Season 5 Episode 16

Baby's First Demon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2003 on The WB

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  • The boy in the bubble

    I guess having a bunch of demons try to abduct Wyatt was always going to be an obvious storyline. Still, it does give us an early peek at his powers. I'm not sure how he sets off the demon alarm but his shield is a clever idea; it means he's free to be attacked without demons constantly having to miss him.

    The main plot is well directed and the demonic market is excellent. It's so refreshing to see demons doing something other than lurking in badly lit caves. I liked the desert setting too - reminded me of Star Wars. It obviously cost a lot to set up; there's a good variety of baddies and plenty of vanquishing. The parasite demons are pretty lame but I did like the Crone. She was a kind of a Seer part two (and she shared the same shimmer). What is she hinting at I wonder? Hope we see her again.

    Special praise goes to Rose this episode. She is very much at the heart of the action and she plays the role of nervous undercover witch extremely well. Not sure about that blue dress though - she looks like some kind of S&M nurse.

    Sadly, there is a big downside this week in the shape of Phoebe's part. Rather than join in the fight, she spends most of her time in a tedious subplot with her new boss, Jason. He's about as interesting as a loaf of bread and there's zero chemistry between them. Her endless cooing over Wyatt is also way over the top. I know she lost her own baby last season but it really is painful to watch.

    So six weeks have passed since the last instalment and still the baby hasn't been named? That's pretty odd, surely? I can see the logic in Wyatt but I must confess I much preferred Phoebe's choice of 'Potter'.