Season 5 Episode 12

Centennial Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2003 on The WB

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  • Phoebe is Hot Smoking

    I wish it was me in the kitchen smoking.......
  • Centennial Charmed

    Centennial Charmed was a superbly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development along with magic and intrigue. It was great to watch the story unfold and I liked the character development and plot progression. The action was engaging the drama was intriguing and the outcome was awesome. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • A Paige to the Past.


    Let it be known that this is the last really good episode of Charmed for quite some time. Celebrating 100 hours of witchly mayhem, and written by showrunner Brad Kern, ''Centennial Charmed'' is far from flawless, but given the sleuth of banal story-lines ahead of us, let's be thankful for small miracles, eh?

    It was a risky move planting such a huge storyline on Rose McGowan's shoulders; the rookie of our three leads, Rose may not have the acting chops of Holly or the deft comedic timing of Alyssa, but the gamble ultimately pays off.

    Paige is caught up in another one of Cole's attempts to win back Phoebe's affections, and is zapped to an alternate reality where Piper is less pregnant and more badass, Leo dresses like a homeless man for some odd reason (I guess no one was doing his washing, now that he and Piper had split) and Cole owns the Manner. Again. (That was sooo last week, you guys!)

    In various other shows, alternate reality episodes can come off as a hackneyed attempt to shake the status quo, but in Charmed's case, more often than not, they usually result in some of the strongest hours from this featherweight series. I guess it's because, generally, they're not standalone episodes, and usually interact with and affect the main arc (if we're lucky enough to get an arc, that is). The 100th outing is no exception, with production design having a blast tearing down the likes of P3 and defacing the manor (although they did get a bit lazy here); the crew do as much as possible to drag us away from our usual surroundings.

    I was a little confused on a few things, though (Leo's evident lack of hygiene being one of them). Why was Phoebe getting off with Demons? I presume that guy was a Demon she was fooling around with in bed. It just didn't make any sense. Sure, ok, she was a prisoner, and a gal has needs every now and then, so I guess she was making the best of a worst-case scenario, but did we really need another reason to accuse Phoebe of being a bit of a floozy? I mean, really? So didn't get it.

    There are plenty of throw-backs to past seasons, with breif mentions of Shax and Prue throughout. Charmed may not be the best when it comes to continuity (and quite a few other things, if I'm being honest), but during milestone episodes like this one, finales, and what have you, you can always expect some sort of blast from the past. We also get to see The Seer for the last time, which was a nice surprise too.

    It's not all puppies and rainbows, mind you. The script lacks the energy and freshness that could have made what was a very good episode, a brilliant one. The dialogue never really jumps out at you, with obvious pointers thrown in to highlight just how different everything is, in case we're slow on the uptake (''that's no way to speak to your husband'' -- *groan* they're obviously not together anymore, Paige, Leo looks like he smells like pee).

    And, as final appearances go (well, final-ish), Julian McMahon decides his last performance needed an extra slice of ham, with a bit of cheese on the side. Yes, his lines were often ridiculous here (I mean, could you pull off that ''you're going down with me'' crap? Thought as much) but even so, it was a disappointing performance from a usually bankable actor.

    And while I'm on a ranting spree right now, his vanquish here lacked the gravitas of the tear-driven explode-y goodness from last season. I also would have preferred it had Paige killed Cole instead of this random, alternate reality, sluts it up with demons, Phoebe. ''I do hate long goodbyes'' could have been an awesome last line for Paige, but no, cipher, chain-smoking Phoebe has to do it. Go figure!

    All in all, though, ''Centennial Charmed'' is a corker, especially by Charmed's standards. And especially by season 5's standards. Whenever we do get an episode as good as this one, I always have to raise the question why they can't offer up storytelling of the same calibre on a weekly basis.

    Like I said, let's be thankful for small miracles.

  • Happy Birthday, Cole (Charmed)...

    This is the 100th episode of Charmed, and it is memorable for more than the number. It is Charmed at its darkest and most urgent. Essentially, it is a greek tragedy in sci-fi guise; Cole's obsession brings about his own death.

    Other than Just Harried, it seems like every great episode of Charmed involves either an alternate reality or an alternate time line. This episode ingeniously involves both after Cole uses his Avatar powers to alter the past while staying in the present. Not only is the idea of a timeline after Prue's death with no Paige fascinating, but it is also a brilliant way for the writers to get around Cole's invincibility and finally get rid of him.

