Season 8 Episode 8

Battle of the Hexes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2005 on The WB

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  • Damn this show sucks...

    WTF was that? From beginning to end all you get is feminist crap. I\'ve been watching this show from the very start and I have to say that since the 6 season this show has went and is still going downhill...Show us something new for god\'s sake...we have enough of this feminist propaganda on other shows...
  • The New Adventures of SuperWhore!

    I am becoming more and more bored by Charmed year eight. This is the third time so far this season where storylines have been recycled (The Source, body swaps and now superhero outfits) and I'm getting really tired with the uninteresting demons, uninteresting boyfriends and uninteresting story developments.

    Battle of the Hexes sees Billie finding the mystical Belt of Gaia, which turns her into a superhero. The Belt gives Billie the power of turning men invisible for some reason, in order to balance out the sexes or something. Leo is turned invisible, adding another annoyance to Piper, who's already annoyed when she discovers that her booker is finding it difficult trying to get bands to perform in P3. Meanwhile, Paige meets her new love interest, Henry, who helps her out in a completely boring subplot involving her new charge. Also, Phoebe acts like a bigger spoilt whore than usual.

    The main storyline was one of the worst in Charmed history. Remember when Charmed used to be about beautiful young women using their intuition to kill bad guys? They used to be powerful people who were good role models for young girls. The message that this episode gives is that all feminists are psychotic man-haters. What the hell happened to the writers? Are they braindead?

    The last scene featured three of our leads sat in P3. Piper. Phoebe. And Billie. When did this happen? That one scene, single-handedly, ruined Charmed for me. Where was Paige? Why is Billie there? She pops up out of nowhere and suddenly gets to sit with Piper and Phoebe in the VIP lounge for what reason? I was sickened. I'm really missing the Power of Three. Paige is off on her own for most of the episode and that last scene makes it apparent that she's on the verge of being completely phased out and Billie has taken her place. It just really annoys me!

    Speaking of Billie, she was absolutely awful throughout this hour. The scene in the lecture hall was shocking. Why do people like a character who acts like a hypocritical, arrogant bitch to her professor? What sort of college would allow a student to be that rude in a lecture? She would be thrown out immediately!

    And don't even get me started on the hooker outfit she wore! I burst out laughing when she was walking down the street and a guy called out "superhero!" If I saw some blonde bimbo walking down the street in that, I would shout out "Cheap prostitute! Look guys, a cheap prostitute!" Kaley Cuoco was appalling in almost every one of her scenes. Every line she delivers is awfully spoken and it's almost like the script pages are stuck to the camera as she's too dumb to remember what she has to say!

    Other bad stuff in this episode includes the cheap effects. When Billie was going all psycho in the crystal cage thing in the attic, it had to be the most obvious green screen I had ever seen on Charmed! The demon of the week sucked as well. Did anybody else notice though that it was the same actress playing her that played Klea, one of the Brotherhood of the Thorn, back in season three? It should have been the same demon, as that would have made more sense. When are we going to get interesting monsters again though? Next week's episode looks hopeful with the hulked-out sisters who actually look like demons but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

    Paige gets a new love interest and he's much more interesting than Dex. And Brody. And Richard. And Les. And Jason. But, why should I get excited about somebody who'll doubtlessly leave in 6 episodes? Phoebe acted like a complete brat throughout the episode. She, of all people, says "it's always about [Piper and Paige]". Hello, you swallow up most of the storylines each season! Who the hell do you think you are! Sorry about Paige worrying about a charge and Piper worrying about the money that pays for the upkeep of the manor when, of course, Phoebe's desperate attempts to get a new groin buddy MUST take center stage! Spoilt whore! The P3 problems came out of nowhere. Weren't they really successful only three episodes ago with the speed dating thing? And if they were so unsuccessful, how could they get Liz Phair to perform? Also, how bad has Liz Phair gotten?

    The best thing (well, only good thing) about this episode was Piper and Leo. Holly and Brian sparkle with chemistry and their scenes together were hilarious. It's just so sad to know that the only redeeming feature about Charmed will be over in two weeks.

    This episode was the worst season eight hour so far, with terrible acting, awful writing and scenes which just go to prove that Charmed has now become a departed corpse with a Brad Kern-shaped monster selfishly trying to keep it alive.

