Season 3 Episode 13

Bride and Gloom

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2001 on The WB

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  • Mehhh

    All I can say is I hate that they took away Piper being the first wed JUST to give Prue another episode where she gets to be the center of attention.

    While yes, the sub-plot of the wedding planners only suited an episode pre-wedding (obviously) I would rather have had a different sub-plot and at least had this episode after the wedding. But the entire story was just so Prue could be called the prettiest and so she could get married first - because apparently you're supposed to get married by age.

    I loved the priestess though, thought she was cool and as usual, Piper does heart break well when she thinks Leo is dead.
  • Bride and Gloom

    Bride and Gloom was another perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character depth and development. It was awesome to see the sisters turn evil after a high priestess of evil casts a spell on Prue. Phoebe connects with Cole and their relationship takes some interesting turns. Watching Piper and Phoebe as evil witches was fun as they didn't hold back from using their new powers. In the end every thing is set right and Phoebe tells Cole she can't see him anymore, but we know how that goes. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Evil witches have more fun...

    In this highly unique episode evil witches have more fun, and why wouldn't they? Since they are apparently gifted with a myriad of fun powers.

    Not one, but all three sisters get a turn at being evil here, and it is all great fun once the blinking starts. Leo does his best to try to talk the sisters out of it, but only gets morphed into a stick and then frozen and shattered for his troubles. I'm not sure why Prue's marriage to a demon would turn her sisters evil. After all, Phoebe marries the Source of all evil, and Piper and Paige remain completely unfazed. The idea of the Book of Shadows turning evil is also somewhat ridiculous, but I can let it slide for the most part. The writers wanted to do something different here, and they managed that. The evil priestess is very effective in her role. I actually liked her enough to feel bad for her when the sisters decided to torture her. Holly gets another what seems monthly scene of heartbreak once she realizes what she has done. She is fabulous in it, as usual, but she has had a lot of practice and will get more. I especially love how mad she is at herself after Leo comes back. As I have said before, this is part of why we love Piper. She is quick to anger, and for little reason, but she never hesitates to turn that anger on herself.

    The scene where evil Phoebe takes it to Cole to force Belthazor out is a personal favorite of mine. Great stuff! This is also the first time that Cole helps the sisters with something in the Underworld, sort of the demonic equivalent of Leo.

    All around, very fun and original episode. Perhaps resolved a little too easily, but not every battle can be Gettysburg.
  • My Best Friend's Wedding of Evil

    It seemed that season three had some major obsession with episodes which featured the sisters turning evil somehow. But every one of the "possessed sister" storylines were great in this year, compared to the awful "possessed-Phoebe" hours that cropped up all the time in seasons five and six.

    Bride and Gloom (great title) has Prue being abducted by a high priestess and forced to marry a warlock in a Black Wedding, which will turn both Prue and her sisters evil, meaning the priestess can get to the Book of Shadows.

    This is a hidden gem in a season full up of brilliant episodes featuring some excellent story developments. Alyssa and Holly look like they are having a blast being all evil for an hour and I loved how surprisingly violent this episode was! The evil double act take no prisoners in their rampage and first literally freeze priestess Dantalian's hand before smashing it to pieces and also destroying Leo. It's great seeing all the sisters taking on different personas and guest star Una Devon gave Dantalian an extremely mysterious and seductive side to her character, making her far more interesting than the usual demons on Charmed.

    The whole episode is absolutely brilliant, with some excellent characterization and some good interplay between the sisters. With a season full of up of so many classics, this episode is hardly noted as one of the best but I definitely encourage you to watch it.
  • Poor Prue. Not a good week for her at all.

    Right from the very word 'go', the sisters have had to battle evil on a weekly basis, usually a warlock, but sometimes there have been other 'nasties' coming after them. This week's 'monster' is a shape-shifting warlock who is hell bent on stealing The Book of Shadows for himself, but must first convince Prue to marry him in a Dark ceremony so that he can take possession of it.

    The wedding from Hell would probably be the best way to describe it as the-not-so-pleasant ceremony means that Phoebe and Piper must cross to the Dark Side to save their sister. Unfortunately, they find that they are enjoying some newly-acquired Dark powers a little more than they should which, in itself causes a problem aside from what they are already dealing with.
  • The Charmed Ones Join The Dark Side!