    The alternate reality is really a pretty grim and pessimistic view of our characters. Piper's quest to destroy Shax is contrary to her character immediately after Prue's death, (in Charmed Again, Piper wanted no part of revenge on Shax). It is also strange that Piper and Leo's love couldn't survive in the new reality, considering everything it eventually overcomes. Their relationship is reminiscent of "Morality Bites" here. Regardless, I admit it was a joy to see the wrathful Piper and the bitter Leo. But, of course, Piper and Leo are great throughout; Paige again kind of stealing Leo away from Phoebe as her whitelighter who knows her secrets, and Piper's "going to the hospital" antics are hilarious in the early scene.

    Still, this is Paige and Cole's show, and they carry it all the way, same as they have much of this season. From the super cool practice vanquish on Leo in the opening scene to the final scene where she wishes Cole (and Charmed) a happy birthday, Paige shines perhaps brighter than any other time in the series. One of the best parts of this episode is just watching Paige, Piper and Leo reconnect. This was a very creative way to illustrate how close Paige has grown to both.

    Unfortunately for Cole, Phoebe, unlike Piper, has not really been altered at all by events; she's as bitter towards Cole as she ever was. Her first realization that Paige is her sister, and her wonderment at the reconstitution of the Power of 3, are her moments to shine.

    Julian McMahon, as one would expect, is at his best. The scene where he asks Phoebe what happened to their love is one final moment of brilliance between the two. Julian was just too good to get rid of for over 2 and a half seasons, but now is definitely the time.

    A huge added bonus is the return of the Seer, Debbi Morgan, for this last performance. Her and Cole are two of the greatest villians the show will ever see, and it was great to see them interact one last time. Yes, the final vanquish doesn't compare with Long Live the Queen, but we did get to see the Power of 3 constituted one last time. And the triumphant look that Paige gives Cole when she holds up the vanquishing potion is one of my favorite moments of the series. Yes, Cole's return took away from the climax of Long Live the Queen. However, for me, when I consider this great Season 5 run ending with this episode, to me, it completely paid off. Great, great episode. One that I can seemingly watch many times and never get bored of. That's about the best compliment I could give any show.
  • 100th Times The Charmed

    Centennial Charmed-In his twisted attempt to win Phoebe's heart back, Cole casts a spell that alters reality, which eliminates Paige as a Halliwell and destroys the Power of Three. Meanwhile, Paige suddenly finds that her sisters have no knowledge of her existence and that past villains have come back to haunt them.

    Considered to be a classic among the Charmed fandom, "Centennial Charmed" isn't really much of one after rewatching it. I remember first watching this episode back in '03 and falling in love with it. What a great episode for a monumental occassion but honestly, it's really just a good episode for Season 5's standards. The alternate reality plot has been done to death on sci-fi/supernatural shows and when Cole alters the world, it's not really "that" impressive. Yet as a celebration of the series' past 99 episodes, we get a slew of great references to past demons like Shax and the Lazzarus demon, not to mention Prue's demise and how it affected the family. Leo and Piper are divorced leaving Leo as a pathetic whitelighter and Phoebe is an unhappy queen to the Underworld at the Manor. With these alterations, it's Piper who has the most dreastic change becoming a demon hunter and sporting knives bigger than even Crocodile Dundee's ever seen. Holly definately kick a$$ in the role and I loved her torture scene with the Lazarus demon.

    Other great moments was seeing the Seer return! Being one of the many highlights of Season 4, Debbi Morgan brings such gravitas to the character and even if we only see the Seer briefly for only two scenes, she packs a punch no matter what. You can also tell the budget was used well here, especially during Cole's awesome vanquish. While it was a stunning visual, the vanquish was weak in terms of emotional investment. This is why Cole should have stayed dead after "Long Live the Queen", his vanquish during that episode was heartbreaking and a true exit to such a fan favorite. Here, Cole dies not by the combined power of the Charmed Ones or even the real Phoebe, Cole is killed by her alternate self, which is pretty weak plot point. If it was done by our Phoebe, maybe we wouldn have gotten an emotional pay off but like this whole Cole/Phoebe arc this season, it was disappointing. So now Cole is gone and instead of wishing he came back, it's a blessing. But thank you Julian McMahon for making Cole such an awesome character in Season 3 and 4, too bad the writers ruined him in Season 5. Ultimately, "Centennial Charmed" is a good hour of Charmed that reminds us why we're still watching despite the series' inconsistent writing at the moment and beyond.
  • Centennial Charmed is one of the best episodes in the series. Spoilers within.