    Rating: F
  • Horrible

    This show needs to die. This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.This show needs to die.
  • Why do I continue to do this to myself?

    Each week I cringe at the thought of seeing Billie again, yet each week I keep watching the show... I don't understand it, truly I don't.

    This week, we had the hooker outfit - oh, sorry, I meant "superhero" outfit on the blonde bimbette who can't act her way out of a paper bag. Along with this outfit, we had the whole "I hate men" routine going on. Why? I *like* men - watching this episode actually made me uncomfortable with the show. Yes, men have their faults, but so do women, so there is no reason to be doing this on this show.

    I honestly don't know how much longer I can continue to watch this show, which is too bad, as I used to really enjoy it.
  • The worst episode ever! I really wonder whether I want to continue watching what was once my favorite show.

    It's sad, really. They just can't figure out how to fill the 22 episodes they have in store for this season. When I think back to season 4, with Cole and the Seer, or season 6 with Chris and Gideon, I just can't help myself but wonder is this the same show? I mean, the actors are the same, but everything else.... just awful! Disgraceful!
    The best thing they could have done was to pull the plugs after season 7. The sisters were presumed dead and they could live "happily ever after".

    This? Paige was barely shown in this episode, and it was in fact her storyline that I give this episode a 2, otherwise it would have been 0.1.

    The Billie storyline-boring, un-imaginative.. the scene in the classroom-just awful!
    I mean, the acting, the REacting, the OVERacting...
    just give up the ghost already!
  • The better way of make Charmed fans go out! How do they dare to do this kind of things? P3 is dead, unfortunaly, Billie is not! As a men and as a student this episode it's a insult!

    This episode make me regret for one hour to be fan of Charmed! How the hell do they dare to do this to the show!? Let's remind a thing for all those persons that still think that season 8 is good: Charmed is about the power of three, three sisters fighting together for the greatest good! And now they've forgot that! I mean know we don't see that anymore...

    Paige is a whitelighter... Great! But she's still a Charmed One and we wanna see her working with her sisters! I think it's a direct onfese to the audience. They're breaking all we loved about Charmed! Anyway, If you do Paige go on her own please give her good stories!!! That story was so boring, nothing to see... At Least, Henry is now on the show. Some people say that it's a "boring" character! Why? It's a great "boy-friend" character, it's sensible and serious! At last one boy with personality, all we see lately is the "cute-stupid-simple" guys! And that makes the show lose its serious part! (I've to say that Paige and Henry makes us see love, not plain sex)

    But that's not the worst part of the episode!... I think we all know what it's! Suddenly, they forgot that boys see Charmed too! Anyway, I think that after this episode they doesn't do it anymore! I'm a boy and I think that they went too far with the "woman power". I defend rigths for bot women a men, but the episode it's not about men=women but women better than men! That makes Charmed look as a silly show with not "bigger emotional state"! (At the beggining Charmed was about morality and now...) And... After this, Someone will be able to say that love Billie Character??? She's so... I would say stupid, She acts like a little girl! not like a woman! The scene in the "strange room" gets everyone nerves: Phoebe:"Don't touch..." Billie:"I'll keep touching things because I'm not a frealy-adult-person!!!" And again the anoying chatting of Billie "Men are..." Shut up! Men are listening to you! What about the all scene in the high-school...Mmmm?? I've just finished high-school and I can swear anyone that that wouldn't be let!! THe mobile phone thing, and the boy "outside better than inside" thing it's so ridicule!! That's why old people think that young people are stupid! For God sakes!! We are a lot more serious than that!

    The demon-storyline is boring as well! The scene in the alley were the demons attack a women to Billie rescue her is horrible!! That scene could have been better! The demon fight is no longer a important thing in the show. The final vanquish has the stupid "oh oh" from the demon, please, there are demons in a adult show not in a children one!

    And the camera job was awful as well! Specially in Paige scenes! Rose's job was broke by the bad filming (For example when Henry came in his car)

    The only thing I would save of the episode is the Piper-Leo scenes! They're great together. I liked Alyssa performance too in this one! And Holly Marie made us thing her experience over the years, she's great!

    I think that this episode don't deserve to be aprove!

    PD: They din't take serious the set again! The furniture near to the door wasn't there! And Henry's police station is the same of always (They could have change things a little!)
  • Where was Paige, because my eyesight is down?

