Season 7 Episode 14

Carpe Demon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2005 on The WB

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  • Wooo Drake.

    Loved Drake's little song/dance on the book about being good. It was refreshing to not have a complete jerk of a guy on the show. Although Phoebe just falling in love with someone after what 2 minutes.. He puts her into a costume and all of a sudden she's dancing with him and nearly kissing? yeah ok. I would like to believe it was the empath in her just channeling his romance.

    I did like him telling them off for not hiring him.

    His firing arrows around the house saying "sorry my fault" was funny.

    And loved when he kicked the door down for "prince john" and it closed again. Probably the most realistic kicking down of a door on TV.

    And more reasons to hate the Elders. God they're such jerks for passive people that can't interfere with things.

  • This is one of my first reviews, so please be kind

    I have to say that I was a little apprehensive about this eppisode. Robin Hood.? I was thinking it was going to be another goofy filler eppisode.

    I was wrong. It was so wonderfully funny that at times I could not stop lauging. When Drake kicked \'prince john\'s\' door open and it flew back at him, I was just about on the floor.

    The first thing I noticed was the boys in more then one sceen. Most of the time we see them only once and then they get sent off to magic school..

    I do have to say that I was alittle put off that the girls seem to jump right into feeling sorry for themselves just because Drake kept commenting on it on them needing to forgive themselves how they have lost the will to love because they are afraid to love. This from a demon that probable does not or can not love. It was as if just because he brought it up made it come into there minds.

    But over all I thought this was a cute eppisode and look forward to seeing more of Billy Zane.

    Not that I want to cuse but the elders are really starting to **** me off. Sandra, one of the elders said to Leo \'there are those among us who have argued in your favor, who understand what we pushed you into doing.\' That in itself says that they hold some blame of things that have happened. But they seem to be ready to jump right into making Leo do penance for what they call his betrayal. Do they not themselves get some punshisment?

    Like the demons that come and go I feel the same about Sheridan. I am glad that her coma was \'fixed\'. Did Kyle go back and bring her out of it or was she brought out of it because of his death.? Mostly I feel like her character is just pointless. Some outside person come into \'expose\' the sisters. She will be gone soon, so I do not invest that much time in her.

    My Bits an Pieces....

    Any one notice baby Chris had one of Pipers fingers in his mouth. thought that was so cute.

    The school had evening classes.

    Did Mrs. Donovan hand shackels looked a little big, like she could have just sliped her hand right out of them?

    I thought the best line of the night was from Drake asking Pheobe If she had forgotten what it was to good for those who can not do it for themselves. It reminded me of a line from a poem from Def Jam poet. \" My day is dark so yours can have light\".

    We all know where Carpe Demon comes from? Its a play on Carpe Deim. Latin for \'seize the day\'. So this would be seize the demon..

  • Carpe Demon

    Carpe Demon was a superb and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing and fun. There was a lot of character development, humor, and magical action. It was interesting to watch an Ex Demon apply to teach at the magic school and to see how his story intertwined with the Charmed Ones. It was great watching him and Paige interact. This story was a fun spin on the Robin Hood myth. It was interesting to see the return of Inspector Sheridan and watch her suspicions grow. I like how every thing played out. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Robin Hood and His Merry Witches


    Carpe Demon-When Paige tries to hire a new professor for the Magic School, one of the candidates, Drake, turns out to be an ex-demon who made a deal with a sorcerer to become human. Meanwhile, Leo faces the Elders.

    .....And with that, we're back to classic Charmed Horrible writing, silly costumes, cheesy acting and embarrassing plots Well, it not all bad, it's nice to see Billy Zane on the series, he's pretty much the biggest star to ever grace the series(I mean he was in that Titanic movie?) You can tell Billy is a gifted actor, he immediately brings a whole new energy to not only Drake but to every scene he's in, which is refreshing considering our main cast seems a bit oo comfortable in their roles at this point and sometimes feel like their sleeping through their performances. While Drake is essentially a great character, it's a same his first episode is so bad Drake's backstory is pretty good, a former demon turned human who wants to become a teacher to educate the next generation of magic. It's a shame all the Robin Hood non-sense is thrown in. All the scenes of Drake running around, threatening people with his arrows and preaching about thievery and what not. Not to mention, when would a group of people support some nut job in a Robin Hood costume ? I know this is a fantasy show, but even I found that hard to believe. Also, I hate that Sheridan is back in the picture, she's basically like all the other cops who were suspicious about the sisters in the past and you know she'll either disappear without a trace (again) or end up deadThe Sorcerer is the same old run of the mill villain of the week who really poses no major threat, especially after he gains Drake's powers. You'd think with those new powers he would be a greater threat, but the sisters vanquish him with no problem like every other lame demon as of late. So it seems Drake only has two more weeks to live, part of his deal with the Sorcerer. Too bad the rest of Drake's appearances are kinda of a waste. All and All, 'Carpe Demon is just Charmed being it's usual gimmicky, childish self.


    Let's dance

    After a rare run of serious episodes, a dose of humour was just what we needed on this show. Happily, with a combination of decent acting and a quality script, that's exactly what we get.

