Season 5 Episode 16

Baby's First Demon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2003 on The WB

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  • When albinos attack and cronyism run amok...

    With the pregnancy plotline over with, the writers waste no time in going to what will become a Charmed standby until the end of Season 7- the demonic world wants baby Wyatt. The parasitic albinos are fairly uninteresting, though they seem to be more powerful than advertised. However, once again we have a few layers of bad guys, with the hawkers, the parasites and finally the Crone, who is well-played and well-written. I thought the demon marketplace was a little out of left field, but I can give it credit for being something different. It is great to see Piper back to her explosive self, even if vulnerable again. The final scenes in the episode, starting with PIper and Phoebe cutting a swath of destruction through the market, really elevate the show from average Charmed fare to excellent. The final scene with the Crone does a great job of raising questions about the future.

    Meanwhile, Paige is back on an independent kick, which lands her into trouble once again. Seeing my red-headed muse in the hands of the parasites is truly alarming. Fortunately, it doesn't last long as the parasites quickly turn their attention towards Wyatt. Nice scene with Leo protecting his baby.

    This is also the episode where Jason is introduced. Eric Dane is an excellent actor and his character is well-written and properly charming. I don't know if production wasn't sure of Dane's commitment, but the only problem with the Phoebe/Jason storyline is that it is completely rushed, given no time to develop. We know from the outset that they are going to end up together, and all of Phoebe's hesitation is just a waste of our time.

    The scene with the baby naming is a quality end to the show. It was creative to name the boy Wyatt Matthews Halliwell. Sure, but I personally would have went with Peter. That is a strong name, fit for a leader. How can the future leader of the Underworld be named Wyatt? Get real.
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