    Warning: Spoilers! Cole, Phoebe's lover and enemy, finally dies in a conclusion that could not possibly be better. This episode is epic.

    Paige, longtime hater of Cole, makes a risky attempt to vanquish the seemingly unvanquishable Cole (see previous episodes). When she fails, she enrages the now insane demon. It's interesting that Paige is the one who wants to move out and become independent, when Phoebe is the one to leave the manor first in Season 8. Back to the episode, Cole decides that Paige is the one responsible for his woes, and that without her he could still be happy with Phoebe. He accepts an Avatar's offer of power, and erases Paige's existence.

    Unfortunately...Paige is sneeze-orbing (from a cold, a consequence of her vanquish attempt) when Cole makes the change. She finds herself in a universe where she died before meeting the sisters.

    Piper is divoriced and vengeful, Phoebe is miserably married to Cole, previously vanquished demons are living in the mansion, and Paige has assumed the life of her powerless dead alternate. The sisters finally band together and defeat Cole once and for all. Phoebe is the one to kill him, and when he dies the universe is restored.

    Despite the loopholes, there is no denying the beauty at the end of the episode. The symbolism of the fight, the foreshadowing, the epic end of a battle that has lasted through many seasons.

    In this episode we saw Cole's insanity and love, we saw Paige's significance to her sisters, Piper's true abilities, and Phoebe's caring for others.

    Phoebe, distraught, turns to the elevator and hangs her head as she and her sisters leave Cole's empty apartment. Piper comforts her, and Paige moves to join them but stops. She turns to survey the apartment, and before walking into the elevator, says one of the best lines in the series.

    "Happy birthday, Cole."
  • Cole Turner 1885 - 2003

    Wow! What an exit for Cole. This is Brad Kern at his best: a dark and gripping hour with all the intensity of "All Hell Breaks Loose".

    In his last, desperate attempt to win back Phoebe, Cole becomes an Avatar and alters the past to prevent Paige becoming a Charmed One. The episode then plunges into a fascinating alternate reality in which the power of three no longer exists. Paige's struggle to win over her sisters makes for some excellent viewing.

    This is the first time they've done alternate reality on Charmed. We almost got there with "Morality Bites" but that, of course, was set in the future. It really is wonderfully plotted: all the strands are well thought out and everything fits with what we know of the characters: Piper still searching for Shax; Phoebe trapped in a loveless marriage.

    Totally loved Cole's demonic birthday party and top marks for bringing back Debbi Morgan as the Seer. The pivotal scene comes when Cole catches Phoebe in bed with another demon. Realising their love wasn't meant to be pushes him over the edge and leads to his (slightly disappointing) vanquish.

    So, for the second time, we bid farewell to one of the cast regulars. For me, Julian McMahon has been the outstanding talent on this show and Cole the most enthralling character.

    I wasn't sure whether bringing Cole back from the wasteland was the right thing to do at first but this latest run of episodes has been superb. Much as I wanted his good side to win, I have to admit the best stories have been when he is evil.

    Thanks to Brad Kern and Constance Burge for creating Cole Turner and thanks to Julian for some stunning performances. The last words go to our favourite demon.

    I was dead before I met you
    I was born the day you loved me
    And my love for you will keep me alive forever

    Rest in peace.
  • Paige goes to alternate reality where she is dead, and the Charmed Ones dont exist anymore. Starring Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, and Holly Marie Combs as "Piper", Brian Krause, Julian McMahon, Dorian Gregory.

