Season 5 Episode 18

Cat House

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2003 on The WB

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  • An alright one.

    I actually completely see Leo's side of the argument, especially how Piper does include her sisters a bit TOO much in their personal life. But woop woop to that explosion!

    I didn't mind this episode I guess. I wish the breaking of the cake ornament thing would've come back later, especially because they focused on it at the end, but it was still alright.

    I like how the only way to let Paige meet Prue is to do it when she was a dog.

    Cool seeing Julian again in the flash backs
  • Cat House

    Cat House was a great episode of Charmed and I was really entertained while watching this exciting episode. There was a lot of action, drama, intrigue and humor along with character and plot development. I enjoyed watching the story unfold and it was great to see moments of the past. There was magic, suspense, and surprise with the story lines and it was fun watching them. The sisters come out on top as usual and I certainly look forward to seeing what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Brain Drain Down Memory, what?


    This isn't really a good episode. But, it does happen to be a really well-executed flashback episode. A lot of shows do them to save a bit of money, but none really implement its main characters into the plot as well as Charmed does here. The success of the hour mostly falls down to Paige, as we're kind of taken on a Halliwell This Is Your Life tour with the youngest sibling BEFORE she was the youngest sibling, or a sibling at all (at least not to her knowledge). That's where a lot of the fun and tears come from - Paige's reactions to everything that we've already seen add a new set of emotions to the proceedings becasue it is something that she has always wanted (to know the sisters, like Prue did). Naturally, there's no real sign of Prue here, but even so, we do get a (sort of) scene with her at one point, which is better than nothing. The hour fails with some forced tension between Piper and Leo (a pithy line last week aint gonna cut it, I'm afraid) and the main Kit plot coming off a little too silly. But, hey, as money saver episodes go, it's one of the better hours I've seen, and actually one of the better episodes from the back half of season five.

  • Throw This In The Kitty Litter!

    Cat House-When Piper and Leo begin to have marital problems, Piper casts a spell to allow them to literally see their past together. However, the spell goes awry when Phoebe and Paige are sent back in time to relive Piper's memories, and a warlock bent on destroying the Charmed Ones' familiar tags along for the ride. I honestly get what the writers were trying to do with this one but this was more insulting than a walk down memory lane for long time fans. The writers know they can't use Shannon Dorethy's image on the show anymore because she made a deal with producers before she left. Now instead of some genuine flashbacks of the original trio, we get cheap ones with a back shot of Shannon's stunt double and Prue as a dog! Lame! Not even one moment of Paige actually getting to see her big sister alive. Nope! Also, since Shannon can't be shown on film anymore, the writers simply ignore that fact that Piper and Leo first met at the end of "Thank You For Not Morphing", not "The Fourth Sister". So that flashback was just random and made no sense. Some moments did like their first kiss in "The Truth Is Out There...", Piper headling Leo in "Love Hurts" amd Leo's proposal in "Honeymoon's Over" but did we really need to see Piper's dancing in the club or Phoebe shattering Leo? Nope! But it did remind us that Charmed use to be a fun, entertaining show back when Prue was alive.....sigh!

    The whole plot with Katrina was a mixed bag, on one hand, we got to see Kit again as the writers finally explained her sudden disappearence between Season 3 and 4. Yet at the same time, 1) How come the sister never put it together before that Kit wasn't just a regular cat? Remember back in "Witch Trial" when Phoebe realized that they could find Abraxas by seeing the Power of 3 symbol on Kit's collar. It makes the sisters seem dense in retrospect when from the audience perspective we knew Kit wasn't just a normal cat. It's also a shame that the warlock is played by future "Heroes" star Zachary Quinto. He's probably the worst and most forgettable villain the sisters have ever faced. He doesn't even get a name and is just called "the warlock" for God sakes!! Oh and all of sudden Leo and Piper are having marrial issues! Since when? Hard to believe a major plot development like this when we've had no hints of it in previous episodes. Also, where the h@ll did that large cabinet with Piper and Leo's wedding pictures and cake ornament come from? For an episode that's about looking back on the continuity of the series so far the current continuity sucks! Seriously Kern, do you get your skills from reading "Showrunning for Dummies"!? All and All, "Cat House" is a poor tribute of the Charmed of Old and horrible reminder of the Charmed of New.
  • Season 5's trip down memory lane...


