Season 3 Episode 11

Blinded by the Whitelighter

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2001 on The WB

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  • General Goody-Two-Shoes and her Soldier Witches

    Blinded By a Whitelighter-The sisters must stop a warlock from executing his plan to steal specific powers from witches in his attempt to kill every whitelighter in the world.

    A truly fantastic episode that sees the writers creating a brilliant script that mixes together all Charmed's greatness for a stellar hour of television. Despite a slightly over-the-top, campy performance by Steve Valentine, Eames is definately one of the most well developed villains the writers ever had. Eames' M.O. is one of the most elaborate, even smartest a demon has ever come up with on the series and the way he goes about executing each part of his plan, not to mention tricking the sisters multiple times into getting them to do what he wants brings some superb twists. Audrey Wasilewski (Natalie) really shines as the book-worm whitelighter who soon becomes the unlikely leader for the sisters when trying to prepare them to battle Eames. This is probably the highlight of the storyline as Natalie's presence brings some of the funniest scenes of Charmed. From Natalie and Leo's hilarious "click-clacking" language to Piper's humorous comebacks towards Natalie to pretty much all 3 sisters overall resentment toward her, especially in the training sequence where Natalia coaches the sisters' through their battle strategy against Eames as the dialogue is just priceless:

    Prue: Tell me again why we're doing this?
    Piper: Because one bad word from General Goody-Two-Shoes, and I'm not getting married.


    Natalie (discussing taking the crossbow from Eames): Now talk me through how you plan to separate me from my crossbow.
    Piper: Ok, first I freeze you.
    Natalie: I deflect that.
    Phoebe: I guess I could levitate and kick you.
    Natalie: You just kicked a clone.
    Prue: All right, how about if I send an Astral Prue as a decoy and then just, you know... (uses her telekenesis to knock the fake crossbow from Natalie's hands) Oh, I'm so sorry.
    Natalie: Not as sorry as you would be if I just blinked behind you and stabbed you to death.
    Prue: Well, that would be bad.

    Other great scenes are Eames torturing a young witch before killing her, Eames tricking the sisters and killing Natalie, then of course, the climax as the sisters go "up there" and defeat Eames in a stunning vanquish scene. The episode also features well written sup-plots with Phoebe being investigated by Inspector Davidson and Phoebe telling Leo the truth about not vanquishing Cole. It's nice that at least someone besides Phoebe knows the truth and promises a lot for Phoebe as she must now come clean to her sisters. All and All, "Blinded by a Whitelighter" is one of the best episodes of this season filled with action, comedy, twists, thrills, and fine acting!
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