do to Dan which gets even more complicated when Piper learns Leo's White Lighter wings were clipped for saving her life !!. Unfettered by his recent suspension from his job, Leo tells Piper his mortality will allow him to fight to win her love back.
  • Piper is in a coma

    I like this episode a lot because I think it is this episode that starts up the possibility of Piper and Leo getting back together. I do feel sorry for Dan though especially when he hears her say Leo when she comes round. Prue has a chance to work onher astral projection.
  • Piper goings into coma. As everyone worries including Prue and Phoebe, the girls try to find a way to keep Piper alive.

    This a great episode. Personally, this is my favorite episode in the second season. Whenever this episode comes on, I stop what I'm doing and watch it. And when Piper passes out in the beginning, I get goosebumps like I don't know whats going to happen, even though I do. When Prue and Phoebe call for Leo, I get a little jumpy when he orbs in wondering if he'll come. And when she come out of the coma at the end and calls out Leo's name, I feel so bad for Dan.

    When this episode comes on, I act a little jumpy. And all my friends know it.
  • Piper gets a life threatening virus from an insect.

    Piper gets a virus called the aroya fever and slips into a coma. Prue and Pheobe cast an awakening spell. The virus soon is spreading rapidly throughout the hospital and the sisters can't sleep. They are reluctant at first, but reverse the spell. All of the other patients get better, but Piper slips back into a coma. While she is almost dead, she sees Leo, and even though it's breaking the rules, he heals her and saves her life. Because of that he becomes mortal and tells Piper he is going to fight for her.

    I really love this episode. I think it really is the reason why I watch this show. When Pheobe and Prue are hysterical and watching her die, I almost cried. It really shows how close all of the sisters are. I mean, how would you feel if YOUR sister was dieing, and you were watching! I give it a 10/10 and two thumbs up. Definetly my favorite episode of the season.
  • A true test of the bonds of sisterhood.

    I just saw this episode again recently and was reminded of why I really enjoy this show. In this episode, Piper becomes deathly ill from a disease she contracted from some exotic fruit. When the antibiotics were ineffective, it became more difficult for her to fight the illness. The doctors called her sisters to let them know that she was near the end of her life. Out of desperation, Pru and Phoebe cast a spell to take away the illness without any consideration for the consequences. The toy doll the sisters used to cast the spell and heal Piper came alive and started infecting other people with the disease. It wasn't long before the hospital realized that they had an epidemic on their hands. The sisters realized that in order to save all of the other infected people, they must reverse the spell. This meant of course, that Piper would have to die. At the point where Piper has almost died, Leo saves her--much to the very confused and surprised physicians. Due to his actions, Leo loses his wings and becomes mortal.

    This is one of my favorite episodes because the acting was fantastic. I really believed the devestation that one would feel if they lost a sibling. Why didn't more people appreciate this show while it was still on the air?

  • this is by far my favourite episode of season 2!! because piper is my favourite and this is pretty much based on her!!!

    this is the best episode in season 2!! my heart melted the way dan was looking at piper with worry and fear. i really thought she was going to die! but i was disappointed when she woke up and called leo's name..poor dan.But it was sweet the way leo risked everything just for piper
  • i lovesd this ep.!

    fianlly one of them gets deathly sick, and have to be saved by the supernatural. this epsiode continues tro another one in this season which was cool! but i didnt like the doctor much. it was sweet how phoebe 'helped' that litle boy in the hospital! i loved thsi episode!
  • Piper almost dies. Prue and Pheobe save her life, but almost causing the deaths of other people..Leo saves Piper and has his wings clipped for her...This episode is probobly one of my favorites of all!

    When I first saw this episode I was so afraid Piper was going to die!! I think that Prue and Pheobe were in the right for casting a spell to save all worked out in the end.. (except for Piper stil being with Dan and Leo getting his wings clipped...) This is the episode I watch the most on my Charmed: Season 2 dvd, it is a total series classic!
  • Piper gets sick and who will save her!!! The person who is fit for the job of course! :)

    Piper gets sick and that's where this solely focusses on with one important lesson:
    "Never do anything illegal because you might pay with your life!"

    Anyhow, Piper desperately doesn't want Leo to help her as Dan stays by her side when she gets in a coma. In order to save Piper, Phoebe and Prue cast an awakening spell which also causes the puppet to become alive along with Piper. But the puppet has Piper's contagious blood and stings people, causing them to die as Piper miraciously seems to do fine, which makes the doctor suspicious.

    When more people become sick, the three halliwell sisters are being quarantained (?) and find out that the only way to help all those people who are about to be stung by the puppet, though they think they awoke the disease and not the puppet. Anyway, they cast a spell, causing Piper to die. Dan arrives and just helplessly stands there along with Phoebe and Prue who cry. So sad!

    Then when Piper floats up in the air and is between earth and heaven, Leo shows up, saving her life saying he doesn't want her to die. Then she gets back to life as doctors have given up on her, and when awakening she calls out for Leo when Dan is next to her bed. Ouch! Must have hurt!

    Then Leo comes by saying he got his wings clipped and now is mortal again and is ready to fight for her again! So sweet! Makes this one of the best Charmed episodes ever! :)
  • Piper gets a tropical fever...she's dying...sisters try and save her...accidentally cast personal gain spell... Piper gets better, but other people are getting sick...girls realize that the only way to sovle the crisis is to reverse the spell... Piper get

    Honestly, The only reason why I love this episode is because it takes one step towards Leo and Piper!!! (Party!!!) Sometimes I get fed up with watching the seperation crap and relationship troubles of their marrige in later episodes and I like to go back an see when they were hopelessly in love. Holly Marie and Brian were exceptional, and there is always and added bonus when there is an episode devoted to Piper (obviously my favorite character- the one who keeps my actually watching)
  • One episode I've been looking forward to for a long time!

    In this episode Piper almost dies from a life threating disease from a fly that came overseas inside a fruit!

    Personally I thought this episode was great! It's not as sad as what I was expecting but other than that it was good!

    The acting was great! All of them! I'm glad that I made a copy on tape!
  • Boring. Wedding Singer's Matthew Glave introduced for a future episode. Leo defies the Elders. Dan gets jealous.

    It was fine but did nothing for me... They just almost killed Piper so they could make Leo mortal... which is good because by this time I was totally bored with Dan... even though he's hot. And the thing with Glenn (i.e. Matthew Glave from the Wedding Singer)... Well, isn't it lovely that he's such a hard butt that he blames Piper and her sisters for all of it... but doesn't pull Dan into isolation. I watched it, but I was bored with the stupid Ninja doll!