    After Wyatt's birth, Season 5 resembles a ship run aground. However, this episode shines like a lighthouse on the reef.

    We are 5 seasons into Charmed, and props to the writers for paying homage to the history of the show and basically throwing the dedicated lovers of Charmed a golden bone here.

    The flashback scenes accomplish more than giving us a refresher course on the heart of the series, and the central plot line to next season, Piper and Leo's marriage. They also serve to bring Paige closer to her sisters by giving her what she constantly asks for- a chance to see her sisters before Prue died and witness some of the big events she missed.

    Piper and Leo having marital issues is a great excuse to cast the spell and take the trip down memory lane. If you were paying close attention, then this spat is not totally out of the blue. Piper and Leo were butting heads last episode, and it seems they always have difficulties whenever Leo's role changes.

    It was also good continuity to bring another familiar and Kit back for an episode. Zachary Quinto, of course, always plays a great bad guy, and he's given a couple well-delivered lines here. Frankly, there probably isn't enough of him, but the show has other things to accomplish.

    Of course, whenever there are flashback scenes, people can complain about what was shown versus what wasn't shown. If people haven't figured out yet that we will never see an image of Prue again, then get a clue. Production did what they had to do to get around that problem. Ultimately, this episode was about Paige getting to know Piper, Phoebe, and Leo better anyway. It had nothing to do with Prue.

    For me, it is always great to see the prime Piper and Leo moments. Special props for the scene with Piper in the parking lot from "Once upon a Time" and for one of my favorite lines in the whole series with Phoebe yelling- "Prue, get your astral ass back here!" - from "Just Harried."

    Extremely enjoyable episode from start to finish. Also, at the end, we get a rare Charmed foreshadowing with the hint of trouble ahead for Piper and Leo.

  • My name is Sylar

    Piper and Leo go for marriage counselling and a warlock goes after the woman who used to be Kit. Two unrelated strands: one totally gripping storyline. How Brad Kern can write an episode like this one week and give us fairy tales the next is beyond me.

    I really liked the counselling session. It's so refreshing to see the characters in a real life situation and you can tell Brian and Holly are enjoying the change.

    The flashbacks are great fun, although there are perhaps a few too many. The changes they've made are very subtle and fans of the show will no doubt love the old footage. Ok, so there are a few inconsistencies but that's bound to happen. My personal favourites are the Season One clip where Piper and Phoebe are hitting on Leo and the shot of the wedding from Season Three (it's not Shannen in the clip btw - I've checked the original footage and a few tiny details are different, such as the tassles on her belt).

    The cleverest clip has to be the one where Phoebe wanders into the bathroom and actually interacts with the past characters. If they'd dressed her as she was in the original episode (Pre-Witched) it would have been even better. Not sure why they didn't.

    Zachary Quinto (aka Sylar from Heroes) gets a guest slot as warlock-of-the-week. It's great to see him before he was famous, although I'm glad he ditched that fringe. For all his efforts, the poor lad doesn't even appear in the credits.

    There's some good character development for Paige, in that she gets to see the Charmed Ones as they were, and the plot provides good closure for Kit. With leprechauns last week and nymphs still to come, this is definitely a rose between two thorns.
  • Astral Shannen's back makes an appearance in a unique clip show

    This is one of my favorite post-Prue episodes, as I'm a very nostalgic fan. It was nice to see Phoebe and Paige hop into many moments of Piper and Leo's past and see how different they've become; with Phoebe experiencing the most change (by the way, I like the old cute Phoebe better than "Me-be"). However heavily edited the scenes were (the most noticeable one being the wedding), the effects and inserting them into the scenes was very well done. This is the closest Prue comes to make a post-mortem appearance in the form of runaway Astral Prue's back (which can either be interpreted as a tribute or an insulting way to say that it was all about her). It's great Kit finally gets some closure with [her] storyline. Not a pivotal or super action packed episode, but it was a nice treat for old fans to munch on.
  • Cool episode

    I love it how they did flash backs of what Leo and Piper has gone though… one of the scene where Phoebe and Paige brought Leo back to life was so funny. This Paige was tearing up… awwww….