    This was the one hundredth episode of Charmed, and man did they show exactly what they could do. The idea of what wouldve happened to the Charmed Ones if Paige (Rose McGowan) was killed or something else had happened to her. This episode did a great job with that. Paige gets a cold after trying to kill Cole (Julian McMahon). Whenever she sneezes she orbs, and that also explained that whenever someone teleports they go to a neutral plane and then reappear where they wanted to go. The characters were taken to great places that were very believable. Paige stayed the same, and Leo (Brian Krause), even though is still a whitelighter, is more dark and rough. Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Cole are having maritial problems, and are not happy, which also explains that they, no matter what, are not meant to be together. But the plot, and Piper (Holly Marie Combs) going on a rampage to kill Shax, who killed Prue, was great. This entire episode was great, also marking the death of Cole/Belthazor.
  • Cole uses the power of the Avatar to change reality so Piper and Phoebe never met Paige. Only Paige sneeze orbs when it changes dumping her in the alternate reality

    A very enjoyable episode that gives a sort of apocalyptic alternate reality. Julian Mcmahon as Cole has literally just been a miserable boring character in the season 5 episodes Ive seen so far. This episode he's actually quite active and unlike a few episodes before when he wanted to set himself up to be vanquished (that was an awful B plot) he actually tries to aim for a more positive approach and that's good. Even if it makes for a Big mistake in the end. But then again he did want to be vanquished didn't he!

    Where as Phoebe as Slutty witch of the Manor is plausible I kind of had a problem with the whole Piper in leathers. It's weird cos I wouldn't object to it for other characters in other shows but Holly Marie Combs just doesn't suit leathers. However, at least now her pregnancy is looking like its taking hold up till a few episodes ago - it was like 'She's not pregnant!'. She played leather kinky looking Piper better in Season 3's Coyote Piper as well.

    I really enjoyed this episode but if you want an apocalyptic view episode season 2's Morality Bites is the best.
  • one of my faves in the series.

    thank you every much at last cole is dead permanently when i first watched this i was HAPPY. Unlike some other reviewers it was ONE of my faves and i didn't find Julian McMahon to be the stand out actor of the show i liked Brian Krause MUCH better and he was overshadowed by his female associates as well. this episode finally laid the cole issue to rest for phoebe and she deserved to have the peace of mind and to me that is what made this episode back then great and what makes it great today to say more i think would be over expressive thank you for reading this review for those of you that read it.


  • You're all invited to Belthazor's Birthday Bash (and swan song)!

    Once in a Charmed interview right around the time of season 4, Holly and Alyssa were asked whether they had ever considered "going it alone" after Shannen left the show (instead of hiring Rose). They of course explained that the show revolved around the power of three so they needed her.

    What's interesting about this episode is that it answers that question. In other words, what would have Charmed been like if Piper and Phoebe had gone being regular witches without the power of three?

    In a last attempt to regain Phoebe, Cole uses the powers of the Avatars (despite their warning) to transport himself into an alternate reality where the Charmed Ones had never been reconstituted.

    After a botched attempt to vanquish Cole and being tossed into the Bay, Paige develops some kind of sneezing/orbing problem that works her in favor since her orb is able to somehow intersect with Cole's spell and transport to the alternate reality along with him.

    In this alternate reality, P3 becomes a homeless hangout (as Piper has abandoned it after Prue's death), Leo is some sort of renegade whitelighter, and a more tougher than usual warrior Piper is found to still be in pursuit of Shax roughly a year and a half later after the events of All Hell Breaks Loose.

    Back at the manor (now off limits to good forces), a bunch of demons are celebrating Belthazor's 100th birthday, though one demon points out he thought he was 117 (supposedly he's 118, but I guess the writer's took a continuity breaking license as usual).

    In this alternate reality Phoebe is Cole's unhappy wife. It's another interesting development since a year and a half ago, right before they met Paige, Phoebe had made the agreement to cross over to evil if the Source reversed time. What happened since then in this alternate reality is unknown (Is the Source alive? I forgot if they even mentioned this) though she says her reason for staying with Cole includes protecting Piper from the same fate as Prue (insert Alyssa/Shannen feud and its possible implications for Holly joke here). Doormat Darryl here is a bodyguard Alyssa...I mean Phoebe felt sorry for and decides to keep instead of otherwise firing...errr letting him be fried by a demon.

    Long story short, because he's back in Belthazor mode in this reality, the girls (Paige and Piper) are able to cook up Prue's special Belthazor stew (the kind of flavor Campbells doesn't come in) and return to the manor and finally have him vanquished by his lovely wife.

    With this, the alternate reality spins back into the actual reality (where for some reason time kept resuming its normal pace) and regular Piper just kind of nonchalantly asks Paige where she's been. It's a cute scene to be honest because although Piper doesn't seem enormously concerned Paige was gone the whole day (especially when she knew about the adverse orbing/sneezing out and how Paige never orbed back into place) it reminded me of the end of season 1 episode the Power of Two; when a clueless Piper walks into her sisters who had saved the day from a ghost while she was gone.

