Season 3 Episode 11

Blinded by the Whitelighter

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2001 on The WB

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  • The b*tch from heaven

    I'd been wondering when they would do an episode about whitelighters. They've been going on about the elders and their rules for ages now so it's good to see these ideas finally brought to life.

    The demon plot is on a grand scale this week and ties in well with the rulebreaking theme. Sadly for the writers, the actor playing the warlock doesn't do the role any justice at all. The bloke playing the darklighter (phwoarr!) shows more ability in thirty seconds than he shows in the whole hour.

    What really makes this episode is, of course, Natalie. Top marks to the guest actress for making her so wonderfully annoying. Her constant sparring with the Charmed Ones produces some very funny and well acted moments. The best has to be when Prue grins at her and says "Piper froze ya!". There are also a few naff moments, for example the scene where she is marching up and down like a sergeant major. What exactly did she do in the war anyway? Nag the Germans to death?

    What this storyline shows is just how much the Charmed Ones have in common with their whitelighter. Both parties are reckless, neither obeys the rules and neither could care less what the elders think. Sounds good to me.

    Phoebe's subplot resumes after a week off and, this time, she finally confesses to Leo. I thought he could have been a bit more understanding. After all, he knows Cole is half human.

    I enjoyed seeing Elderland but I'm also glad they didn't give too much away. I did like the whitelighter language. It's making me chuckle even as I'm writing this. More please!

    I think this is the first time I've ever rated an episode lower than Maxpower03. Had to happen someday.
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