    Since Billie came along, she is the main focus of the series. I believe she cannot act to save ones life, her expressions are poor aswell as her performance. This episode is poor, season 8 is the worst season and it should be the best due to the fact that it is the last.

    This episode revolved around Billie, which I didn'like atall, seeing as Charmed is supposed to be about sister witches. Paige hardly appeared in this episode atall and Piper and Leo were playing the arguing couple again (which is getting annoying now) As soon as Billie became the super hero god thing it got much worse.

    Don't watch this episode as you will be disapointed!
  • Billie kicks men's ass... and it ain't pretty.

    Why do they still making these kind of episodes when we know that they can do better than this? It's the show's last year for crying out loud! This episode proved me again that I am sometimes only watching this show because I love the Charmed Ones not what happens to them. This was Billie-centric episode and a bad one. Hopefully they could get rid of these costume-plays and bring back the drama.
  • Like I said, silly!

    Billie just seems to be there for the male viewers and developed no new character traits in this episode. She's been in it for a while and there has been no focus on her powers yet all of a sudden she is a superhero. Yes it's been done before and yes it was bad then too but it could have been a bit more interesting if she wasn't just pulling off doors. Henry doesn't bother me which isn't good and Piper and Phoebe just seemed like a couple of yaps. Poor episode.
  • Another costume and another spell gone wrong. This time it's Billie's turn to become a superhero. Oh, how fun.

    First off the whole Billie turns into a Super Hero deal wasn't really necessary. I've always liked the sub-plots better than the main ones. It was ok, even if it seemed a bit filler.

    Now I would like to tal about Bille. I kinda liked her for the first four episodes, but she really has started to get on my nerves, and it was in this episode it finally struck me what a pain in the ass she is. She's an irresponsible brat with no scense of what is inappropriate, Kaley Couco is a BAD actress and god how I hate they way they do her make-up. I was totally grossed out by her lip gloss in The Lost Picture Show. On top of that, I don't think she fills any purpose in the story whatsoever. The sisters don't need her anymore, they're back in full Charmed Mode, and so much stronger than her. I really hope the writers give her something more to act upon. Besides her fondness for demon hunting and the fact that her sister was kidnapped by an unknown demon, we don't know anything about her. But I'm keeping my hopes up. Maybe she'll develope into a good person. It could happen. And it totally drives me nuts that she probably is the reason why Brian has to leave. I think that every Charmed fan would choose Leo over Billie in a second.

    It's nice to see that Piper and Leo has got some of their spark back, especially after last week's fights and unagreement from their sides. Theirs often the best parts in the show nowadays, and I never seem to get surprise how well the act together. I really hope they wont break up again, now that Leo's departure is so close.

    Paige's sub-plot was probabaly the best one in the episode. She hasn't given up on her life as a whitelighter and some of her dedication and stubborness, which is her most charactersitic qualities, are back. All three of the sisters ahve been a bit off the track since the whole glamoured-identities thing, and I think paige has finally found her path again.

    The ending at P3 was ok too. Paige isn't the only one that's up and about again. We haven't seen the club in a long while and it's good that there still are places to count on. The episode also contained some Sister/Bille bonding and they seem to get closer, which is essential when it comes to demon-fighting, and saving the world.

    All in all it was a good episode even in it's filler-ness. The standard of this season is really very high, and I hope it won't quit now.
  • I hate Billie.

    Agent Murphy seeks help from the Charmed Ones for supernatural cases. Phoebe tries to get premonition from the evidence. Doesn't Phoebe being afraid after he power is stripped in the season 6 episode "Crime and Witch Demeanors" for forcing premonition? Later on, Billie wears a belt which turns her into a super-woman. Oh great, Billie becomes evil! Another Billie episode. Paige is busy saving her charge from her future husband--Henry Mitchell. Is that thief really her charge?

    You call this series Charmed? No I don't think so. I called this series "Billie, the troublesome woman". Please stop, the audience wants the original Charmed to return. Not Billie.
  • This week was not interesting at all.

