Season 5 Episode 16

Baby's First Demon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2003 on The WB

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  • A good one.

    So while they were kind of cute and had chemistry, what was with Phoebe fanning herself, she's never had issues with men.

    See my problem with Paige's outfit is they've NEVER fought a demon who looked like that, she looked ridiculous, and while she had good intentions it was still a crap plan.

    I think Phoebe was kinda stupid about how she was trying to get out of work. You don't need to say "I need to spend time with him" say something like "my sister has post-natal depression and anxiety" which is kind of true, say your brother-in-law is extremely busy and can't help that day or something. They always seem to think that they're better off saying some stupid coy, vague line instead of just a truthful white lie.

    What I always felt was sucky/unfair is just how OTT Wyatt's powers are and then how lackluster Chris's are. But it's cool to see someone powerful but the charmed ones are supposed to be the most powerful magical beings and their son seems to be a lot better than theirs.
  • Baby's First Demon

    Baby's First Demon was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was very entertaining, full of action, magic and suspense. It was great to see the baby protect himself from demons and also to utilize the alarm for attention. The demon black market was pretty interesting in concept and I'm surprised it hasn't been used more often. The new owner of the newspaper Phoebe works for is young, rich and good looking and challenges Phoebe which I hope will lead to some great story lines down the road. There was drama, intrigue and humor in this episode which made it fun to watch. I certainly look forward to seeing what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Demonville.


    Only Charmed would waste the potential awesomeness of a demonic black market with dreadful wigs, corny effects, and generic goths posing as demons. Is that what the demon community as been reduced to? Do you remember when demons were three-dimensional and not walking parodies? Ah season 3, how times have changed. And it's not just the demons who suffer ghastly wigs, Paige dawns a bombshell of a do with a very unattractive blue PVC dress. What were they thinking?! The hour only marginally passes as watchable due to some entertaining Phoebe moments, a very nasty wound, and the beginning of what looks like a new arc. A really, really creepy old woman sets her really, really creepy eyes on Wyatt and warns the sisters of tough times ahead. I like foreshadowings as much as the next guy, so hopefully the season pulls it together. But who am I kidding here? Two of the WORST episodes from the show's entire run are only around the corner. Maybe that's what the creepy woman meant? Maybe she was warning the viewers.

  • When albinos attack and cronyism run amok...

    With the pregnancy plotline over with, the writers waste no time in going to what will become a Charmed standby until the end of Season 7- the demonic world wants baby Wyatt. The parasitic albinos are fairly uninteresting, though they seem to be more powerful than advertised. However, once again we have a few layers of bad guys, with the hawkers, the parasites and finally the Crone, who is well-played and well-written. I thought the demon marketplace was a little out of left field, but I can give it credit for being something different. It is great to see Piper back to her explosive self, even if vulnerable again. The final scenes in the episode, starting with PIper and Phoebe cutting a swath of destruction through the market, really elevate the show from average Charmed fare to excellent. The final scene with the Crone does a great job of raising questions about the future.

    Meanwhile, Paige is back on an independent kick, which lands her into trouble once again. Seeing my red-headed muse in the hands of the parasites is truly alarming. Fortunately, it doesn't last long as the parasites quickly turn their attention towards Wyatt. Nice scene with Leo protecting his baby.

    This is also the episode where Jason is introduced. Eric Dane is an excellent actor and his character is well-written and properly charming. I don't know if production wasn't sure of Dane's commitment, but the only problem with the Phoebe/Jason storyline is that it is completely rushed, given no time to develop. We know from the outset that they are going to end up together, and all of Phoebe's hesitation is just a waste of our time.

    The scene with the baby naming is a quality end to the show. It was creative to name the boy Wyatt Matthews Halliwell. Sure, but I personally would have went with Peter. That is a strong name, fit for a leader. How can the future leader of the Underworld be named Wyatt? Get real.
  • Operation: Baby Proof

    Baby's First Demon-The Charmed Ones must protect Piper's son from two demons, but the baby has a few surprises of his own. Meanwhile, Paige goes undercover as a bounty hunter and Phoebe's future with the newspaper is threatened by the new owner. On the surface, "Baby's First Demon" is pretty much your average Charmed fare: a serviceable demon of the week plot with standard track the demon and then vanquish it. The only real difference is the baby's presence and what it means for the sisters now that they have to protect it from the demonic world. Honestly, it's the little things that made the episode more enjoyable than it should have been. The moments with the baby were geunine and I loved Piper still adjusting to motherhood. It makes sense that she would want to stay close to her new son rather than going demon hunting. Even Phoebe acting like an unbearable annoyance about the baby had some character developement in there. Even Jason Dean's intro wasn't so bad. Eric Dane has the right amonut of charm for the role and the last scene between him and Phoebe was good.

