Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on The WB

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    Possibly the best title of the whole series, this is a well plotted story and a good conclusion to the avatar arc. Once again, however, it's woefully short on action.

    After just a few days of Utopia, Leo gets suspicious that all is not as it seems. Turns out the avatars are controlling their world by killing anyone who starts a fight and altering the minds of those around them. This is enough to prompt Leo to plot against them. Funny how quick the milk turns sour....

    I was genuinely shocked at the avatar's actions - I really did think they were the good guys. Seems Kyle was right all along. As in the Season One finale, it's Phoebe's power which snaps the sisters back to reality and saves the day. her flashback is excellent, although I'm surprised they didn't show Patty's death.

    So now the Charmed Ones are working with Zankou? Very cool! I love it when they blur the boundaries like this. Seems Kira is forgotten already. Zankou seemed to know his way around that old tomb rather well - he must have remembered it from his time in 'The Mummy'.

    It was nice to see Kyle one last time but I don't think making him a whitelighter was the right thing to do. And how did he learn to orb so quickly? It took Paige months.

    For all the clever plotting, this episode must rank as the biggest anticlimax in Charmed history. There's no showdown at all - the avatars simply agree to put everything back then leave without a fight. With a title like 'Charmageddon', I was at least expecting a hint of World War Three.

    Score: 9.0
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