Season 2 Episode 22

Be Careful What You Witch For

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2000 on The WB

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  • A great mistake?

    I love Charmed and I am watching it again however got very confused at this episode.

    When Prue, the teenage one, left the house, it was dark, when she met the demon it was dark, when she started running from it - it was dark. So it was still dark when Prue called Piper and Phoebe to come and save her.

    WHen Piper and Phoebe leave the house, they say that they gotta go and its gonna be late soon. When they arrive in the park it is light outside. what the hell happened? Prue hadnt driven far away to spend the whole night driving, so it cant take too long for Piper and Phoebe to get there, and that light didnt even look like morning. So what the hell happened? I tried to look this up as a mistake somewhere, but noone seems to have noticed!
  • A Genie, employed by a Dragon Warlock to steal the Halliwells' powers, offers to grant each sister one wish for whatever they most desire.


    What would your wishes be if you could have three wishes? I have always thought what would I wish for, what would I want. But I will keep my wishes to myself uptil my genie comes along.

    This Eppisode was Ms.Doherty directorial debut. And a fine job she did.

    I have to say I love French Stewart in the eppisode and ever show I have ever seen him. He has the acting ability to make me believe that he is what ever character he is playing. I can say I almost starting crying when he told Piper and Pheobe he did'nt mean for this to happen when Prue got killed.

    This is the first time for Prue to die, right? Pheobe in Mortality Bits, Piper, almost in Awakening, and now Prue, This is going to be a recurring thing I can see that.

    Poor Dan, I was at first sorry for him, but when he said that he was sorry that he ever found out about the sister and what they do and wishes he had never know, I was like, good, go away then. Did we ever find out why or what happen to Jennie? Did she move back in with her parents?

    I can see that Pheobe is not ready for an active power. I think she can see that also.

    Wonder what will Leo show Piper when he "takes her to his leader" .

    Over all this was a good eppisode, with Prue as usual shutting the manor door at the end.

  • Be Careful What You Witch For

    Be Careful What You Witch For was a perfect episode and season two finale of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, intriguing and full of character and plot development. It was great to see a new type of Warlock, the Dragon Warlock who has the power to fly and breathe fire. I also thought it was interesting to see a genie and how he operated within this series. I was pleased by all aspects of the episode. The characters were well played, the sets, costumes and music all fit perfectly. Piper decided to present herself to those who Leo answers to and I'm left curious to see that scene and to learn what happens next! This has been a fantastic season and I look forward to watching more!!!!!!!!!
  • Genie-ology

    Be Careful What You Witch For-A Genie, employed by a Dragon Warlock to steal the Halliwells' powers, offers to grant each sister one wish for whatever they most desire.

    Definately not the strongest season finale as it plays more for laughs than for a big finish, "Be Careful What You Witch For" is still pretty solid episode thanks to some a hilarious performance by French Stuart and some very entertaining scenes. I loved how each wish effected the sisters, the first being Prue becoming 17 again. Shannen really looks like she's having fun with her role. Then there's Phoebe getting the ability to fly which was just hilarious watching her flying around the manor with Piper and Leo literally being oblivious to her there and Phoebe crashing into the attic, delievering a hilarious line:

    Phoebe: "Flying's awesome, but it's the landing that's a real b!%@#."

    But at the same time, Piper's wish causes Dan to become extremely old. Funny how the most interesting storyline Dan gets is when he is slowly dieing of old age. Of course, Piper tells Dan the truth and Dan can't handle it, ehw! Who needs him anyway, I'm glad the writers dropped the character after this season because he and Jenny added absolutely nothing to it, and you wonder why they create in the first place. Anyway, the Dragon warlock was cool villain and I liked the fire effects of his dragon breath or whatever. Prue's brief death provides some nice weepy scenes but it's so obvious that she would come back as soon as the Genie returned. So Leo and Piper go up to see them together, leaving Prue and Piper by themselves for a while. Hope they don't kill each other! All and All, not a great finale by any means, but an entertaining episode to say the least.
  • Here's wishing Season 2 had a better ending...

    I had a lot of issues with this finale the first time around, but it did improve with a second viewing, enough that I raised its score a full point.

    It still isn't one of the better finales, but it is a fairly entertaining hour. French Stewart is excellent as the genie. Yes, his character is pretty irritating the first half of the show, and he obeys virtually none of the rules normally associated with genies. I'm not sure why he wants freedom so bad when he seems to have plenty of freedom already. Once the sisters accidently let him out of the bottle, he pretty much goes where he wants and does what he wants until all 3 sisters have been tricked into making faux wishes. He then gets turned into a powerless genie?? What is the sense of that? We get a far more traditional take on genies in the better "I Dream of Phoebe" in Season 6. The Dragon is also well-acted by Marcus Graham, though he doesn't seem near as dangerous as advertised. His vanquish is also kind of a cop out, though it was cool to see the Power of 3 chant used again. If I am not mistaken, we don't hear it again until its Piper, Phoebe and Paige in Womb Raider.

