Season 2 Episode 22

Be Careful What You Witch For

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2000 on The WB

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  • Genie-ology

    Be Careful What You Witch For-A Genie, employed by a Dragon Warlock to steal the Halliwells' powers, offers to grant each sister one wish for whatever they most desire.

    Definately not the strongest season finale as it plays more for laughs than for a big finish, "Be Careful What You Witch For" is still pretty solid episode thanks to some a hilarious performance by French Stuart and some very entertaining scenes. I loved how each wish effected the sisters, the first being Prue becoming 17 again. Shannen really looks like she's having fun with her role. Then there's Phoebe getting the ability to fly which was just hilarious watching her flying around the manor with Piper and Leo literally being oblivious to her there and Phoebe crashing into the attic, delievering a hilarious line:

    Phoebe: "Flying's awesome, but it's the landing that's a real b!%@#."

    But at the same time, Piper's wish causes Dan to become extremely old. Funny how the most interesting storyline Dan gets is when he is slowly dieing of old age. Of course, Piper tells Dan the truth and Dan can't handle it, ehw! Who needs him anyway, I'm glad the writers dropped the character after this season because he and Jenny added absolutely nothing to it, and you wonder why they create in the first place. Anyway, the Dragon warlock was cool villain and I liked the fire effects of his dragon breath or whatever. Prue's brief death provides some nice weepy scenes but it's so obvious that she would come back as soon as the Genie returned. So Leo and Piper go up to see them together, leaving Prue and Piper by themselves for a while. Hope they don't kill each other! All and All, not a great finale by any means, but an entertaining episode to say the least.