Season 5 Episode 16

Baby's First Demon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2003 on The WB

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  • Demonville.


    Only Charmed would waste the potential awesomeness of a demonic black market with dreadful wigs, corny effects, and generic goths posing as demons. Is that what the demon community as been reduced to? Do you remember when demons were three-dimensional and not walking parodies? Ah season 3, how times have changed. And it's not just the demons who suffer ghastly wigs, Paige dawns a bombshell of a do with a very unattractive blue PVC dress. What were they thinking?! The hour only marginally passes as watchable due to some entertaining Phoebe moments, a very nasty wound, and the beginning of what looks like a new arc. A really, really creepy old woman sets her really, really creepy eyes on Wyatt and warns the sisters of tough times ahead. I like foreshadowings as much as the next guy, so hopefully the season pulls it together. But who am I kidding here? Two of the WORST episodes from the show's entire run are only around the corner. Maybe that's what the creepy woman meant? Maybe she was warning the viewers.

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