Season 4 Episode 8

Black As Cole

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2001 on The WB

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  • This is where the anti-cole side of Paige goes downhill for me.

    So while I don't really have anything against this episode, Blinksterboy says exactly what I'm thinking:

    "Paige was really annoying in this episode. I can understand why seeing Belthazor might have shocked her but did she have to go on about it all day? In the six weeks she's known Cole he's not done anything remotely evil. Granted, it was an important part of the plot but I felt it was over the

    On top of that because she finally learns about what he USED to be, she starts being all weird. On the phone 'morphed into any demons lately?', treating him like he's guilty.

    Yes he's done a lot of crap in his life, but he was a demon doing it, an evil being who knew no better, he's finally learning better, realising there is a reason to live for good, and I think that makes him quite special as a 'person' and deserving of more respect than the little he got in this episode, not just from Paige.

    The woman wanting revenge was extremely over the top for me and done quite badly. While I get it, you lost your husband, this is another human being fully aware of the existence of demons, why is nobody killing her to silence her? And I hated how she acted so selfish in the park and in the house. I get she wants revenge, but you can't just devote yourself to magic, you aren't magic, you might know his MO but knowing EXACTLY when and where he'd be without scrying or anything is total crap.

    I thought the whole protige thing was interesting, it'd make sense that he would've had someone that he trained in his life that was of his 'species'.

    Piper saying "honey we can't have a demon in the family" I thought was quite selfish and rude.. Phoebe risked eternal pain or torment to bless Piper and Leo's wedding, but she wants to marry a man she loves and is trying to be good and Piper shuts down in what she believes is a humorous way.

    Either way, this is where Paige goes downhill for me for a while. At least the anti-cole Paige. She has NO reason to distrust Cole yet she does from the moment she saw him in the book. This wasn't her 'sensing' he's evil like she sensed the creepy house was evil. Cole IS NOT evil yet, he hasn't done anything yet, and hasn't yet by the time Paige goes on a complete crusade against him.

    I hate identifying a demon by an 'energy ball'. It was Cole's because of an energy ball? I'm sorry A LOT of demons have energy balls and they all look identical.
  • Black As Cole

    Black As Cole was a perfect and hilarious episode of Charmed and it also had some good serious moments as well. I really enjoyed watching as the story unfolded because there was a lot of intrigue, drama and magic. It was fun watching Piper and Leo care for a mechanical crying baby to test out having a child of their own. It was awesome to see a Demon impersonating Belthazor to frame Cole for murdering innocent witches. I liked the character conflicts which arose because of this. Piper was funny in dealing with the baby and Paige is really fitting in well. What Phoebe did in the end for Cole was great and I look forward to seeing how things play out!!!!!!!!!
  • The Cole Shoulder

    Black As Cole-Cole must face his true demonic nature when he is faced with another demon who is mistaken as the murderer of local witches who belong to the same coven. Meanwhile, Cole proposes to Phoebe, and Piper and Leo consider their future involving children.

    A superb episode that sees the writers continuing to develop Cole when he becomes the main suspect in a string of murders involving witches. Of course the whole "being framed by a copy cat killer" has been done so many times, but it's used very well here, especially in developing Cole. Julian McMahon is wonderful throughout as Cole must face his dark side head on and comes to terms with the monster he was in his past. The bedroom scene between Cole and Phoebe is a beautiful as Cole confesses to Phoebe exactly what he was and still is. Alyssa Milano is also wonderful when playing Phoebe as Cole's guide and support system. No matter what Cole has done in the past, Phoebe always finds some way to find the good in him and it's nice seeing Phoebe so determined in this hour.

    All the guest stars are great including Heather Dawn as Emma, the vengeful widow after the demon who killed her husband. She makes Emma's storyline very real and convincing, especially when talking to Phoebe about losing a loved one to evil. Aaron Brumfield is also good as Sykes and I loved his M.O. about beeing Belthazar's prodigy. Also, the make-up team did a stunning job of making Sykes look like reversed colored Belthazar with his skin being all black and red lining on his face. The climax is very suspenseful when Emma throws a potion at Cole and you think his vanquished, only for Cole to still be alive afterwards. It's a shocking development with Cole turing human and it makes for some interesting issues ahead for Cole and Phoebe. Also, the sub-plot with Paige giving Piper and Leo a fake baby so they can pretend to be parents was hilarious, especially when the baby gets fryed during a demon attack. All and All, "Black As Cole" is a superb character study of Cole by developing the character in significant ways.
  • Goodbye Belthazor, goodbye cool powers... bummer...

