Season 4 Episode 18

Bite Me

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2002 on The WB
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A vampire queen tries to dethrone Cole as ruler of the Underworld and attempts to turn Paige against her sisters. Meanwhile, Phoebe begins to feel under the weather.

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  • Bite Me

    Bite Me was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was awesome watching Cole/The Source pull in the reigns of the underworld to heel. The Vampire Queen was an interesting character and I liked how she was banished. I liked watching the demon faction leaders meeting. Paige continues being suspicious of Cole and by the end of the episode so is Piper. It was interesting to learn some news about Phoebe at the end. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Paige the Vampire

    It is so cool to see Paige turned to Vampire! It was so awesome when she slept on the ceiling in her bedroom!! Also, Paige was attacked by swarms of BATS!!! I never seen it like that before! It is over her body! Thanks to Leo, he healed Paige's woundes and painless! But it didn't stop Paige turned to be Vampire after few minutes Leo healed her. Every time One of Charmed Ones get attacked by Creatures, girls became creature, weird! It is so suprised that Phoebe did FAINT when she see lot of blood come out of Paige's arm in the hospital. It is so cute that Cole is so worried about Phoebe's safety! Great Episode, I love it!moreless
  • Paige and the bevy of wimpy vampires...

    So begins one of the more impressive runs of Charmed episodes. I always approve of an attractive female bad guy, and we have that here with the vampire queen, perhaps underused. Paige, of course, also makes an excellent vampire, and she does "evil" nearly as well as Phoebe. This episode also performs the twin duties of progressing Phoebe to pregnancy while highlighting the frustration Piper feels over her continued failure to get pregnant. These twin plots are well done for the most part and the ending is very satisfactory if not somewhat reminiscent of The Fifth Halliwell.

    It is kind of cool how Cole is gathering the Underworld under him, but his handling of the Queen is quite strange, very undiplomatic. Also, these have to be the wimpiest vampires we have about ever seen. Even in their more benign forms, vampires typically can fly and have super strength. None of that is on display here. And they are also usually pretty tough to kill. Not the case either. The almighty Source simply waves his hand, and they are all dead. Not sure why then the Queen had to be banished in the first place.moreless
  • A Buffy and Charmed cross-over, perhaps?

    A rather unpleasant underworld vampire queen wants all the power and the glory for herself, to do that, she must take control of the demon realm, which means, getting rid of Cole. To help her achieve her ends, she attempts to turn Paige aginst Piper and Phoebe (trying to break up The Power of Three is a recurring event throughout the entire series.) This vampire lady is not very good at taking 'no' for an answer though and does her level best to de-throne Cole.

    Meanwhile, onto more domestic matters, poor Phoebe is feeling unwell and doesn't have her usual energy and enthusiasm.

    A great one to watch, even if the whole 'Vampire' thing was a bit on the cheesy side.moreless
  • Where's a slayer when you need one?

    Charmed, in TV land, as well as among its core viewers, has always been considered Buffy-lite. But never has a series drawn so many comparisons as with seasons 3 and 4. Cole's arc trailed a similar path to Angel's in Buffy, and when Cole became the Source, it was practically the Angelus plotline, with a few slight alterations. Now, we have Charmed tackling vampires, which could have spelled disaster for a series already penned as a bad Buffy parody, but thankfully, the show takes a more gothic approach, akin to an Anne Rice novel.

    Of course, the hour never really exceeds. The vampires are given far too little screen time. Their opening scenes are impressive, in a PG-13 kind of way, but it's all too soon before they are treated with the same insipidity as almost every other demon on the show. Even their vanquishes are underwhelming. It's a shame, too, because the actress playing the queen didn't entirely infuriate me, and played out her scenes, chalky dialogue and all, with an impressive level of sensual conviction.

    'Bite Me' mostly follows Paige's transformation, and frankly, we've had better from the show. In fact, this is pretty much Piper's transformation into the Fury combined with Phoebe's Banshee ordeal and there's hardly enough here to distinguish it from the countless other sister-turned-evil scenarios throughout the years. It's Cole's dilemma that keeps this one afloat, but I'm not really interested in Demonic politics, especially with demons I've never encountered before (plot seeds, people!).

    The reason this episode ranks so well, or least better than average, is mostly down to the little things. There are plenty of great sisterly moments: Phoebe and Piper having a heart-to-heart in a cemetery of all places; Paige orbing in on Cole, both not shying away from the insults; all of the girls jokingly hitting Leo for almost doing magic in public; Cole knocking out Paige and juggling a fireball, contemplating whether to take out a Charmed One; and Paige telling Piper that she may not be Pheebs but she's still her sister. Little character moments the show could use more of.