    Though I feel Paige got the cheap half of the storyline. Also, who the h@ll blue hooker outfit with that tacky blonde wig would make for a believeable demonic suit. Either the writers love making the sisters look slutty at every chance they get or who ever is in charge of costuming needs to fired asap. I did love the introduction of the Crown. While the Parasite demons were worhtless, she provided some intriguing teases for the future, like her vision. It makes the baby's importance that much greater and how it will effect the sisters is evern more intriguing. The last scene was also touching with Piper finally coming up with the baby's full name: Wyatt Matthew Halliwell. Overall, "Baby's First Demon" is pretty good, despite it's underrated appeal.
  • "What one of you scumbags put the bounty on my baby?" Piper

    ahh cuteness abounds in the Charmed-verse in this episode. and who can blame them? having a baby in the show does lighten the tone somewhat so why is this episode so dark? it could be fact Piper's baby is up for sale on the demon black market and the demons will do anything to get him! how disturbing is that. its very well played anyway.

    piper is a great mum and leo a great dad but the episode really belongs to Paige who will stop at nothing to protect her nephew. in the end the baby is named Wyatt Matthew Halliwell (breaking the tradition!)
  • The boy in the bubble

    I guess having a bunch of demons try to abduct Wyatt was always going to be an obvious storyline. Still, it does give us an early peek at his powers. I'm not sure how he sets off the demon alarm but his shield is a clever idea; it means he's free to be attacked without demons constantly having to miss him.

    The main plot is well directed and the demonic market is excellent. It's so refreshing to see demons doing something other than lurking in badly lit caves. I liked the desert setting too - reminded me of Star Wars. It obviously cost a lot to set up; there's a good variety of baddies and plenty of vanquishing. The parasite demons are pretty lame but I did like the Crone. She was a kind of a Seer part two (and she shared the same shimmer). What is she hinting at I wonder? Hope we see her again.

    Special praise goes to Rose this episode. She is very much at the heart of the action and she plays the role of nervous undercover witch extremely well. Not sure about that blue dress though - she looks like some kind of S&M nurse.

    Sadly, there is a big downside this week in the shape of Phoebe's part. Rather than join in the fight, she spends most of her time in a tedious subplot with her new boss, Jason. He's about as interesting as a loaf of bread and there's zero chemistry between them. Her endless cooing over Wyatt is also way over the top. I know she lost her own baby last season but it really is painful to watch.

    So six weeks have passed since the last instalment and still the baby hasn't been named? That's pretty odd, surely? I can see the logic in Wyatt but I must confess I much preferred Phoebe's choice of 'Potter'.
  • Finally! The child that was meant to be born is alive and kicking. For now.

    This episode focuses on the newest addition to the family. Yet unnamed, the baby is brought into the love and protection of the Halliwell sisters. Could this last long? Of course not!

    This episode was very informative because you learn more and more about the powers that the new baby possesses. Perhaps the protectors will someday be come the protected. The Parasite Demons, cursed by a witch many years ago, hope to steal Baby Halliwell's powers in order to regain their own. Obviously, the power of three thwarts their evil plan and defeats the Parasites. Definitely not left out of this episode is the splendid love life of Phoebe, who may or may not have found a new love interest in Jason Dean, a dot com entrepreneur who has taken over the newspaper. Will she form a new relationship? Only time will tell. Finally, the baby is named. Wyatt, after his father, and Matthew, after his brave aunt Paige. A legend is born. Wyatt Matthew Halliwell.
  • So cool to see the Baby using his powers and... this time outside of his mother.

    Piper and Leo's baby has been born, Although Piper is the mother, the maternal bug has bitten her sisters, Phoebe, who talks about nothing other than the baby, and Paige, who has become fiercely overprotective. It is in fact Paige who pursues two demons bent upon stealing the baby's powers to an unholy marketplace -- where she becomes a new "magic source" which all the demons hope to bleed dry. Elsewhere, Phoebe is both frightened and terrified by her new boss, Jason Dean,and while the Charmed Ones bicker over a choice of names for the baby, he is finally names Wyatt in honour of his great father, Mathew in honour of his courages aunt Halliwell. In the end we find out this baby is very powerful inded.
  • It was funny and so cute!!!

    Okay, so the baby has lived three weeks with no name. Bummer. And because he is such a huge power to the world, as we all knew he would be, demons are already coming after the precious Halliwell newborn. Piper learns to be able to leave her wee one to continue being a Charmed one, Pheobe learns to balance her work and home life a little better, and there is the introduction of a new character: Pheobe's new boss. The episode was full of humor, as the last few episodes have been, plus the major added cuteness of the baby! I really liked it. It made me smile a lot and left me with a good feeling. This show has a way of being able to pull at your emotions, more often than not it makes me cry. I was glad to have a few episodes that left me in a happy mood. At the end the new little one gets his name of course. Wyat, named for his daddy. Matthew, named for his Aunt Paige. And Halliwell, named for his mommy, Aunt Phoebe, and heritage. Waytt Matthew Halliwell. Not the best name in the world, but symbolic and sweet. >^.^< HOORAY!
  • Not one of my absolute favorite ones

    This episode is o k. If they did something a little more exciting I know that I would like it a lot more. I tink that Paige's blue outfit looks good on her. I also think that the blond wig is not her color. I like her as a red-head.
  • Devil in a Blue Hooker Dress

    An interesting episode which pays much attention to the new member of the Halliwell household, baby Wyatt. Though the demon plot seems to just of been written for the sisters to have something to do, it was good to see lots of explosions and decent action sequences.

    It was also good for the audience to finally see the demon community, that wasn't just contained to badly lit caves in the underworld or THAT cliffside ledge above hell. Grace Zabriskie makes a welcome guest spot and her vision of the future promises lots of juicy storylines for the future.

    On the other hand, Phoebe's subplot was so bland and obvious that her new relationship with millionaire Jason Dean gets off to a bad, uninteresting start. We hardly know much about his character yet so we can't judge him too harshly, but so far, he's nothing special.

    A welcome and fun episode with enough action to keep you watching but please, don't put the wonderful Rose McGowan in anything as tacky as that blue latex dress again... please!