    Guest star, Billy Zane, really shines as ex-demon Drake. His character is about as undemonlike as it's possible to be and I bonded with him straightaway. He is clearly relishing his time as a human and, thanks to Billy, this comes across strongly and convincingly. Some nifty footwork in that dance scene too I thought.

    The stuff with Robin Hood is daft to say the least but somehow it works. In fact, as historic character episodes go, this is probably the best of the bunch. A lot of this has to do with Billy's performance but the writing also helps - having him interact with muggles on the street keeps it that little bit less far fetched.

    The demon plot is pretty weak. Basically, the sorcerer who made Drake human kidnaps Miss Donovan and the Charmed Ones blow him up. That said, it's nice to hear a power of three spell for once. I was beginning to forget what this show was about. Having the teacher learn to astral project was also a good move. It's been a while since we've seen this and it sets up an imaginative vanquish.

    Not much Leo this week (booo!), no Zankou and just the usual fleeting appearance by Darryl. Oh, and I see Agent Sheridan is back. Do I detect yet another exposure storyline? Surely not.

    Score: 9.1
  • This episode have some points...Well written, well job in the scenes and a strange feeling. Anyway I thing we can save the epidode because...

    We have a great written story. If you hear the dialogues you can notice the good they are.

    In the "magic world" history we have a sorcerer that wants powers... this M.O is not very original but makes the thing "I gave my powers to humanity" is kinda original. The effects... OH GOD!!! Xd they've film a scene blowing up a window and trowing a guy out of it!! I think that gives a lots of points to this episode!!! We don't see that fantastic stunt scenes everyday!

    Also we have really funny moments in the episode (an exemple, one of my favorytes, is when Piper and Paige gets turn into the robin hood story... The arc fells into Piper and she looks so strange! I love her when she does so great job.

    Despite the robin hood story, that I think is a little silly (I could have been a robin hood not funnier and more serious!), the chapter is great.I love so much the camera work!!! the scenes were fantastic!!!
  • This was kind of a filler episode but it was so much fun, thanks to Drake!

    I love this episode simply because of Drake, I mean he was such a great addition to the cast. I loved watching his undeniable charm and witt and his chemistry with Phoebe of course. After he turns into Robin Hood thanks to, surprise surprise, a spell gone wrong he gets to be a little goofy as well. He's uber hilarious and cute to boot. I was so sad to hear that he was only going to be around for a little while, he was such a character! I loved him from minute one.
  • Not what I expected

    I expected this episode to be really bad seeing as the theme was based on Robin Hood, I thought another stupid creature episode, what kind of creature are they going to bring in this time, but it was nothing like what I had imagined. The lines said by Billy Zane (Drake) were hilarious, I loved the idea of the Phone guy being portayed as King John because of his constant over priced phone bills! The episode made sense completley and had alot of charm in it.

    It was good to see the writers comming up with alot of good dialogue, even Phoebes character wasn't atall annoying and it was good to see her with another guy than that silly old Lessley.

  • Silly plot, delightful dialogue.

    As usual, writer Curtis Kheel has given us a fun-filled episode that doesn't take itself too seriously. The Robin Hood plot was sometimes difficult to follow and wouldn't hold up well if examined too closely; but that's not really the point. The combination of physical humor and clever dialogue made this episode a joy to watch.

    Billy Zane was nothing short of brilliant as Drake, the demon-turned-human with a theatrical flair. Ann Cusack as Miss Donovan gave him a worthy sparring partner, and the cast members were all at their comic best. After the dark atmosphere of the Avatar episodes, the wit and romance of "Carpe Demon" were a welcome change of pace.
  • Special Has-Been Guest Spot #4: Billy Zane

    One of those episodes which you imagine the writers saying in the writer's room beforehand "Well, we've had a really dark couple of episodes, so let's have a really silly one to please the 9-year-olds!" Carpe Demon is a disappointing hour that is reminiscent of season six-type stories. Shudder...

    Carpe Demon has an ex-demon called Drake becoming a new teacher at Magic School. The sisters don't trust him and turns himself into Robin Hood and the sisters into his merry (wo)men to show them that he can have fun. But, whilst he's Robin Hood, a demon called The Sorcerer (ooh, how original!) shoots him with an arrow, making Drake believe he is actually Robin Hood. Oh, how hilarious... He then goes after a man who's charging large phone bills and tries to kill him. Can Phoebe save the day?

    The main storyline is awful! Why would we care about some guy who charges massive phone bills? Why would we care that some Magic School teacher we hardly know has been kidnapped? There are loads of cool set pieces, for instance when John Norman, the phone bill guy, is hanging from his office window, and Billy Zane is brilliant as Drake but it's a shame that the writers couldn't give such a famous actor at least SOME good material to work with, but I guess they're just lazy.

    Sheridan re-appears again. Why can't the writers just leave her alone? We've had the "FBI agent investigating the sisters" storyline so many times, why do we need it again? Carpe Demon is a really bad episode which should never have been made.