Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on The WB

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  • The Avatars and Agent Brody come to an end, fortunately.

    As it turns out, the entire Avatars storyline ends up being a morality play and exploration of the value of free will. Evidently, according to the writers, humans value the option of being evil more than a world without evil. So, the Avatars are bad. Well, actually they aren't, but their utopia involves a myriad of contradictions. Normal human behavior has been altered enough to leave everyone joyful and helpful but not enough to stop people from arguing and creating conflict once in a while. Even though he had been ardently convinced in prior episodes, the suddenly skeptical Leo quickly discovers that the Avatars are erasing people who create chaos. If you consider the number of lives saved with the removal of crime and war, the Avatars having to erase a troublemaker here and there would hardly seem to be a great evil, but regardless, no one wants to live in a world without free will, understandably. So, Leo teams with Zankou and gets himself killed so that Phoebe can somehow get the other sisters to see the light. Having done so, the sisters themselves join with Zankou to stop the Avatars, which in the end amounts to something as anticlimactic as talking the Avatars out of it. They turn everything back to normal, including Leo, except for Brody, who was killed before the transformation and therefore will remain dead.

    The bad: Besides the aforementioned contradictions, Leo goes from devout Avatar to skeptic without any great reason.
    Leo uses the death of Brody to convince Phoebe like it somehow exposes the evil of the Avatars. Except the Avatar was only defending herself from the homicidal attack of Brody. Brody's death was actually fully justified.
    On that same note, several characters state that Brody was right all along about the Avatars. Actually, no, he wasn't. Brody was a revenge-twisted maniac who swore the Avatars were a great evil and was hell-bent on killing them. That is all wrong. The Avatars are not evil. They are neutral. Their utopia is just not desirable. And contrary to the writers treating Brody like a hero, there doesn't seem to be any justification for his murder of the Avatar. As an Avatar, Leo would have seen for himself the Avatars erasing people to maintain their utopia. So, he would have faced the same dilemma and needed to snap the sisters out of it just like he did after Brody's actions. And the Avatars showed they could simply be talked out of it rather than any violence being used against them.
    Speaking of which, the Avatars refused to kill an innocent, namely Brody, up until then, and yet they have no problem erasing people from their utopia? Contradiction. What was up with the "they have gone to a better place" bit? Avatar brainwashing? Sure, but it also seemed to be cynical dig at religion.
    Agent Brody being a whitelighter? Sure. Let's award the guy for being delusional and homicidal. Sounds like a good whitelighter.

    the positive: Leo sacrificing himself to break the spell on the sisters.
    Zankou. Guy is great. Best demon ever. The death of Brody. Thank God we got relieved of the most non-sensical Charmed character ever. Apparently it meant nothing to the writers that the guy tried to kill Leo twice. Paige didn't care, still slept with him afterwards. Piper and Phoebe barely cared, and Leo himself was nearly oblivious. In fact, even after his attempts on Leo's life, Brody remained more hostile towards Leo than Leo and everyone else did towards him. Brody was proven to be wrong all along about the Avatars killing his parents, which was his original reasoning for wanting them dead, and again, his violence towards Leo and the Avatar he killed is never justified. And of course, not only is Brody's character beyond irritating, but as is usual for her whenever she has a boyfriend, Paige became extremely annoying as well, once again immediately siding with her boyfriend against her sisters.