    I have to say out of all the episodes I've reviewed, I have rated this one the lowest, even though I gave it a six. I really feel over the past couple of weeks Charmed has began to loose its magic (no pun intended). Agent Murphy gives the sisters a Homeland Security case, which is kind of funny because Agent Murphy himself does not appear. Piper and Phoebe go to search through stacks of boxes, but Piper has to leave to get help from Leo's friend to book a band at P3. Billie comes along to help Phoebe and ends up putting on a belt and transforming into a feminist with superpowers. They find a way to get the belt off her before she died, which was a bit unfortunate. Paige finds herself with a new charge, and ends up meeting a new cop/parole officer Henry. Overall I was very disappointed with this week, there’s really not much more to write from here onwards.
  • Billie puts on a belt that's taking over her personality and Paige is working on her new charge Worst episode of the season so far, even Malice In Wonderland was better

    Worst episode of the season so far, even Malice In Wonderland was better. And i DEFINETELY did NOT like that episode, so if i say that MIW was better, this episode was awful.

    The episode was actually only about Billie and the powerful belt.

    What happened to the good writing of Charmed? Please make more good episodes like Run, Piper Run or Still Charmed & Kicking. Because this one sucked BIGTIME

    Leo FINALLY has a good part in this episode, that's the only good part of it along with the girls being back in P3

    Don't have anything else to say about it, except that it was painful for me to even keep watchin the episode(And i'm a really, really, really BIG Charmed fan)
  • Billie becomes a hooker and Brad Kern's writer monkeys show us they know how to thug talk a "dawg".

    In this episode, Billie puts on some belt that turns her into super-feminist and once again reminds me what went wrong with this show. The problem with this show is that it fails to follow its own mythology or just uses random mythology that doesn't fit. Introducing concepts like magic school, Hercules-related plot points (like in this one), and superheros kills the mood and atmosphere you would set for a show about three witches in San Francisco. Many people didn't like it when they were turned into superheros the first time, why would it be better this time?

    At least last time (Witches in Tights, Season 5) there was a somewhat interesting plot with the thought projecting teenager. Here it's just Billie randomly picking up a belt and turning into something just because, in the paraphrased words of Phoebe, "it was bound to eventually happen."

    Not that I can act myself, but it must be said that Kaley/Billie is just horrible [attempting to] do so. I wanted to throw my laptop out the window when she uttered the line "there is no wrath like a woman scorned!!!" and blowing up the attic. Not only is it a cliché line, but the way she uttered it just killed me. Thankfully Holly saved the scene (or the show) by hoping the [insert choice word about Billie here] comes back and cleans up the mess.

    Then there was this other unrelated subplot about Paige helping out an inner city kid/charge, which of course was not only black and poor, but also used words like "dawg". It didn't matter what race they made the kid, it just seemed very low of the story writers to take a group of people and use stereotypical dialogue and one dimensional characters for them. Black people say dawg all the time, yup. Not. That reminds me, why is Darryl almost always last in the other seasons' opening credits?

    You can have the racism argument in your sociology class about that one (speaking of class, Billie was totally disrespectful to her professor, how is she going to explain showing up in a hooker costume the next day? Oh right, Charmed demands we turn off our brains for a while).

    However, I have to still highlight some good points:

    -Sisterly chemistry: Piper and Phoebe haven't shared a lot of sisterly chemistry since Prue died, but there is a cute scene in the case warehouse where the sisterly banter kind of hints of times lost. In a way, the presence of Billie makes Phoebe less annoying.

    -Character development, new likable character: Although the subplot was irrelevant, it's nice to see Paige going back to her "social worker instincts" and standing up for the kid who was in trouble. She also has more or less good chemistry with Henry (Ivan Sergei), who has the teasy snark of Andy. I like Henry! Yay for good characters.

    -Leo: Leo has not been a favorite character of mine, but somehow he seems to have loosened up a little more and let go of the whole preachy whitelighter gig. He shares a couple of good scenes with Piper and the girls, especially toward the end which make me like him a little more:

    Piper: Nice to see ya
    Leo: Nice to be seen ;-)

    Cheesy lines at face value, but their inflection and mannerisms just make it really nice in my opinion.

    This isn't the most charitable thing to say, but I'm so glad this show's over and Kaley's out of a job (at least this job)!
  • The Charmed Ones get their first top secret job with Homeland Security. Meanwhile, Billie gains some comic book-inspired superpowers, Paige falls in love with a Parole Officer and Leo needs to find a band to perform at the P3.

