Season 8 Episode 8

Battle of the Hexes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2005 on The WB

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  • Billie becomes a hooker and Brad Kern's writer monkeys show us they know how to thug talk a "dawg".

    In this episode, Billie puts on some belt that turns her into super-feminist and once again reminds me what went wrong with this show. The problem with this show is that it fails to follow its own mythology or just uses random mythology that doesn't fit. Introducing concepts like magic school, Hercules-related plot points (like in this one), and superheros kills the mood and atmosphere you would set for a show about three witches in San Francisco. Many people didn't like it when they were turned into superheros the first time, why would it be better this time?

    At least last time (Witches in Tights, Season 5) there was a somewhat interesting plot with the thought projecting teenager. Here it's just Billie randomly picking up a belt and turning into something just because, in the paraphrased words of Phoebe, "it was bound to eventually happen."

    Not that I can act myself, but it must be said that Kaley/Billie is just horrible [attempting to] do so. I wanted to throw my laptop out the window when she uttered the line "there is no wrath like a woman scorned!!!" and blowing up the attic. Not only is it a cliché line, but the way she uttered it just killed me. Thankfully Holly saved the scene (or the show) by hoping the [insert choice word about Billie here] comes back and cleans up the mess.

    Then there was this other unrelated subplot about Paige helping out an inner city kid/charge, which of course was not only black and poor, but also used words like "dawg". It didn't matter what race they made the kid, it just seemed very low of the story writers to take a group of people and use stereotypical dialogue and one dimensional characters for them. Black people say dawg all the time, yup. Not. That reminds me, why is Darryl almost always last in the other seasons' opening credits?

    You can have the racism argument in your sociology class about that one (speaking of class, Billie was totally disrespectful to her professor, how is she going to explain showing up in a hooker costume the next day? Oh right, Charmed demands we turn off our brains for a while).

    However, I have to still highlight some good points:

    -Sisterly chemistry: Piper and Phoebe haven't shared a lot of sisterly chemistry since Prue died, but there is a cute scene in the case warehouse where the sisterly banter kind of hints of times lost. In a way, the presence of Billie makes Phoebe less annoying.

    -Character development, new likable character: Although the subplot was irrelevant, it's nice to see Paige going back to her "social worker instincts" and standing up for the kid who was in trouble. She also has more or less good chemistry with Henry (Ivan Sergei), who has the teasy snark of Andy. I like Henry! Yay for good characters.

    -Leo: Leo has not been a favorite character of mine, but somehow he seems to have loosened up a little more and let go of the whole preachy whitelighter gig. He shares a couple of good scenes with Piper and the girls, especially toward the end which make me like him a little more:

    Piper: Nice to see ya
    Leo: Nice to be seen ;-)

    Cheesy lines at face value, but their inflection and mannerisms just make it really nice in my opinion.

    This isn't the most charitable thing to say, but I'm so glad this show's over and Kaley's out of a job (at least this job)!