    The warlock that was chasing the cat, kit… well, him… he is from Heroes as Sylar… Most of the memory I have watched other then the one that Leo when and save Phoebe and Piper…

    It was cool to find out that their cat was a familiar… and she has the gift to transform into a human. What I liked about this episode was the flashed backs, and how the sister were inside her memory.
  • Leo and Piper are having troubles in their marriage, prompting them to seek professional help. A spell is cast, and chaos ensues.

    Leo and Piper are feeling the stress of a newborn son, along with Leo's decision to take time off work. It seems that the only form of communication between the two of them is fighting. Pheobe helps them out and calls in a favor to a marriage counselor. Leo and Piper make an appointment. At the marriage counselor's office, Piper decides to cast a spell to make sure that the couple's memories coincide with each other, and to make sure that they do not reveal any of their witchly duties. Naturally, the spell goes awry as Paige and Phoebe are caught physically flashing back from memory to memory as Leo and Piper remember all the good and bad since they first met. Going back in time are not Paige and Phoebe's only problem. They discover that Kit, their former cat, is actually the sisters' familiar. A warlock has been after Kit to destroy her, and with it destroy good witches. Although the warlock succeeds the first time, Phoebe manages to communicate with present Piper to relive the final memory. The warlock is vanquished, and Kit escapes harm's way. Leo and Piper seem to temporarily solve their issues.

    This show was a great way to relive past moments that we loved, from the time that Leo and Piper met, their first kiss, all the way to their wedding day. It all seems a bit rushed and fast-paced, but the episode is definitely still worth watching.
  • Paige and Phoebe go back to the past to relive some of Piper's memories,(or something like that)

    This was a pretty nice episode.
    But I didn't like the fact how they only showed Prue with her back leaving the manor on a motorcycle.
    Her voice could be heard saying a power of three spell and she could be heard grunting while she was being blasted through a wall, and her name was mentioned a few times, but they never showed her face. The only people who were shown completely were Piper, Leo, and Phoebe.

    But on the bright side I liked that Paige was able to see what Piper and Phoebe, and Prue went through before Piper and Phoebe met Paige, and Paige finally got to see what Prue looked like.
  • loved it!

    this episode was great. i really thought it was funny when piper & leo kept arguing in front of the marriage councellor. so good. it was great to go back in time with piper & leo & also another spell gone wrong always good. kit the cat apperaed & we found out about what he really was. this episode really stands out for me.
  • We get to relive all the special moments of Piper and Leo's relationship and finally find out what happened to Kit!!! Plus, Paige gets the fill in on what went on before she was a member of the trio.

    This episode is super cute. As we have seen in the last few episodes, Poper and Leo have been arguing a lot more. It's even mentioned a few times in previous episodes. Ever since Wyatt was born, they've been arguing more. So, Phoebe suggests they seek professional help. Leo doesn't want to because it is turning to someone with no knowledge of their magical lives, but Piper, already emotional and missing her husband, thinks they should go. This episode is very special to the true fans because we have all watched and suffered and loved with Piper and Leo. Plus, we get to find out what happened to Kit! She never truly abandoned the sisters, she didn't run away. Kit simply wasn't needed anymore and apparently was such a wonderful familiar that she was granted something of a promotion. >^.^< This episode helps make all the sisters a little more real. Piper and Leo are having NORMAL marital problems. Phoebe is starting to show a bit more development in the real world and a little less in the crazy alternate zone her head has been stuck in ever since she met and lost Cole. Paige actually gets to understand truly that her sisters had lives before her and she gets to see that they weren't always as they are now. Paige finds a Phoebe she can more easily relate to in the past and sees Piper as the sweet, struggling, self-conscious, pacifistic middle sister that she once was. Honestly, no matter what anyone says, this is one of my favorite episodes ever! Especially since Prue left. This one was definitely top notch, even if some find it slightly lacking in the action department.
  • paige gets the fill in on what life was for the charmed ones when she wasn\'t there

