Season 8 Episode 8

Battle of the Hexes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2005 on The WB

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  • What can I say? This is about as developed as Billie's character is going to get.

    This episode brings Billie just a little closer to the Charmed heritage, as this is the first time she wears a revealing, mood-affecting, brightly colored outfit. I honestly can't say I find her unattractive, but I go for leggy types mostly, and her midsection is a good deal longer than average.

    Aside from this episode's attire, or lack thereof, it doesn't really bring back the old Charmed feeling, though the scantily clad blonde does remind me of better times and episodes, where the sisters likewise lose their everyday wardrobe.

    Once again, the Charmed sisters are caught up in the insanely innane world of law enforcement, as their new cop buddy gets them to rummage through evidence from cases long past. As it turns out, the only thing they managed to do was get Billie... well, as close as we'll ever see of her naked (as long as she's not on the show next season).

    The bit about Yin-Yang and the whole inequality between women and men was a mite cheesy, even for a show where everything just "happens for a reason." It was amusing to see all the girls in Billie's history class beating the crap out of all the guys, though.

    Overall, this episode was more entertaining than many of this season's previous episodes, and that's not saying a lot about how this season is going so far.