    I disliked the casting changes in season three and felt that the writing and production values seemed to suffer. However, season six and seven really had some great episodes and so many fans held out hope for an even better season eight. Sadly, this was not the case. Kaley Cuoco is a great actress, but the character of Billie, was poorly written and always felt out of place. Clearly, the show's budget was drastically cut, which can be deadly to a supernatural-themed television series such as this, but that does not excuse the amazingly poor and one-dimensional writing. The basic idea of having the Charmed Ones, who have longed for a normal life, working for the Federal Government screams, "X-Files" rip-off and the writers efforts to appeal to comic book readers seem to have been developed by people who probably never read too many comics. With a bigger budget and some better writing, these sorts of ideas could have done well. As it stands, the quality acting manages to keeps things afloat, but just barely.
  • Why? Why did they have to put her in that get up?!

    This episode had a great plot, but was poorly exucuted. The belt plot sounded awsome, a war between the sexes . . . it was just the whole costume and belt that went along with it was fowl. They could have come up with a more periodical costume belt for the time it was "fordged", and had it so it wouldn't have to bind Billie in thatnasty blue pleather costume! (It just stunk in that way.)

    I did like the sub-plot of Paige and the Cop, beginings of something great I hope. Though I wonder what ever happend to Kyle Brody? Anyways maybe Paige can keep a strong hold on this one because he lasts for 9 episodes, and we're almost half way through the 22 episode season.

    And last but not least, what happend to Dex? I mean he got dropped just as fast as Jason did. What the hell?! I hope he comes back, because Pheobe needs some lovin in her life and they had something goin on!
  • It was ok.....juss kinda bleh....

    ok firstly at the end of this episode when they showed billie like laughing or giggling while liz phair was playing i juss wanted to slap her.....any way this episode was ok in a way...but i juss want to know how is it that the demon of the week always find themselves in magic school do they like take turns or some crap so??.....any way piper and phoebe were good in this episode they should really keep the 2 of them together cuz they'r the best actors in the show and paige should just stay away in her own storylines with her whitelighter stuff....again it was just ok but kinda bleh for my taste with the battle of the sexes crap...
  • Possibily the worst episode this season

    It's Billie's turn to be turned into some evil creature. Using the magic of a mythical Billie tries to rid the world of men. A vey low plot with many holes.

    Paige tries to save a future do gooder from going to prison, she might as well have not been there as he did it witout her. Piper and Leo have another domestic about the club P3. In the end Leo finds a great band by going to play golf?

    This episode leaves many questions, however the viewer doesn't want to answer them because it was such a boring episode.

    Pity it took valuable viweing time out of the last series.
  • One of the worst episodes this season

    Along with Malice in Wonderland, Battle of the Hexes was one of the worst episodes this season.

    Billie turns into a super hero, and her outfit is rediculous, and may I add, so was she. The only funny thing she did was make Leo Invisible & I only laughed because Piper made a hilarious comment.

    And at least Piper & Leo finally stopped fighting in this episode.

    Paige & Henry look like they're going to make a good couple , probably the only interesting parts of the whole episode was when they were together.

    All I can say is that I hope Vaya Con Leos will be better than this episode.

  • What can I say? This is about as developed as Billie's character is going to get.

    This episode brings Billie just a little closer to the Charmed heritage, as this is the first time she wears a revealing, mood-affecting, brightly colored outfit. I honestly can't say I find her unattractive, but I go for leggy types mostly, and her midsection is a good deal longer than average.

    Aside from this episode's attire, or lack thereof, it doesn't really bring back the old Charmed feeling, though the scantily clad blonde does remind me of better times and episodes, where the sisters likewise lose their everyday wardrobe.

    Once again, the Charmed sisters are caught up in the insanely innane world of law enforcement, as their new cop buddy gets them to rummage through evidence from cases long past. As it turns out, the only thing they managed to do was get Billie... well, as close as we'll ever see of her naked (as long as she's not on the show next season).

    The bit about Yin-Yang and the whole inequality between women and men was a mite cheesy, even for a show where everything just "happens for a reason." It was amusing to see all the girls in Billie's history class beating the crap out of all the guys, though.

    Overall, this episode was more entertaining than many of this season's previous episodes, and that's not saying a lot about how this season is going so far.