    Bride and Gloom-When a shapeshifting warlock tricks Prue into a shot-gun wedding in order to steal the Book of Shadows, Phoebe and Piper are lured to the dark side and begin to enjoy their new evil powers.

    A terrific dark yet undeniablly fun episode that sees not 1, not 2, but all 3 sisters getting to be bad for a whole hour and it makes for one of the best episodes this season. I have to saw watching the sisters play was very entertaining, especially Holly and Alyssa who looked like they were having the time of their lives playing evil. The scenes with Piper and Phoebe wrecking havoc were priceless like when they use their new evil enhanced powers to mess with the wedding planners by turning one into a pig and the other into a human sized popsicle! Not to mention, turing Leo into a stick in the mud. But there also some truly dark scenes like Piper and Phoebe torturing the evil priestess with Piper literally smashing her hand into pieces.

    Una Damon (Dantalian) is wonderful as the evil priestess and it's about time we had a decent female villain for the Charmed Ones to face. With the exception of maybe Hannah and maybe one other, usually they all suck (Hecate, Tuatha, etc.) Dantalian's plan is very well planned and I loved how she betrayed Zile, the warlock she team-up with to kidnap Prue. Also, I loved the confrontation when Piper and Phoebe finally run into Prue and have to battle her and her new husband. It's a great climax and allows Phoebe to save the day thanks to Cole's revelation about there being no such thing as evil love, that it's just lust.

    Speaking of Cole, glad to see the character return and the scenes between Cole and Phoebe were definately an added plus. The best scene between them is when Phoebe jumps into his arms and kisses him. It shows that Phoebe still loves Cole even though she tries to deny it and Cole staying sround will make for some great development for this intense relationship. All and All, "Bride and Gloom" is a wonderful episode with great acting, a well written dark storyline, and some hilarious scenes.
  • Oh my God, they killed Leo!

    When Prue is taken by an evil priestess and forced to marry a shapeshifting warlock the stage looks set for a fairly predictable Leo + BoS = chase + vanquish kind of storyline. Not so!

    From the moment Piper blinks unexpectedly into the kitchen, and we see the Charmed Ones start to turn evil, the episode takes on a life of its own. Piper and Phoebes' evil selves are very playful and their tricks are highly entertaining. Contrast this to the dark and serious characters they've played in episodes like "Woogy" and "Coyote" and you really appreciate the acting. I loved the idea of the evil Book of Shadows and was even more impressed that they actually went to the effort of making one.

    Yet again, Charmed manages to produce some very funny moments from some very dark material. Only on this show could someone getting their hand shattered be taken so lightly. I'm not sure why turning evil would suddenly give the sisters such boundless powers but I guess I'm not complaining.

    This week's warlock is pretty dull but the priestess is very classy. Yet again, the elders show their true colours by giving up on the Charmed Ones the instant anything goes wrong.

    I still can't believe they killed Leo! Ok, so he obviously wasn't going to stay dead but it was a bold move by the writers nonetheless. Much as I love him, I had to laugh when Phoebe turned him into a pole and Piper walked over his shattered remains.

    Poor Cole comes out of hiding and promptly gets punched and kicked by Phoebe. Not much of a welcome. I'm delighted to see he hasn't lost his demonic side.

    I'm also glad Leo and Pipers' wedding isn't being so rushed this time. Fingers crossed the elders keep their noses out.
  • The evil Charmed ones and planning for Piper's wedding

    It was lame to see the shape-shifting demon because they are so incredibly lame and you just wanna yell at Prue, Piper, and Phoebe for not noticing sooner. It was interesting to see that the demon wanted to marry Prue.

    Piper and Leo arguing over their wedding was just plain amusing. You had to love Piper wanting the big Cinderella wedding, but you had to take Leo's side about having a small wedding. When Leo made the pigs in blanket comment that was funny and Piper'sreaction just made it even better.

    Cole returning and popping into "Kill It Before It Dies" when Phoebe was watching it was cool. You thought that a demon they had already vanquished was coming back again but it was really Cole telling Phoebe he was back.

