Season 8 Episode 8

Battle of the Hexes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2005 on The WB

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  • The better way of make Charmed fans go out! How do they dare to do this kind of things? P3 is dead, unfortunaly, Billie is not! As a men and as a student this episode it's a insult!

    This episode make me regret for one hour to be fan of Charmed! How the hell do they dare to do this to the show!? Let's remind a thing for all those persons that still think that season 8 is good: Charmed is about the power of three, three sisters fighting together for the greatest good! And now they've forgot that! I mean know we don't see that anymore...

    Paige is a whitelighter... Great! But she's still a Charmed One and we wanna see her working with her sisters! I think it's a direct onfese to the audience. They're breaking all we loved about Charmed! Anyway, If you do Paige go on her own please give her good stories!!! That story was so boring, nothing to see... At Least, Henry is now on the show. Some people say that it's a "boring" character! Why? It's a great "boy-friend" character, it's sensible and serious! At last one boy with personality, all we see lately is the "cute-stupid-simple" guys! And that makes the show lose its serious part! (I've to say that Paige and Henry makes us see love, not plain sex)

    But that's not the worst part of the episode!... I think we all know what it's! Suddenly, they forgot that boys see Charmed too! Anyway, I think that after this episode they doesn't do it anymore! I'm a boy and I think that they went too far with the "woman power". I defend rigths for bot women a men, but the episode it's not about men=women but women better than men! That makes Charmed look as a silly show with not "bigger emotional state"! (At the beggining Charmed was about morality and now...) And... After this, Someone will be able to say that love Billie Character??? She's so... I would say stupid, She acts like a little girl! not like a woman! The scene in the "strange room" gets everyone nerves: Phoebe:"Don't touch..." Billie:"I'll keep touching things because I'm not a frealy-adult-person!!!" And again the anoying chatting of Billie "Men are..." Shut up! Men are listening to you! What about the all scene in the high-school...Mmmm?? I've just finished high-school and I can swear anyone that that wouldn't be let!! THe mobile phone thing, and the boy "outside better than inside" thing it's so ridicule!! That's why old people think that young people are stupid! For God sakes!! We are a lot more serious than that!

    The demon-storyline is boring as well! The scene in the alley were the demons attack a women to Billie rescue her is horrible!! That scene could have been better! The demon fight is no longer a important thing in the show. The final vanquish has the stupid "oh oh" from the demon, please, there are demons in a adult show not in a children one!

    And the camera job was awful as well! Specially in Paige scenes! Rose's job was broke by the bad filming (For example when Henry came in his car)

    The only thing I would save of the episode is the Piper-Leo scenes! They're great together. I liked Alyssa performance too in this one! And Holly Marie made us thing her experience over the years, she's great!

    I think that this episode don't deserve to be aprove!

    PD: They din't take serious the set again! The furniture near to the door wasn't there! And Henry's police station is the same of always (They could have change things a little!)