    Belt up, Billie

    What a load of rubbish. Billie puts on a magical belt and becomes even more annoying, Paige spends all her time in a tedious charge-related subplot and everyone starts banging on about gender differences.

    Billie's story is ridiculous. So we're expected to believe a shiny belt and a hooker's outfit means she now has the power to wipe every man off the planet? The action is a complete rip off of "Witches in Tights" and Kaley's acting is dreadful.

    The whole battle of the sexes theme is very forced and seems to come from nowhere. Ok, so the fight in the lecture theatre was quite amusing but I cringed when Piper and Phoebe started spouting off about men. Totally out of character. And were the demons even needed? The story would have worked perfectly well without them. Save on the guest actors and spend the money on keeping Brian!

    Once again, Paige gets embroiled in a subplot which goes absolutely nowhere. This week, she has to look after a black youth who keeps getting arrested and let off again. We never find out what happens to him in the end and, frankly, I couldn't care less. The only redeeming feature of this story, and the only thing keeping this episode's score above 7.5, is the appearance of Henry. He's a very likeable character and adds a real spark to the episode. Look forward to seeing more of him.

    This instalment won't do anything to appease the Billie haters and it does seem she is getting more and more airtime as the weeks go by. Ah well, only another four discs to go.

    Score: 7.9
  • Either the writers are having a bad time or they are trying to drive me away.

    I have been a Charmed fan from the beginning. The start of the season was slow then it picked up and now they are in the slump again. I am hoping that the addition of Henry will help because Billie is doing nothing but taking up oxygen, get rid of her.

    They were back to demons kinda, and I know that with the new season so new stuff was expected but geeze at least come up with something new. This is two weeks in a row of repeat sub stories.

    Someone get the writers a new idea, they are fading fast…
  • Good.

    this episode of charmed focuses on their friend billie who gets turned into a super hero by putting on this weird belt. this episode was above average and it wasnt as bad as everyone is making it out to be. it had an interesting enough storyline but it was a little dull but it was still a good enough episode. this episode is called battle of the hexes and the episode is about the battle of the sexes. evryone thinks this was on of the weaker episodes of charmed but i quite enjoyed it. it wasnt a classic but it was still okay.
  • A hot superwoman bent on destroying men? Well, I guess every rose has its thorn.

    And Leo saves the sisters once again. And the sisters save Billie, much to their later regret.

    I don't hitch with all the criticism of this episode. I understand the combination of the wiccan, mythological, and comic book worlds are generally not warmly greeted, but I think this is an entertaining and often hilarious episode just as long as you don't take it too seriously.

    First of all, great outfit. I dug it. Some critics seem a little uptight to me. I have news for you. If hookers looked that good, it would be a much more popular and rich profession. Yeah, Kaley's acting wasn't the greatest, but she looked good at least.

    The short part when Leo was invisible was hilarious. I wish it would have lasted longer.

    The scenes with Leo and Piper together are all good scenes. It is great to see them getting along together again, as it should be.

    The scenes with Billie supposedly in class are laughable, but they serve a point. As a guy, I didn't have a problem with all the anti-male banter. It was comical, frankly. The whole demon plot was secondary to the action, and that was fine.

    Plus, Henry was introduced in this episode. Good character and good actor. Paige should have stayed single, but I can get over it.
  • Billie, the apprentice witch to the Charmed Ones, is initiated into the Charmed witch-life by being influenced/changed by an object that has a bad side affect.

    Billie puts on a magical belt and is turned into a super-powerful witch that has influence on women to punish men. The sisters have to get Billie out of trouble again (how annoying can that be). Pheobe is now looking for love and not only for the father of her future child. Piper is a little less sarcastic and little less annoying. Leo is, as always, informative and fabulous whenever he is on the screen. I hate that he is no longer a whitelighter to help save them. Paige has a new man in her life. He is a cop and he is awfully conflicting towards Paige.

    Billie ends up turning into a different character which is something that every Charmed One eventually encounters. That is normally the best part of the show. The writers are normally real good with using unique topics and subjects. This episode involves Greek mythology (which I love) and the Chinese terms “ying” and “yang.” It is all about the battle of the sexes-in which case, the women rule. This episode focuses on Kira, a demon, (from a previous episode from season 3-The Demon Who Came in from the Cold-which she played a demon called Klea) who thinks that if she gets rid of the male demons, she could rule. The belt happens to be the power she needs to get from under the shadow of a male demon.