    The girls going all evil was creepy yet amusing all at the same time. It was cool when Piper blinked the first time and it was great to see Leo trying to get them to not be evil. Seeing Phoebe and Piper just give into the evil was amazing.

    Good episode.
  • Charmed gone evil.

    A shapeshifting warlock pretends to be Piper and borrows Prue's lipstick. The warlock "Blinks" to an undisclosed location and gives the lipstick to an evil priestess in order to be used in a spell. With one kiss Prue will be paralyzed and the priestess will marry her to the warlock. Cole makes contact with Phoebe and she meets him at the crypt, while Piper is busy planning her wedding with Leo. Phoebe tells Cole that it's over and she doesn't care for him anymore, Cole tells her that he loves her and it's his human side that allows him to love, since demons can't love. The warlock kisses Prue, and transports her to the priestess in order to perform the ceremony. She congratulates the warlock with a paralyzing kiss and reveals her plan; by turning Prue evil the Charmed ones will become evil and this will alter the Book of Shadows so she can steal the book and all the power in it. Phoebe and Piper discover Prue is missing, Phoebe begs Cole to help find her and kisses him. Phoebe and Piper are lured to the dark side and relish their new powers. Cole materializes and warns Phoebe that a priestess is on her way to steal the book. Piper and Phoebe capture her and begin to torture her to tell them where Prue is. Leo orbs in, startles them, and allows the priestess to escape. In a fury the girls freeze Leo and shatter him into a billion pieces. They then blink to where Prue is. The priestess wakes up Prue and her husband, the warlock then shifts into another Prue. Now Piper and Phoebe have to battle two Prue's. They make a guess and destroy the warlock, thus shattering the spell and vanquishing the priestess. Back at the Manor, they discover that the Elders saved Leo and the wedding is still on. Phoebe goes back to the crypt to thank Cole, but she also tells him she can't be with him anymore.
  • Piper kills Leo. Well, actually, Piper and Phoebe kill Leo. On top of that, Piper walks through Leo's remains with no consideration.

    In the end, Leo forgives both Phoebe and Piper. Don't you just love the man...I mean angel? In the other storyline, Prue shares that she should be getting married first. She is the oldest and she should be the first to talk, date, and walk down the aisle. Funny, be careful what you wish for, you just may get it! She does get married first. Of course, thanks to her sisters, she gets divorced first. (Sorry Phoebe.)

    This is an enjoyable episode. Evil Piper is still a cook...she makes pigs in a blanket and makes an ice sculpture. What a witchy woman!

    Finally...Cole is back!

    I liked seeing the sisters be evil. I know that there were a few times where one was evil and the others brought the one back to being good such as in \"is there a woogy in the house?\" but it was fun to see them all evil at once, and with some pretty cool powers. Between Piper and Phoebe shattering Leo and turning a wedding planner into a pig in a blanket, this episode was great, although not one of the best.

    One question...why would Phoebe, EVEN WHEN EVIL, ever want to see Belthazor\'s face more than Cole\'s?
  • Finally Prue gets married, well kind of.

    I love this episode! It kind of makes you wonder if the Charmed Ones would be more powerful by being evil. I mean they kicked ass in this episode. Prue gets married but not exactly as you\'d hope she\'d be. I definitely like the sisters when they were evil, they were a little bit more free. Cole finally shows up in this episode which was great. I loved the line when Phoebe tells Cole that she will always love him. That was really sweet of her. Cole is the only one for Phoebe. This episode was original and very entertaining.
  • Cole is back!

    Cole is back! Even though the last few episodes were good I really missed Cole, and now that he's back & isn't giving up on Pheobe, the rest of the season is going to be even better, I hope.

    This episode was great, first because like I said Cole is back & because we got to see Piper & Pheobe EVIL.

    Playing evil really suited them, especially Piper. And when she frose Leo & asked Pheobe to break him into pieces & then just walked away, stepping into his remains like she never loved him, that was just superb.

    We didn't really get to see an evil Prue except for a few seconds, but having this episode focus on Piper & Pheobe with only a little Prue was a nice change.