    Anyway, so Paige tells her story and the sisters go back to Cole's apartment to find him gone. As they walk to the elevator Paige wishes Cole a Happy Birthday as we fade to black...

    And so ends the saga of the demon/ADA who captivated all those ladies [and gay men I guess] for two seasons and a half. He is Cole Turner, ADA...the Mighty Belthazor of Brain Drain...the Replacement Source of all Evil...and most importantly Phoebe's first true love...

    P.S. Be sure not to miss him in flashback 4 episodes down the road in Cat House (while many people are glad Julian never *really* dies on this show it makes the lack of Shannen Doherty flashbacks much more unrealistic...I don't care how much it costs Brad! Pay the woman and save the show! Oh well, too late.)
  • Sadly, Cole is vanquished in this episode.

    The 100th episode of Charmed, and the last appearance of Julian McMahon as Cole Turner, until he returns in the later episode "The Seven Year Witch" (Season 7). Not good!! The writer should not killed off Cole in this episode. This is the 100th episode of the series!! The writer should at least show us some romantic moment between Phoebe and Cole, not killed him off!! How sad is that?? Watching Phoebe vanquished Cole in the 100th episode of the series. However, this is one good episode. Paige does not affected by Cole' spell because she orbed, but she still lost her powers...Cole created a reality world, in which the sisters did not meet Paige yet. Clever!! I'm surprise Brad Kern can think of this plot after some disappointing episode from him. ("Which Way Now?", "A Call to Arms") Good episode but not the best as the 100th episode.
  • A great episode if you want to see different sides of the Charmed Ones!

    This episode is perfect for anyone who doesn't like Cole, which I don't. We got to see a totally different side of Piper, and it was intriguing to see her act like that. Who knew she could be so cool and kickass?

    I couldn't help but feel bad for Paige, though, who was dead and forgotten. She didn't even get the chance to know her sisters. And the fact that neither of them wanted to listen to or believe what she was saying really made the emotional tension of this episode skyrocket.

    It was sad to see Phoebe so lonely and unhappy. As one of my favorite characters, I like it when storylines revolve round her, even if just a little bit. But I was glad that it was Phoebe who vanquished Cole for good - a perfect ending to a perfect storyline!
  • Cole changes reality in order to be with Phoebe again, but things don't work out the way he planned.

    In the trivia portion of the page, it mentions that during season 3, in the LOOK WHO'S BARKING episode, the Balthazar vanquishing potion didn't work on Cole because he'd had his blood changed by an alchemist. In CENTENNIAL CHARMED, since the time in the alternate reality is after Cole had his blood transformed, it shouldn't have worked in this episode either. However, the potion they used in season 3 was made before the change, and that's why it doesn't work: in the season 5 episode, they used a fresh piece of flesh, so it wouldn't matter about the blood being changed.
  • An underrated episode of Charmed

    This is a great episode of Charmed - a celebration of one hundred episodes!

    The plot is good and the way Paige finds her way into the other realm is well-handled and typical of her. The dark contrast and the way the other characters act is a good thing and the way Phoebe's life is still miserable - even after all Cole's been through - just goes to show some marriages can't be saved. im glad coles been vaniquished - he's storylines were starting to grate on me. but i love Julian Mcchan.

    overall a great celebration to a wonderful series.
  • Charmed's 100th episode.

    When Cole casts a spell to try and win Phoebe back the world is changed and the power of three with it. In this twisted yet interesting future the power of three is no power, Paige having been killed before she even met Phoebe and Piper. Cole, reverting to Belthazar, is living in the manor with Phoebe as his queen but all is not as it appears to be. Their relationship still isn't the fairy tale Cole wished for. And neither is Leo and Piper's, who is now a sort of wicca bounty hunter, they are divorced and Piper is not longer pregnant. But the bounds of sisterhood prove to strong for even an alternative reality to beat, the girls once and for vanquishing Cole.

    This is a good episode and a really good choice of story line, a chance to shake things up, for Charmed's 100th. And a nice way to say goodbye to Julian (Cole).
  • The show celebrates it's one hundredth episode in style as Cole gets his final comeuppance..

