Season 2 Episode 22

Be Careful What You Witch For

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

A genie and a dragon warlock team up to get the Charmed Ones. The three sisters, encountering the genie, are warned by Leo that genies are tricksters, so they refuse to use their wishes. However, the genie grants them three wishes anyway, sneakily getting them to admit what they want or listening in on conversations. Prue wishes love could be like the first time, so she becomes 17 again, Piper wishes Dan could move on with his life, so he starts to age rapidly, and Phoebe wishes for an active power, so the genie steals the dragon warlock's power of flight and gives it to her. The genie, having granted the three wishes, is now free and it turns out that he wasn't actually interested in killing the witches, he just teamed up with the bad guy so that he could get his freedom. The warlock is pissed that the genie didn't really do anything and stole his power to boot. He decides to go after Prue since she's a rebellious 17-year-old and has no power. Phoebe and Piper try to rescue their eldest younger sister, but the warlock stabs her and she dies. The genie sees this and feels bad, so he volunteers to go back into his bottle and give up his freedom, which would make their three wishes reverse and hopefully bring Prue back to life. He does so, and Dan goes back to his normal age, Phoebe loses the power of flight, and Prue goes back to her normal age but is still dead. Piper and Phoebe decide to let the genie back out of the bottle, get a new three wishes, and wish Prue alive, but the dragon warlock comes after them. They duke it out with the dragon warlock, get the genie back out of the bottle, bring Prue back to the life, and then use the power of three to vanquish the dragon demon. For their last two wishes they wish that Dan would forget all the awful crazy things he saw in the last few days and really be able to move on with his life, and they wish the genie free. Piper wants to get to know the rest of Leo's life, so when he is called away by "them" she goes with him.