Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on The WB

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  • Me and Utopia and Everyone We Know

    As a conclusion to the Avatar arc, this is an energetic, well-written episode of Charmed. Charmageddon (love the title!) brings the story to a close with the sisters realising that the Avatars were up to no good all along and coming to terms with the fact that Utopia just isn't possible.

    Charmageddon has Leo discovering that the Avatars kill people in the new Utopia who show signs of their inner demons rising to the surface. Leo manages to tell Phoebe what they are doing but just before Zankou's demons attack a party at the manor and kill Leo.

    It's a good development to have the sisters working with Zankou to bring down the Avatars and it was creepy seeing Piper (her mind altered in Utopia) so happy despite her husband's murder. It's slightly predictable that Leo gets resurrected at the end but for some reason, the Avatars tell the sisters that they can't resurrect Brody.

    It's disappointing that whenever Leo or one of the sisters is killed on the show, they can be immediately brought back to life but when it's with a boyfriend of either Phoebe or Paige, they have to stay dead due to production costs and how much money the guest star wants. It was nice resolution to the Paige and Brody storyline however when, at the end, Brody returns to Paige and reveals that he has been made a whitelighter. I personally can't see why the Elders would grant that duty to somebody who has displayed psychotic tendencies in the past few episodes but I'll just let that one go. Charmageddon is an interesting and exciting episode which, thankfully, ends the Avatar arc, which I was getting extremely bored by.