    We also have a geriatric evil council that apparently is the precursor to the Triad. Not sure why they had to get a bunch of guys on death's door. Still, it is a good lead in to Season 3. The dramatic climax of the episode is Prue's death, which is wonderfully acted by Holly and Alyssa. I'm not so hip to a genie being able to wish someone back from the dead, but I'll let that pass. The genie was a lot better character as a good guy.

    Dan gets his send off here, and it is well done. The scene at his door with Piper shows how foolish that relationship was in the first place. Too bad the entire scenario is done again later with Phoebe and Jason.

    Overall, I enjoyed watching Season 2 again. Many of the lesser episodes I actually thought better of this time around. The season's best were Morality Bites, That Old Black Magic, P3 H2O, and Awakened. Obviously, things dramatically derailed after the Piper/Leo/Dan love triangle ended, and the season kind of limped to the finish. Unique to this season, there were NO long term bad guys, and no continuing love interests for Phoebe or Prue. That would all change at the start of Season 3.
  • I Dream of... French Stewart??!!

    A slightly average episode to end the season on, Be Careful What You Witch For suffers from the fact that the storyline is slightly gimmicky, with a tedious guest spot from 3rd Rock's French Stewart as a so-blatantly-gay genie.

    The episode sees a genie sent by a group of demons to the Manor, where he proceeds to grant the sisters wishes. But, each of the wishes ends up backfiring, leading to chaos, mayhem, death and bad special effects.

    The first of three episodes directed by Shannen Doherty, she doesn't exactly impress with this hour. She's decent, but the direction isn't any different to all the other episodes on the show and it's a shame that her directorial debut featured some budget-straining scenes which were undoubtedly going to end up looking cheap as hell. Those include Phoebe's flying, which looks unintentionally hilarious with the blurry green-screen and Alyssa's tacky "Superman-in-flight" pose.

    The episode also suffers from the fact that there is way too much going on. We have Piper's traumas. We have Dan's traumas. We have the sudden teenage-Prue storyline. And don't even get me started on the fire-breathing demon that pops out of nowhere. All of the stories drag the episode down, with some of them having really weird twists and turns. Prue's tagged-on death was unnecessary and only put in to put the sisters in some more peril whilst Dan's rapidly ageing scenario felt pointless too.

    Compared to season one's finale Déjà vu All Over Again, this wasn't good at all. The three main stars were all excellent throughout, in particular Shannen, but the episode was brought down by the feeling that a bunch of writers had five different stories and threw them all into 45 minutes, completely uncaring about the state of the audience's sanity after viewing.

    Director: Shannen Doherty
    Teleplay: Chris Levinson, Zack Estrin, Brad Kern
    Story: Brad Kern
    Rating: C
  • A genie in a bottle comes in handy when demons are after you.

    I adore French Stewart, and will watch just about anything he's in. A natural scene-stealer, he did just that in this show, with his manic antics and witty dialogue. He provided the comic relief in what might otherwise have been a very dark episode. The Dragon demon here was great to look at, but what evil! New director Shannon Doherty seemed to have a good feel for the cast and script, as everything flowed effortlessly. Perhaps the 17-year-old Prue was a bit contrived (thank goodness for Fast Forward), but the rest of the episode was typical "Charmed" magic. While this show didn't always have a happy ending, this episode ended happily for just about everyone. Dan had to leave, but he was just treading water, anyway. The genie became human, and let's hope he got a change of clothing! The sisters were yet again a strong team, and Leo looked pretty good, too. I found this to be a very fun episode.
  • Genie B Goode

    Not the finale I'd been hoping for.

    Much like "Ex Libris", this is a case of too many threads and not enough plot. Don't get me wrong, it was a good episode. It just didn't have that 'wow' factor.

    There's certainly plenty of action, but it's all pretty run of the mill; the writers seem to have been too interested in tying up Piper's love triangle to build in much drama. Bright side? At least Dan is gone.

    Personally, I didn't see the need for the dragon warlock. Had he been around earlier in the season it might have been different but, as it was, the story would have worked just as well without him.

    Although I groaned when I heard the word 'genie', this actually turned out to be the best bit of the episode. Guest actor, French Stewart, was the perfect choice for the genie, and he gives what could have been a painful character a real presence. Shannen also gives a great performance as seventeen year old Prue, and her death scene provides the only real drama of the week. Each of the three sisters has now "died" in a season finale.

    It was wonderful to see Phoebe getting an early taste of her flying power. I thought it looked great indoors but lousy outside. This wasn't the only effect to be wanting this week. For instance, the opening scene seems to consist of five men dressed as candles. What was all that about?

    In a season of one off episodes it was always going to be hard to produce a finale but I still feel "Apocalypse Not" had a bigger and better plot.

    Final demon count for the season stands at 27. That's eleven demons, six warlocks, one ghost, one darklighter, one succubus, one witch, two mortals and the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Bring on Season Three!
  • A pretty weak episode for a season finale and one that stretched the boundaries of my patience quite a bit.