    This is a somewhat seminal episode as the series says goodbye to Belthazor and Cole becomes temporarily mortal.

    There are a lot of good elements and scenes in this episode. Phoebe and Cole have some excellent scenes together, including the scene where Cole convinces Phoebe to get his vanquishing potion and their penultimate scene up in the attic. Sykes as Belthazor's protege is fairly effective, though I think a younger man might have made a better protege. It is a little odd seeing two demons fight it out like gorillas instead of using their powers, but the huge actors did add an epic dimension to their clashes. The vengeful woman, I thought, was a little overplayed and somewhat annoying. Her obsession made her a very unsympathetic character, and it was a little disappointing that the sisters wouldn't defend Cole with a little more vigor. After all, how many times has he saved their lives now? I understand now that the writers were continuing to set up Paige as the anti-Cole, which gives us the epic pay off in Centennial Charmed, but Cole even saved her life when Shax was after her. Maybe she should remember that.

    On the other hand, I do admit this plot line does bring up a very confounding moral dilemma for the sisters. Yes, Cole is helping them now, and he has saved their lives. However, does that balance over 100 years of committing evil acts? Impossible to say. It seems to depend on what side of the ledger you are on. For the Charmed Ones, absolutely Cole has been a powerful ally that they should defend for their own well-being. However, for the woman who lost her loved one to Belthazor, there likely is no act that would redeem him. The ending gave us a rather convenient solution to the dilemma. The woman gets her revenge on Belthazor while the Charmed Ones get to keep Cole around. I initially thought it was a terrible idea to strip Cole of his powers. Fortunately, that condition doesn't last for long.

    Strong and important episode as Season 4 maintains its high quality.
  • Cole has a lookalike and it's confusing for everyone, even him.

    For Phoebe's sake, it seems that Cole is trying to 'go straight' but all that could be put in jeopardy when a demon who bears a striking resemblance to Belthazor turns up in the San Francisco area and starts killing witches who belong to the same coven. As Cole fights daily to keep his demon self in check, it becomes obvious that he is going to have to look his own evil straight in the eye in order to try and sort out what is taking place, and perhaps even look at how feels about who he is and what he has become?

    A very interesting episode. Great work by Julian McMahon as he battles Cole's demons.
  • Copy Cole

    One of the more palpable storylines from the first half of the season, 'Black as Cole' has a few neat twists here and there and everyone is at the top of their game for the most part. Paige's spider sense has started tingling as far as Cole is concerned, which will factor into the rest of the season in a major way, but for now, it's the only niggle I have with an otherwise decent episode. She does get a great line ('a demon and a lawyer? Insert joke here.) but Rose lacks the chops to lend her role the subtlety required of her. Meanwhile, Cole must battle his demons � literally and figuratively � as he must take on his understudy, aswell as face up to his past crimes as Balthazar. Julian finally gets to sink his teeth into a script that allows him to flex his acting muscles. Ah, but too bad it's in an episode that demotes his character to nothing more than one of us mere mortals. Boo hoo.
  • Good Cole / Bad Cole

    A fantastic storyline and another blinder from Julian McMahon. This is Charmed at its absolute best: dark, action packed and full of twists and turns.

    The plot is far from simple but centres on a Belthazor lookalike named Sykes who sees himself as the next, well, Belthazor. In saving a witch from him, the sisters run into a vigilante seeking revenge for her boyfriend's murder. As soon as I saw this I thought we were in for another "let's stitch up Turner" storyline but in a quite brilliant twist, it turns out that Cole is the one who killed the boyfriend and the Charmed Ones have to defend him from the vengeful Emma, played skilfully by guest actress, Heather Dawn.

    Sykes mirrors Cole in every way, even down to his posing as a lawyer to get onto the crime scene. Don't the legal service ever wonder where these random people keep springing from? Unusually for Charmed, this episode raises some serious issues about guilt and forgiveness. As Emma asks Phoebe, when you lose someone to evil do you just let it go?

    Paige was really annoying in this episode. I can understand why seeing Belthazor might have shocked her but did she have to go on about it all day? In the six weeks she's known Cole he's not done anything remotely evil. Granted, it was an important part of the plot but I felt it was overegged.

    Cole's proposal to Phoebe was beautifully timed and added yet another twist to the tale. I even liked Paige's surrogate baby-doll-thing. Leo is well up for kids on this evidence. I don't understand why he couldn't just heal the doll at the end though.

    The biggest twist comes when Emma throws what she thinks is a vanquishing potion at Belthazor. When I saw him go up in flames my heart stopped. So now Cole is powerless. Can't shimmer, can't throw thunderbolts. What's a man to do?
  • Cole and Phoebe... or not.

