Season 5 Episode 12

Centennial Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

Paige calls Leo to the manor. When he comes he cannot see her. She is invisible and jumps into his body and vanquishes from the inside. Leo, being undead, comes back and Paige tells him that she has been working on a way to try and kill Cole. She has brewed this invisible potion, which allows her to sneak up on Cole and jump inside of him, vanquishing him from inside. Leo doesn't like this idea; he thinks it is too risky. Paige doesn't listen to Leo; she just wants to vanquish Cole on her own so that Phoebe doesn't ever need to worry about him again.

Cole comes home to empty apartment. He looks at a picture of himself and Phoebe. He is sad and wishes himself a happy birthday. The invisible Paige sneaks up on Cole and vanquishes from the inside. She thinks she was successful, but Cole's particles come back and send Paige flying out of the apartment to land in the bay.

Back at the manor, Phoebe and Piper are practicing lamaze for when the baby comes. Eve, the gypsy doctor, is there and is trying to get Piper prepared for the big day. When Paige returns home, Leo makes her tell Piper and Phoebe what she tried to do the previous night. Piper and Phoebe aren't happy to hear that Paige tried to vanquish Cole by herself; Piper reminds her that they all agreed that they wouldn't chase demons during her last trimester. Paige agrees, but sneezes making her orb out for a moment. It is apparent that she caught the sniffles from her dip in the bay and that her sneezes make her orb out for a moment. Eve tells her there is a simple solution and goes to get it.

At P3 that evening, Leo, Piper, Phoebe, Daryl and his wife are celebrating Daryl's promotion on the force. Michelle Branch is playing and everyone is having a wonderful time at the club. Daryl asks about Paige's whereabouts, and the girls say that she wasn't feeling well. Unfortunately Phoebe spies Paige coming into the club and both Phoebe and Piper go try and see why she is there. Paige says that Eve's remedy has worked all day and she hasn't sneezed at all. Piper ushers Paige into the back room to make sure.

At Cole's apartment, Cole has finally agreed to join the Avatars, a group that manipulates good and evil for their own purposes. Cole only agrees to join if they will allow him one last personal event before joining. They give him the powers and he then informs the leader that he is going to go back in time and make the meeting of the Charmed Ones never happen. Thus making Phoebe and him still have a strong relationship without her duties. The leader tries to warn him off of this, but Cole will not be deterred. He reverses time, at the same moment, Paige sneezes orbing into limbo for a few seconds.

When Paige returns to the world, she is in the club, but it is closed and run down. She calls for Leo, who finally comes for her. Leo doesn't know her and she tells him that she is a Charmed One. He doesn't believe her, but she tells him things that only a Charmed One could know. Exasperated she makes him take her to Piper. Piper is no longer pregnant, in fact she and Leo are divorced. She is on a mission to try and vanquish the demon that killed Prue. Paige tries to tell her that she is her sister, but Piper doesn't believe her. Paige tells her about the demon she just killed, but that just makes Piper more suspicious. Paige makes Leo take her to Phoebe, but he refuses. Paige will go there herself.

At the Manor, Cole is going to take over the Cole that exists in this world. He is surprised with a birthday party. The Seer is there and she tells him that as long as Phoebe gives him an heir things will be fine. When Cole finally sees Phoebe, she isn't in love with him but is putting up with their marriage so that he won't do anything to hurt Piper. Paige sneaks into the house and corners Phoebe when no one is around. Paige tries to tell her story to Phoebe, but Phoebe doesn't believe her. Daryl, who has become a bodyguard for Phoebe tries to kill Paige, but Leo saves her just in time.

Leo takes Paige to the cemetery where he shows her a grave, it is hers. Paige realizes that since Cole altered the events of the sisters coming together she is killed as a result. Piper comes to the cemetery and tells Paige that she believes her and how can they put the world back to the right events. Paige tells them that they must vanquish Cole as Baltazar. She remembers the vanquishing potion and they go to the Manor to get some of Cole's skin.

After Paige makes the potion, Leo, Piper, and Paige go to the Manor to vanquish him. As they try to catch Cole, Piper is knocked out by an energy ball but is still alive. Cole tries to kill Paige and Phoebe but Phoebe begins to trust Paige and Paige tells her to grab Piper's hand and says that "it" should still work as long as she's alive. Phoebe does so just as an energy orb shoots towards them and a light/shield falls from above and protects them, bouncing the attack back at Cole and stunning him, The Power of Three still TRIUMPHS!. Phoebe gets the potion from Paige and Cole tells her that she loves him too much to vanquish him, but she says she doesn't and throws the potion and Cole is vanquished with a lot of cool visuals, flame spurting everywhere, screaming. The natural order is restored and Paige is orbed back into her own world

Back in the correct world, Paige tells her sisters what transpired. The sisters go to Cole's apartment and it is apparent that Cole has been vanquished.