    The show celebrates its 100th episode with a 'what if' story that sees the penultimate apperance and final vanquishing of Cole Turner. Thinking that Paige is the perceived cause of his problems with Phoebe he casts a reality altering spell where she no longer exists but unfortunately for him Paige escapes the effects of the spell and finds herself in an altered parallel world. In this version of events Piper has become an obssessed with venegeance demon killing machine whilst Phoebe still lives in the Manor, married to Cole, whom she despises. Paige finds that she no longer exists in this reality and has to convince Leo and Piper who she is and what has happened. Parallel universe stories are another staple ingredient of sci-fi/fantasy shows and they offer up an opportunity to change the format for an episode or two before pushing the reset button and restoring normal service. Charmed experiments with this type of show on several occaisions but this is the best of the bunch - giving us a chance to see what would've happened if the Power of Three hadn't been reconstituted at the start of Season 4. The final act sees the vanquishing of Cole once and for all - the character had by this point outlived his usefulness and ultimately the right decision was made to give him a final, glorious send off. A truly first class episode - definitely in the show's Top Ten!
  • I found this one super sad, Cole's desperation finally gets to be too much for him and he seals his own undoing and his own ultimate heartbreak.

    I thought this episode was super duper sad. I feel so sorry for Cole! Honestly I think the thing that finally pushed him over the edge was the day Paige chose to try to vanquish him. He was already heartbroken, grief striken with lonliness and loss, and he felt very vulnerable, forgotten, and unwanted as he was alone on his birthday. So then she comes in, tries to kill him when she knows he's already slipping from sanity, and it's just too much for him. He snaps. I really feel like Cole's character gets shafted this season. I wish somehow he would have tried to be good for the sake of being good rather than for the sake of the Phoebe, and that would have made all the difference. It was a well done episode, actually. The alternate reality was wall plotted out. This is the first episode in this season that I feel has actually had some of the qualities that originally made Charmed such a great show. It wasn't there best, but I think it's been the best of this season.
  • The end of an era

    I love these "What if"-episodes. In this very special Charmed episode, Cole is travelling back in time with the help of the Avatars to win back Phoebe. But even in the world he created, there ain't no happy ending for the two of them. They finally have to realize that they were not meant to be and it's a hard, but necessary decision when Phoebe finally vanquishes him for good.

    The first time Phoebe stood up and killed him despite all her love for him was very emotional, but this time it wasn't all that tough for her. She's over him and as much as I love Julian and his character, it was really time for this relationship and the storyline to end. Now this era is over and Phoebe might even be open for something new!
  • finnaly cole is vanquished

    phoebe still has cole over her shoulder
    but paige has a great vanquish for him that she uses on leo and works so she presumes it will work on cole but leo says
    it wont so paige goes alone to vanquish him
    it works but he comes back and throws her out
    the window paige orbs and ends up in a river
    then the day after whenever she sneezes she orbs everbody is at the club when paige arrives to piper and phoebes shock then sneezes while cole goes back in time to be with phoebe and paige is then in this reality
    meaning, the charmed ones never reconstituted after prue died so when piper and paige meet up piper dosent know her so phoebe and cole are back together but not the way he wanted it to be so then cole never went to the demonic wasteland which means he never got alot of powers so the sisters can vanquish him and phoebe said goodeby forever to cole then time catches up with itself and paige is sent back to her time when cole dies
  • Fianlly, Cole is vanquished for good. No questions asked.

    After a season of trying to get rid of this guy, it's finally happened. Cole was vanquished for good at the end of this episode. This episode was a little different because Cole became an avatar to change time where Paige never became a Charmed One. Phoebe became evil I think and stayed at the manor where it became taken over by demons. Leo was a bum at P3. Piper was a freakin bad-ass vanquished demons left and right. But another episode that explains why I hate Paige. She continued to be annoying like she always is. Other than that, this episode was an alright 100th one.
  • Definately different

    this episode didnt exactly live up to my expectations. It was still good, but the way that Cole was vanquished was a bit anticlimactic. And the alternate reality was a bit over the top. It was interesting to see what it wouldve been like without Paige, but still a bit quirky, creepy, and definately wrong!
    It was cool to see Cole rich and in power at the manor, the way he was destined to be before becoming The Source and Evil Cole. Cole was the best character the show ever had, and i wish that they didnt vanquish him ever!
  • This was the 100th episode of Charmed!!!!!!!!