    piper and leo are having marital problems so they go to see a counciller so piper casts a spell to relive leo and her memories, but it backfires and phoebe and paige are stuck in a time loop while piper and leo relive their memories phoebe and paige are reliving it literally a warlock also gets stuck trying to kill kit the girls cat in their past, because kit is really a \"familiar\" a witch that becomes an animal or a pet for witches. to guide them. then the warlock finnaly gets vanquished by phoebe and paige when piper hears phoebes call....
  • it was so cute to see Phoebe and Paige reliving Piper and Leo's memories. It was fun to see Phoebe's reaction to how she was earlier in the series and an interesting way to fill Paige in on what she missed when she was off being the adopted child.

    Piper and Leo decide to go to marriage couciling after Piper literally but unintentionally blows up part of the house after getting in a fight with Leo. Using Phoebe's advice, Piper casts a spell to speed things along in couciling so that they would be able to make progress in just one visit, causing Phoebe, Paige, and a warlock to take a walk down the couples' memory lane.

    It was a little strange that somehow, for whatever reason, Phoebe, Paige, and the warlock got caught in Piper's subconcious because of the spell, but besides that I loved this episode. There were cute memories from previous seasons, mainly season 3, and Piper and Leo became closer rather then split apart for some other reason. It was an all around good episode.
  • Cat Poop

    I have no understanding of why this episode is so popular. It's just a clip show "disguised" as a regular episode by having today's scenes feature in the clips.

    Cat House has Piper and Leo going to couple's therapy. A spell which they accidentally cast on themselves has repercussions elsewhere as whilst they're talking about their past, Phoebe and Paige are sent back to the past and watch or overhear special moments in Piper and Leo's relationship. Oh, and there's some stuff about a cat and a warlock too.

    The whole episode is pretty standard, with nothing really exciting you. I guess it was cool that Paige got to see the past but I was annoyed at Prue not appearing at all during the clips. Well, except for that one clip where you see the back of her head! The reasoning behind Piper and Leo's arguments are ridiculous and it's annoying how it just comes out of nowhere and there had hardly been any events in the past couple of episodes which show that they aren't happy together anymore.

    I didn't really care that they were having marital problems and to be expected to believe they would go and see a mortal psychiatrist is just pathetic. The whole thing with Kit the cat was mediocre and in the end, it wasn't that important. We haven't seen Kit in ages so I didn't really care for her plight. The whole episode is dull and don't be fooled by fans when they're gushing over it.
  • Phoebe and Paige get trapped in Pipier and Leo's stroll down memory lane.

    I love this episode. The episode opens with what looks like an attack by a demon on a crazy cat lady. Cat lady goes to the sisters for help. Piper and Leo have been having problems so they go see a marriage counselor to try to work out their problems. Piper casts a spell so that they are actually seeing the memories in their minds together.
    Present day Phoebe, Paige, and the demon get thrown into the memories. We then go down memory lane and get to relive all the pivotal moments of Piper and Leo's relationship.
    It's nice because Paige gets to have a glimpse as to what her sisters were like before she came along. She also gets to see Prue in the form of a dog. Pretty funny scene. Also it was great fun to see present day Phoebe in the same scene as the old Phoebe. The walk down memory lane provides laughs and some tears.
    Leo and Piper reconnect and realize they need to spend more time together.
    Of course, the demon is vanquished and you find out who the cat lady really is.
  • Piper and Leo begin to have marital problems. Piper casts a spell to allow them to literally see their past together. However, the spell goes awry when Phoebe and Paige are sent back in time to relive Piper's memories, and a warlock tries to destroy the C

    When Piper and Leo begin to have marital problems, Piper casts a spell to allow them to literally see their past together. However, the spell goes awry when Phoebe and Paige are sent back in time to relive Piper's memories, and a warlock bent on destroying the Charmed Ones tags along for the ride.

    I like this episode because Piper and Leo are having problems with their marriage. Then they realize they love each other when they think all the memories they have when they still love each other. Phebe and Paige are up against a warlock after kit the cat. Where they find out is there familiar, a protector of new witches.