Season 2 Episode 22

Be Careful What You Witch For

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2000 on The WB

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  • Here's wishing Season 2 had a better ending...

    I had a lot of issues with this finale the first time around, but it did improve with a second viewing, enough that I raised its score a full point.

    It still isn't one of the better finales, but it is a fairly entertaining hour. French Stewart is excellent as the genie. Yes, his character is pretty irritating the first half of the show, and he obeys virtually none of the rules normally associated with genies. I'm not sure why he wants freedom so bad when he seems to have plenty of freedom already. Once the sisters accidently let him out of the bottle, he pretty much goes where he wants and does what he wants until all 3 sisters have been tricked into making faux wishes. He then gets turned into a powerless genie?? What is the sense of that? We get a far more traditional take on genies in the better "I Dream of Phoebe" in Season 6. The Dragon is also well-acted by Marcus Graham, though he doesn't seem near as dangerous as advertised. His vanquish is also kind of a cop out, though it was cool to see the Power of 3 chant used again. If I am not mistaken, we don't hear it again until its Piper, Phoebe and Paige in Womb Raider.

    We also have a geriatric evil council that apparently is the precursor to the Triad. Not sure why they had to get a bunch of guys on death's door. Still, it is a good lead in to Season 3. The dramatic climax of the episode is Prue's death, which is wonderfully acted by Holly and Alyssa. I'm not so hip to a genie being able to wish someone back from the dead, but I'll let that pass. The genie was a lot better character as a good guy.

    Dan gets his send off here, and it is well done. The scene at his door with Piper shows how foolish that relationship was in the first place. Too bad the entire scenario is done again later with Phoebe and Jason.

    Overall, I enjoyed watching Season 2 again. Many of the lesser episodes I actually thought better of this time around. The season's best were Morality Bites, That Old Black Magic, P3 H2O, and Awakened. Obviously, things dramatically derailed after the Piper/Leo/Dan love triangle ended, and the season kind of limped to the finish. Unique to this season, there were NO long term bad guys, and no continuing love interests for Phoebe or Prue. That would all change at the start of Season 3.
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