    All in all a serviceable episode. There's not much here to sink your teeth into, but it's a fairly entertaining distraction.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • TRIVIA: Although only brief, Paige's flirtation with Rowan now adds her to a long line of Halliwell woman who become involved, inadvertantly or otherwise, with an evil being. Previous dangerous liasons include Melinda (with Matthew Tate), P. Russell "a.k.a Phoebe's past life" (with Anton), Grams (with The Necromancer), Prue (with Brendan the Warlock Priest and Zile), Piper (with Jeremy) and Phoebe(with Rex and Cole).

    • TRIVIA: This is the seventh time that one of the sisters turned into something evil.

    • TRIVIA: This is the sixth time that one of the sisters was in the hospital.

    • If Paige orbs into Cole's apartment, then why didn't she orb out?

    • When the bats first attacked Paige, she was bitten many times in a very short amount of time. Why is it then at the end of the episode when the bats attack Phoebe and Piper, why were they not able to bite them?

    • When Piper & Phoebe are in the graveyard and Phoebe leans on the tombstone, there are dead leaves all over the top of it. Later in the scene, it's clear.

    • When Rowan goes to see Cole at the penthouse you see Cole's desk and the Harpys' hand isn't there then the hand appears in the very next shot so that Cole can make the hand disappear.

    • When Paige is leaving P3 you can see the lot has puddles all over it but when she falls to the ground after the first bite it is dry then when the camera pans out after the attack it has puddles again.

    • When the fury shows up for Cole's meeting, she has regular hands and not talons. Furies don't get talons until after their first kill, but since the people at the meeting seemed to be the leaders of their group, wouldn't the leader of the furies have talons and not fingers?

    • When Phoebe walks in to her house, in the beginning, the scratches on her shoulder are not there, but when she says she does not feel good Cole asks about the scratches.

    • When Phoebe finds out she is pregnant and faints, she falls to the right side, meaning she would be laying on her left side. Yet in the next shot, she's shown laying on the floor on her right side and too far away from the table and the phone.

    • When Cole tells his minions to exterminate the vampires, after the sisters go to the cemetary after Paige, his hairstyle is substantially different (gelled down heavily) then it was either before or after this scene, or at anytime during the episode.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Phoebe: Okay, so what's going on? Is there a demon convention in San Francisco or what?
      Piper: Yes, there is a demonic electoral college, they've called a meeting, and they're voting in a new Source.
      (Phoebe and Leo look at each other and laugh, then turn serious.)
      Phoebe: You think?

    • Cole (angry because Paige orbed in while he was in the middle of a meeting): What the hell do you think you're doing? This is exactly why I don't want you people orbing in here.
      Paige: You people? Nice.
      Cole: What do you want?
      Paige: Phoebe. I think Piper needs to talk to her.
      Cole: Well, you missed her. But why don't you orb on over to the newspaper? I'm sure those journalists can keep a secret.

    • Phoebe: What's going on?
      Piper: A lot of bad guys— apparently more than usual.
      Phoebe: Should we be worried?
      Piper: Nope, not until after dinner...(To Leo) You buying?
      Leo Uh, you kidding?

    • Piper: Ah!
      (Harpy uses power)
      Piper: Paige, where are you?
      (Paige and Phoebe orb in)
      Piper: Look out!
      (The Charmed Ones chant the spell)
      Harpy: Ahh!
      Phoebe: So, do I want to know about the demon with the bad manicure?

    • Paige: Cole why don't you just bite me?

    • Paige : I'm living proof that magic happens when witches and whitelighters hook up.

    • Piper: I've turned into so many things I can't keep track.

    • Leo: It's true, vampires have been ostracized from the underworld for centuries. As far as I know they're apart of a whole different network now.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Kousni mě (Bite Me)
      France: Le baiser du vampire (The vampire's kiss)

    • This episode scored 3.6 million viewers.

    • This is Michael Bailey Smith 18th and final appearance on Charmed when he appears for the second time as The Grimlock, having previously appeared in the episode All Halliwells Eve. This also marks the third character that he appeared as more than one time. Previously he has appeared in two episodes as Shax(All Hell Breaks Loose and Charmed Again(1)) as well as 14 episodes during seasons 3 and 4 as Belthezor (Cole's demonic form).He has also appeared once as The Source(All Hell Breaks Loose).


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