Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on The WB

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  • I don't get it!! The episode that makes us wonder some many questions??? For example...

    The Charmed Ones are selfish??
    The episode makes us think that the girls are selfish. why we should believe??? Utopia brings peace to the world, make all the witches and magical comunity frre and peaceful... and all that is shown is that the charmed ones did it because they wanted this way!? I should have been written better!! After alll they wanted a better world

    The Avatars are bad??
    Another fail from the writers. Why they show the avatars that way?? i really think that they're not bad and they're not a threath... The kill, I know, but what they want is a better world. What's wrong wih that??? Even if you wanna see them as "bad" is very difficult! They don't wanna do nothing wrong

    a great episode???
    It's a strange episode doesn't it? I think it's great. The figth in the house, the premonition, the zankou-charmed team... It's great! (all those things make the seven season my personal favorite!!) And the Paige-Kyle talk was awesome! Paige is so great actress... Ilove her!

    Anyway... How the *** Leo remeber it???
    I don't get it, it's imposible!! If he did'nt get the spell he should be dead... or maybe because he is an avatar he just was bring to live... It gives me headache!!XD