Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on The WB

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  • I some how felt that these two episodes were like one big episode. Both Extreme Makeover, World Edition and Chaarmageddon.


    Both were wonderful, but a little predictable, Bad guys not really the bad guys but the good guys, then the bad guys that turned into the good guys really were the bad guys. The girls hate them at first then they trust them, then they dont trust them.

    It was a good story line, but I knew what was going to happen way before it happen.

    Rose does it to me everytime, She did it when Richard took his power stipping position and she did it when Kyle died. Her voice gets really soft and sad and I can hear the tears in her voice. I just cry like a two year old. She is such a wonderful actress..

    Like the demons and men on the show (other then Leo) Knowing that most of them do not last long I try not to get too attached, but of course I always do. Oh how I wanted Kyle to last longer on the show. How did Piper say it? 'they are blessed as witches but cursed as woman". That is so right..

    In EMWE how funny was it to see the sisters paranoid? Piper asking if Leo was seeing someone else, Paige saying "Im not? Then, who am I? after Piper said she wasnt herself.. And Pheobe just generally freaking out. It was commical.

    Of the two charmageddon was by far my favorite. Mostly because of Pheobe's premonition, Seeing Andy and their grandmother and Cole ( Oh My God Cole!) and Big Chris even if it was to see them die, It was just so awsome. Sady like always all we got to see of Prue was her tomb stone. I doubt that will ever change. One can only hope.

    Leo said it the best, before he vanished, "it suppose to hurt" What we think as perfect my not be perfect. Good has to have bad, How would we know one from the other with out both.?

    My Bits and Pieces.

    Is Holly feeling fat? she had a over sized coat on in Charmageddon and in Emwe. a very ulgy sports coat and it looked like she kept putting her purse in front of herself..

    What was it with that snow globe? They must have picked it up about five times and made it a focal point at least twice.

    Paige seemed more upset that Kyle was dead then Piper did about Leo. That could have just been me.

    How old is Wyatt now? How come he doesnt have any lines let?

    Was Kyle really a Whitelighter or maybe an Elder.

    Is Leo still an Avater?

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