Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on The WB

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  • Bye, Bye Happy World


    Charmageddon-Leo discovers that the Charmed Ones' conflict-free world comes with a higher price than anticipated, so he must join Zankou to stop the Avatars and reverse the change.

    Well, the Avatar arc ends in this solid episode where the sisters and Leo see the error of their ways and join forces with Zankou to stop them. I have to admit, this Avatar plot is probably the most complex storyline the writers have done in years. Reminiscent of Alan Moore's "Watchmen" and the Jasmine arc on "Angel", The Avatars are anti-villains when you think about it. They have changed the world and create a universally perfect world yet it's at a great cost. Humans no longer have free and the few who still have the ability to create conflict are removed, essentially dead. Now Leo and the sisters are left with a huge decision: do they continue to leave in this new peaceful world they helped to create, despite the few playing the price with their lives or do they sacrifice a chance at a normal life by returning the world to what it once was? It's a puzzling, thought-provoking dilemma and one (for once!) that is written with care by the writers and taken seriously. Leo is the first to sacrifice himself and the casual way that everyone just almost brushes it off is appropriately off putting. What I love also about the flaws in the Avatars' Utopia design, people don't seem feel pain, grief or any real emotion. I love how the writers make it important that feeling pain and loss is just as important as feeling the pleasure and the joy, it makes us human, knowing the difference between both and experiencing them. I love the moment where Phoebe touches the book and has a premonition of all the losses she's seen over the years from Andy to Prue to even the first time she vanquished Cole when he was the Source. Then there's the moment where the boys are crying over Leo's death and Phoebe has to force Piper to feel their pain as well. It's amazing how much emotion Holly can work up in just a few seconds, I was completely convinced when Piper suddenly realized she really lost Leo and effects of Utopia broke from her. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Paige. Probably the only weak moment of the episode is when Paige finally breaks down over Kyle's death. Seriously, Rose is so inconsistent with her acting! Last episode, she had a great moment where Paige went off on the Avatars just after Kyle got killed, yet in this episode, she can barely cry without making me cringe! O_0

    Anyway, Oded Fehr continues to make Zankou a likable villain as he continues to manipulate those around. I love the confrontation between the sisters and Zankou, especially after knocking him back as they walked forward ready tonegotiate a plan. Their little team up with the Avatars was pretty cool, especially seeing Piper and Zankou sending a couple of them flying away with no problem. It's too bad we couldn't get greater battle to rap things up with the Avatars, but hey, this is Charmed and I'll give the writers a break for at least giving up a great episode for once! Though, I am glad the Avatars weren't just killed off and forgotten, they actually were noble beings and went off peacefully, knowing that the world wasn't ready for them yet. It leaves the door open for them to return as surprisingly Kyle, as we see in one of the final scenes that he was made into a whitelighter. It's actually an nice end to his character and a touchingfarewell betweenKyle and Paige. Now with the Avatars out of the way, the sisters now have Zankou to worry about, which should be an interesting match. All and All, "Charmageddon" is a great episode to end off the Avatar arc.