    All in all, this episode was good. Cole was finally vanquished for good and was a well done 100th episode. It was well written and the actors did a well job potraying the newly formed characters for the alternate reality. I give this episode a 9.5 out of a 10!! :)
  • Cole's birthday

    In this episode when the deamons are giving Cole his surprise party the cake say's "Happy 100th Birthday". And the deamon who made the cake says that "I thought that you waere actually 117." But if you remember in the episode "Coyote Piper" when Phobe was look for answers about Cole, the lady in the library told her "There must be a clerical error, that it would be hard to belive that he would be alive, and kick at 115." So if he would have been 115 in season 3. wouldnt that make him 117 in season 5, just 2 years later?
  • 100th Episode.

    The 100th episode of charmed. In this episode Cole casts a spell that brings him into an alternate reality but because Paige has a cold ( which makes her orb ) she sneezes and orbs into the reality that she doesn't exist in. This is a great episode and i was shocked with the outcome because in the alternate reality her sisters had never meet her she had to convince them that she was really their sister. My favourite part of the episode is when they vanquish Cole because the special effects for the episode are really good.

    Overall: A brilliant episode.
  • As part of Cole's relentless quest to win back Phoebe, he creates an alternate reality in which Paige never became one of the Charmed Ones, and, in doing so, he unknowingly makes himself vulnerable...

    ...Assisted by the power-boost of the Avatars, Cole turns back time and attempts to create a reality without Paige--one inwhich he believes he and Phoebe will be happy. But, because Paige is orbing when the shift in reality occurs, she is unaffected. It is then left to her to convince Leo, Piper, and Phoebe that the reality they are experiencing is not their destined one...

    I am always a sucker for the alternate reality/time-travel episodes, and this is one of my favorites. It really lets Paige show off her fiesty nature, and it is interesting to see what might have become of Piper, Phoebe, and Leo if Paige had not reconstituted the Charmed Ones. It seems realistic and in character that, without Paige, Piper would bave become consumed with avenging Prue's death, and that her marriage to Leo would have been negatively affected by her anger.

    I also thought it was a clever way for the sisters to defeat Cole, as in this alternate reality he was not invincible. It also showed that Cole and Phoebe's love was not meant to be, as had been suggested in previous episodes.
  • One of the best episodes I've ever seen on the show

    I truly enjoyed watching this episode. It was pivitoal and a classic. They final dealt with the Cole situation and did a great job making a hundreth episode in the process. The writers had a great way of having them kill Cole once and for all and finding a way around his invincibility. They had him create an alternate reality where Paige never joined the Charmed Ones and was killed so that he could get Phoebe back and they did a great job with designing the alternate reality. I liked how the one person who was supposed to be dead in that reality was the one person who ended up there and saved the day by knowing the truth. I liked how while Paige made the vanquishing potion for Cole it was actually Phoebe who finished the job. I thought that it was right for Phobe to kill Cole. He made her life a living hell- literaly- and she had the most right to finish him off. Ironic really that she did it. She kept promising him since he came back that if he went evil again she'd find a way to vanquish him and make it stick and she did. He never came back again except for in spirit form in season 7. He hurt her so badly over the past two years. Also she was the one he trageted the most the first time he was evil out of the three times (when he was origanly evil, when he was posesed by the Source's powers, when he apperently went crazy or was influenced to evil by his new powers).
  • Ding Dong the witch is dead... sort of

    This episode realy proves to you -even though we already knew- that Cole loves pheobe. THe fact that he was desperate enough to alter reality WOW. Demon hunter Piper was really cool. I think that they could should have made this episode into a 2 parter episode. It's really interesting to see how pheobe went from Charmed one to living with demons and having a affaire with some nowere demon
  • COle is finally killed basically by himself because of his obsession.

    Its the 100th episode and it was a great episode. I really do love alternate reality plots so this one was great because of that alone.

    Coles obsession/insanity leads him to alter reality and create a place where paige doesnt exist and he is with phoebe. ok wow i am so glad they are ending this in this episode. anything to get love back, right? so painfully right for cole.

    Real piper: SHe is going even further with the home birthing thing even though she still objects, she sure is doing a lot to ready herself, contradict yourself much?
    Alternapiper: I totally loved this piper and i wish they brought her back to the real reality. kickass piper needs to come out more. she is totally out for revenge because of prues death and wants shax. question: cole made this reality near his birthday which meant it was around a year and a half after prue died, am i suppose to believe piper had this hard a time looking for shaxs?