    French Stewart guest starred as a genie whose wishes appear to be all about him and not the people he is supposed to be serving, which rather goes against 'genie lore' as we know it.

    When he is freed, he, as most genie's do, grants the girls three wishes, one each. Of course, given that he is a very tricky and calculating genie, the wishes turn out to be bad and not at all what the girls expected, most particularly as all the wishes they made were involuntary in the first place.

    The only wish that had any merit at all was when Piper asked the genie to make sure that Dan remembered nothing of all that he had learned during his interaction with the Halliwell sisters. At least the genie got THAT one right and we see the last of Dan, leaving us to wait and see what happens in Season 3.
  • season 2 finale.

    i really liked this episode. it was different than the others. a demon doesnt already go after the charmed ones in the begining. they are spoiled with three woshed. sent by demons. they try not to wish, but it doesnt work. the jeanie trick them into wishing. piper wishes dan would move on with his life. so he grows old. piper ends up telling him her secret. and he freakes out. phoebe wishes for more power, which is stolen from a fire breathing flying dragon. and prue is turned into a teen. very entertaining. in the end, the demon goes after and kills teen prue. and goes after the other two. the evil little jeanie sacrafices himself to save them. and it all works out in the end. he makes dan forget what piper told him. he makes prue alive, and he is free. and of course at the very end, in charmed tradition, prue closes the door. this episode was pretty cool. i really liked it. this was funny and clever. which equals a really good episode.
  • An odd season final.

    This episode for the most part was not all that intresting. The whole idea of the three wishes thing was very unoriginal and not particularly interesting. However that being said i did enjoy Prues death scene and i also liked how they finally finished up the Piper and Dan story. Overall season 2 focused to much on the sisters relationship and lovelife. And as a result the show went in a very weird direction. Hopefully seaosn 3 will be better but i guess that season 2 was not so bad just a little repetative and it contained far too many filler episodes.
  • Genies & Wishes

    A council of evil beings assigns a Genie to trick the Halliwell sisters with three wishes and make them vulnerable to the killer of witches, Dragon Warlock. When Phoebe accidentally rubs the magic lamp left in front of their house, the Genie grants one wish for each sister, but Leo advises that people are usually deceived and harmed by genies. However, the sisters accidentally express their innermost desires: Piper wishes that Dan moves on with his life; Prue wishes to have the passion of her first love again; and Phoebe wishes to have an active power. Consequently Dan becomes an old man; Prue becomes seventeen years old again and without magic powers; and Phoebes starts to fly. Without Prue, the Halliwell sisters become vulnerable to the attack of the Dragon Warlock.

    The last episode of the second season is certainly one of the best of this season. The story has funny moments, mainly when Genie is participating. In the end, the sisters learn a lesson about how to achieve their desires.
  • Not what I expected

    French Stewart plays a genie in the season 2 finale of charmed. I thought that this episode was not what I expected considering it was the finale episode. This episode could have probably gained higher scoring had it been shown in the middle of the season and not the end. Very dissapointed overall.
  • It was very good but it could of been better since it was the season finale of season 2.

    A fast-talking genie grants each Halliwell sister a wish in exchange with an infernal evil counsel to set him free. Prue's wish for the thrill of first love turns her into a rebellious and powerless 17-year-old, Phoebe's wish for an active power propels her to flight and Piper's wish for Dan to get over her turns him into a dying old man. The adventure soon turns into a death wish when Prue is attacked and killed by a dragon demon who is in cahoots with the genie. Even Leo's healing powers couldn't bring Prue back to life, but, the genie offers to go back in the bottle to save Prue and return all to normal. When this still doesn't bring their sister back Piper rubs the bottle releasing the genie again and wishes Prue back to life so that The Power of Three can vanquish away the dragon demon in a burst of flames. Meanwhile, Dan's heartbreak is compounded by the new knowledge that Piper is a witch. The Charmed Ones use there remaining wishes to free the genie but make him mortal and give Dan peace of mind by erasing his horrorifying experience and newfound knowledge of evil away.
  • Not the Best Season Finale

    This season finale is not so good as the other great season finale, but has some good and interessing things on it.The gennie story I didn t like so much, but I think they could have done very better than this episode, because was 3 writters in this episode, and Brad kern was the most biggest problem of it, Constance M Burge could have written this episode , but anyway this is so far the best season finale and it is so far of my favorite episode, the only interessing things of this episode was Prue became a teenager, the beginning of the triad Story, and the end was really nice.
  • series classic (casue if teh genie! lol)

    wow, it was cool that they got genie! wish number 1- phoebes wish (i dont remem ebr what it was.) wish number 2- (i think it was pipers) to make dan get over her. wish number 3- prue wanting it to be like the first time. wow, prue died... not for real though! lol. prue doesnt look good in braces! (at least i thoguht she had braces on!) lol! i loved this episode!
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