    The sisters have to rescue Billie before she dies from the belt that she should have never tried on. The best part of the episode is when they use their magic. And that is why this show is GREAT!!!
  • And now a magical belt has turned Billie into a super-heroine...about time she had her first posession/turned into something/turned evil, too...

    It's girl-power Charmed! Sadly, not really. I, a big feminist, hoped that the Charmed Ones would at least be tempted at the thought of a feminist world, but unfortunately not. Billie's super-heroine costume showed off her excellent figure, but the three little braids were a little ridiculous. Piper and Leo do kiss a little more in this episode, but not really enough to satisfy the fans...hmmm, let's see what else...the whole thing with Paige and the cop-betting was kind of stupid. I liked Paige's new charge and hope he becomes a recurring character. Leo-the-golf-player was quite funny, because in real life Brian Krause is very into golf - he probably requested that they throw that plotline in somewhere.Since when is P3 doing badly? That really just came out of nowhere! And even assuming that P3 IS doing badly, then how can they get Liz Phair to come? All in all, I would have liked more feminism and girl action, more (and better) Piper-and-Leo plots, with more kissing in them, and less silly hairstyles. It was nice seeing Billie act a little more the way she did at the beginning of the season, however. Oh, and did anyone else feel that the general 'we'll-never-understand-men-but-we're-more-similar-than-we-think-and-we-need-eachother' plot was very similar in feeling to the episode She's a Man, Baby a Man! ?
  • And now a magical belt has turned Billie into a super-heroine...about time she had her first posession/turned into something/turned evil, too...

    It's girl-power Charmed! Sadly, not really. I, a big feminist, hoped that the Charmed Ones would at least be tempted at the thought of a feminist world, but unfortunately not. Billie's super-heroine costume showed off her excellent figure, but the three little braids were a little ridiculous. Piper and Leo do kiss a little more in this episode, but not really enough to satisfy the fans...hmmm, let's see what else...the whole thing with Paige and the cop-betting was kind of stupid. I liked Paige's new charge and hope he becomes a recurring character. Leo-the-golf-player was quite funny, because in real life Brian Krause is very into golf - he probably requested that they throw that plotline in somewhere.Since when is P3 doing badly? That really just came out of nowhere! And even assuming that P3 IS doing badly, then how can they get Liz Phair to come? All in all, I would have liked more feminism and girl action, more (and better) Piper-and-Leo plots, with more kissing in them, and less silly hairstyles. It was nice seeing Billie act a little more the way she did at the beginning of the season, however. Oh, and did anyone else feel that the general 'we'll-never-understand-men-but-we're-more-similar-than-we-think-and-we-need-eachother' plot was very similar in feeling to the episode She's a Man, Baby a Man! ?
  • Battle of the Hexes

    Battle of the Hexes was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was fun, exciting and very entertaining. The belt which Billie found was very cool and had a very interesting history. I also enjoyed watching Paige meet her latest charges' parole officer and for Phoebe to help along the way. It was very interesting to learn more about Billie's past and what happened to her sister. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Bilie gets super powers and there awesome !!

    The Charmed Ones are given their first Homeland Security case by Agent Murphy going through cold case files. Phoebe and Billie discover a belt in one file that gives Billie superpowers. Her new power begins turning the sexes on one another, so a power-hungry female demon decides to use Billie to achieve female domination. Meanwhile, Piper and Leo search for a band to play at the club and sparks fly between Paige and her new charge's parole officer, Henry Magic School will be taken over by a demon named Zira, who in turn wants to destroy the reigning demon, Tai. Paige gets a new charge named Speed, who is already in trouble with the law
  • Loved it!

    This episode was good, it had the right amount of time with the three sister's storylines, but it was also able to start a focus on Billie. I mean Billie has been a main character since the 8th season premiered, but I think this episode really highlighted the Billie character. This storyline was somewhat similar to to the storyline when the sister's got turned into super heros, but I think that this was a fresh new look. I have heard and read a lot of negative reviews of Charmed, but I have seen every single episode and I still like it. So there! haha. Seriously I still think that this is a really good show, and I hope that they are doing okay in the WB standards.
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