    Real phoebe: SHes happy and doesnt need cole to be vanquished to move on, yeah right.
    Alternaphoebe: stuck in a loveless marriage where she is sleeping around with low power minions right in front of cole. gotta love the cole abuse,lol. apparently she doesnt want piper to get killed so she is staying with cole to make sure that doesnt happen.

    Real paige: Her repression comes to surface again. she feels like moving out because her of "only child" way of life. she wants to kill cole to make phoebe happy.
    ALternapaige: Dead.

    So the opening scene was really good. Leo orbs in and looks for paige. an invisible type form slowly approaches him and finally jumps into him. Leo makes with the weird faces and explodes, i was laughing right there. seems paige made a potion to enter cole long enough to vanquish him. not a good idea missy but whatever. leo makes with the condenscending talk but paige goes anyway. SHe enters cole and thinks she vanquishes him, she couldnt be more wrong. a million little of those black bugs reform and push paige right through the window, great scene and nice effect. she lands in the bay and catches a cold, rather quickly.

    Michelle branch performs at P3 and we finally see darryls wife. she is absolutely beautiful and so totally doesnt belong with darryl. anyway paige makes an appearance but piper and feebs make with the pep talk. a sneeze appraoches and at the same time cole is casting the reality spell. PAige sneezes and we cut to a beautiful skyline view of the city where a really nice gold shimmer effect is cast over everything, thereby alternating reality. paige reforms in the new reality.

    SHe calls for leo and whats with the scruffy face leo? anyway he orbs them to piper where she is hunting a lazarus demon, not coolio by the way. piper makes with the threats and slowly blows the lazarus demon up, arm, arm, fullbody. seems piper and leo arent married, i like this reality already but paige doesnt agree with me. she thinks paige is an attempt by the elders to get piper to be good again.

    Cut to the manor with a really beautiful but conspicuous fence surrounding the manor. cole is cocky standing outside admiring his effort to get phoebe back. the avatars basically tells he is a complete moron and he is easily killed in this world. hubris definately kills cole. inside the manor is really nice and very bachelor pad. its a surprise birthday party, i didnt really like that but bright side the beautiful debbie morgan makes an appearance. phoebe comes the stairs in a really nice red dress accompanied by a disgusting fake diamond necklace. paige slinks through the crowd and goes to talk with phoebe, doesnt work. darryl is there and really sucks with the gun, bad aim. seriously he shoots like 5 minutes after leo and paige orb away. cole should have killed you.

    Leo drops the bomb that paige is dead but piper comes around and says they need to change the reality. cole walks in on phoebe with one of her minions. cole kills him and phoebe is all" idiot!" cole doesnt understand that the feebs hatred for him will travel with her forever and wherever she goes. piper,leo and paige orb in, piper blasts cole and paige slices his hand, cole just lays there while watching her cut his hand, ill let it slide, really good epsiode. cole is mad and slaps phoebe, he slaps her, how much longer until his demise? lets go!!!!

    THey amke the potion and enter the manor to get phoebe out. cole surprises them and throws an energy ball that blows all three of them into a bar. i guess the ballg ot bigger in the air? it was a good effect though. pipers knocked out and phoebe comes over. paige realizes they have to hold hands to reconstitute the charmed ones. they do, the chandeleir lights up and cole makes one last plea to phoebe and how epic their love is. phoebe couldnt care less and throws the potion. buh bye cole, so long obsession/insanity plot, he is gone for good. i will miss julian great actor its just his plot got annoying, funny but annyoing. his death was good with his skeleton shown, but i prefer his previous vanquish in "long live the queen" reality switch back and paige fills her sisters in on what happened. phoebe looks alittle upset, like she wanted to do it but she also looked peaceful.
  • The Charmed Ones face Cole for once and for all.

    Paige finds herself in an alternative reality, while Phoebe is still married with Cole, Leo and Piper are divorced, while she is hunting the demon that killed Prue. When Paige finds all about Cole's plan, so she tries to convinced Phoebe and Piper that she is her half-sister, and only if they together they are going to be able to defeat Cole. While Cole discovers that no matter what happens, his fate is not to be with Phoebe and so he explodes, which causes his death.....
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