    While tracking down a demon that they believe is responsible for killing witches, Cole suddenly proposes to Phoebe. The girls soon learn they didn't get the right demon when another witch turns up dead, and while investigating come across Emma who is hunting a demon to avenge the death of her fiance. Emma reveals that Belthazor was responsible the one that killed her finace, as the girls discover the new Assistant DA is really the demon that has been killing the witches. Meanwhile, Paige brings home a mechanical baby so Piper and Leo can test if they are capable to have a baby round the house with demons.
  • Cole proposes to Phoebe!!!

    I was soooo happy when Cole proposed to Phoebe in the beginning of this episode, "under a hail of demon goo"! But of course...Phoebe isn't ready for marriage so ya know...almost there but not quite.

    Anyway, Cole, on his search for redemption for his evil past, attempts to help the charmed ones defeat a demon who is trying to emulate Belthazor. AND, Paige gives Leo and Piper a plastic ( and yet annoying ) baby to take care of, just to see what it would be like having a child in a house full of demons and magic...and them being under constant attack.

    I think i like Cole more as Belthazor then as a human.
  • Cole is human now.

    A witch killing demon who looks like Balthazor is out on the loose killing wiches. The Charmed ones are trying to find him before he kills anymore witches but accidently keep ending up wherever Cole is.

    Cole asks Pheobe to marry him after they vanquish a demon & Pheobe is confused & doesn't answer his question right away.

    Piper & Leo are arguing about having a baby. Leo wants to & thinks that they can protect it while Piper is against it, thinking that the baby will be in constant danger. Turns out she's right when the doll thta Paige gets for them to practice on accidently gets blown up.

    Now that Cole has lost his powers & isn't a demon anymore I wonder what will happen to him.
  • Cole Turner: Redemption Seeker

    A really intriguing hour which moves along at a fast pace and gives us some insight into the demonic community, this episode sees the Charmed writers using the clichéd storyline of "a reformed evil-doer is the prime suspect in some copycat killings" with Cole, who is suspected when one of his former demon buddies starts committing the unspeakable acts of evil Balthazor excelled at.

    Black as Cole sees a young woman seeking vengeance on Cole after she identifies Balthazor as the demon responsible for her fiancée's death. Meanwhile, Cole deals with one of his former demonic allies and proposes to Phoebe, and Piper and Leo get hold of an electronic baby.

    Julian McMahon is at the heart of this episode and completely rocks throughout. Like the "Dark-Phoebe" arc at the end of the season, this episode raises some interesting questions about redemption and regret for what somebody has done. Cole was responsible for the death of a young woman's fiancée. Should he pay for that? Can he really be redeemed after all he has done in his life as Balthazor? These are some intriguing questions and material like this is what Charmed regularly excels at.

    The revenge-hunting Emma is excellently played by Heather Dawn but her quest for vengeance would have been more successful if it was done with a little more subtlety. Despite that minor issue, the rest of the episode is pretty good, with some interesting questions raised and some excellent acting from all involved, in particular Julian McMahon, Alyssa Milano and guest star Vincent Angell.

    Like the best episodes of Charmed, Black as Cole mixes both dark drama and humor, producing an episode which is by far one of the most underrated episodes from all eight seasons.

    Director: Les Landau
    Teleplay: Brad Kern, Nell Scovell
    Story: Abbey Campbell
    Rating: B+
  • Phoebe comes takes a look into Cole's demonic past when a widow tracks him down seeking vengeance for her husband's murder. Meanwhile, Paige encourages Piper and Leo to test their readiness to become parents when she gives them a baby!

    This is a very special episode for me because it is the first pisode of Charmed I ever saw and it got me hooked it was so good. It had a lot of action in ti and it was very cool with the new demon ADA and Cole's demonic forms battling with each other wich is very exciting.

    Ill give this episode a 5/5(*****/*****) because it is such a good episode and because it was good enough to get me hooked on Charmed.
  • Sympathy for the devil be naught!

    I felt that this was about all consuming vengeance. It is less about Cole trying for retribution, it is not about the sisters trying to shield an innocent.
    We all 'feel' sorry for Cole and what he seems to be becoming, however in the end, i think that the obsessive hunting fiancee, who knows how small her chances are, will hunt the one who murdered her loved one, and in the end succeeds.
    Perhaps the need for vengeance could have been a little more subtle, as the woman is too engulfed in it, but it does seem to work in this case.

    An excellent episode.