Season 4 Episode 1

Charmed Again (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2001 on The WB

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  • Marked the begining of the new and better Charmed. The finall time that Prues body was technilaly on screen so her last ever f###ing real job.

    This episode was brillant fore many reasons. Firstly this episode marked the utter end of Purdance (Prue) who was getting really anoying towards the end of season 3. Thank God she was killed off to make way for Paige. The writting in of Paige into the series was utterly perfect. It all made sence and fitted perfectly into what was happening. It was also godod as it had all main charchaters in it like grams, Patty , Cole, victor, ect... It was just a brillent episode for explaining and content was fantastic. Long live Paige and death to the evil and curpatance of Prue
  • the charmed episode charmed agian is an ok episode. prue died in this episode because of the sorce and the demand that was the source upper level demands. piper almost died but leo healed her but he couldnt heal prue and piper at the same time.

    The charmed episode charmed again is an alright episode. the episode charmed again is the episod when the deman droi kills prue. he almost killed piper but he didnt because leo healed piper but he couldnt heal prue. the reason prue couldnt get healed was because leo could oly heal one of them so he decided to heal his wife pipier. on the day of prues funeral piper is devistated evry thing was going wrong demands were attacing. on the wrong day and at the wrong time the source is trying to kill an girl named page. page is another charmed one an there half sister.
  • A new era begins......


    This is the episode that really lets the audience know Prue was killed. Fans knew from many many sources that Shannen Doherty was leaving the show and All Hell Breaks Loose was to be her final episode....however, it was not revealed until the begining of this ep. (All Hell Breaks Loose ends with both Prue and Piper hurt).

    Unlike many others, I felt 95% of all Charmed episodes have revolved around how great Prue was and frankly, it was irritating me.

    For those new to the show, give Paige a chance. She's has given a wonderful new dimension to the show.
  • This and every episode after should never have existed. You can't kill off the main character of a show and keep it going.

    I have so many problems with this show its not even funny. Charmed was one of my FAVORITE shows ever, even up to this last season, which was so aweful it made me stop watching altogether, but lets face it, Charmed should have ended with Prue. For one thing, they didnt even have the decency to really kill her off, one episode she was there, and the next its her funeral(where they dont even show her body), and nothing inbetween, no trying to save her or anything, just she\\\'s there then she\\\'s not. I understand that Shanon Doherty, was kicked off the show due to being intolerable, and they couldnt really get her to participate in her own character\\\'s death, but WTF, you can\\\'t just get rid of the main character of a show, and replace her with someone new. After this, Charmed became incresingly bad, and any true charmed fan will agree. I have kept watching because I LOVE charmed, but in this last season not only have I stopped watching, but I wish it would have ended here. It wasn\\\'t right what they did kicking Prue, the MAIN CHARACTER off, and no offense to Rose McGowan, but Paige never fit the part. She doesn\\\'t fit with the other sisters, and she could never replace Prue. I wish they would have just ended it all before this episode existed, instead of running it into the ground and makeing even the hardcore fans hate it.
  • Why Couldn't Alyssa Be Replaced By a Long-Lost Sister? Part One

    When Shannen Doherty announced her departure from Charmed in May 2001, fans were eagerly awaiting what the writers would do next. Go on without a third sister? Recast Prue? Instead, the producers decided to go the way of the classic, with Piper and Phoebe discovering they have a long-lost sister.

    Charmed Again Part One sees Piper and Phoebe mourning Prue's death. Meanwhile, in the Underworld, The Oracle discovers that there is another Charmed sister, a young woman called Paige Matthews. Eventually, Piper and Phoebe confront Grams and Patty about their suspicions of another sister and are told the complete truth...

    Rose McGowan was greeted with almost immediate hostility when she joined Charmed. To be honest, I don't really get where this came from. She gives an excellent performance in this episode, which doesn't appear to be showing any nerves that Rose may have had whilst filming.

    Paige herself is written well throughout the episode. She is written as a normal, everyday young woman and her reaction to demons and her destiny are well played by Rose.

    The show itself also has a different look. From the opening credits, with Alyssa in top billing, to the new sets, the show really seems like it's had a major budget increase. The chase scene through the warehouse between Paige and Shax is the most notable scene of the episode, with many special effects and excellent direction from Michael Schultz.

    Holly Marie Combs gives an excellent performance and it's a good decision to see her character still being a wreck after Prue's murder. Alyssa, on the other hand, doesn't seem at all saddened by Prue's death. Could this be a hint of Alyssa's own personal feelings about Shannen's departure? Or am I just going crazy with all "those" rumors??

    The cliffhanger from season three's finale isn't really resolved, with Phoebe's rescue from the Underworld being handily swept under the carpet and the reasons behind Prue's death being slightly vague. This doesn't necessarily spoil this episode, but it would have been a hell of a lot better if those cliffhangers were followed up on in a better way, in particular Phoebe's rescue.

    Thankfully, Charmed managed to survive Shannen's departure (well, at least for a while) and Rose's introduction is done with time and seemed to have been planned out well. A really good first part to the season premiere.

    Rating: B+
  • I felt Connected

    I absolutely loved this episode. When I watched the funeral I felt like I was going through the same pain that the sisters felt. It was a very emtionally powerful episode and I think that the writers of the show need to add more shows like this one.

    The only thing that really surprised me wasthe number of people at the funeral. I mean supposedly all of the sisters had severed ties with their previous life, but there seemed to be a lot of people there who were "really close" to her and her sisters There were also quite a few people at the wake and I didn't see Pheobe or Piper talking to any of them.
  • The Power Of 4

    Who knew there was a fourth sister! Certainly not me. I do not think they originally planned on their being a fourth sister before Shannen (Prue) decided to leave but it felt very ntural and not at all forced like many a Prue fan thought. Not to mention, Paige (Rose) turned out to be a true delight.
  • An excellent episode all round.

    This episode was my favourite so far. They don't get much better. Although I will miss prue I love paige. It was great to see both Gram's and Patty appear in this episode. So welcome back the power of three and may you live on. I Love Charmed So Much.
  • Wow !! I LOVE this episode I mean i know that its a very sad episode but i have waited for this season to open ever since the season finale lol

    This was supposed to be a sad episode, one where Prue dies, but i think SERIOUSLY that this episode was one of the best, one of the best openings EVER!!

    This episode shows that prue is dead but the charmed ones live on, and i will love them forever and ever.
  • The stunning and highly anticipated opening of season 4. I adored it, it fulfilled all my expectations, even those that appeared unfeasible to fulfil.

    Prue is dead. The grieving Piper and Phoebe are dealing with the unbearable task of going through their big sister\'s funeral. The Charmed Ones seems to be a title belonging to a clear past, contrasting the chaotic and unsecure present. What will happen to them now?
    Matters take a surprising twist as Phoebe, shaking hands with a female guest at Prue\'s funeral, has a premonition in which the guest is killed by Prue\'s murdered, the Source\'s assasin Shax.
    This leads to the exposure of a secret that the sisters\' mother has been keeping for decades, one that now must come into light. The lives of Piper and Phoebe will be depending on it.
    The two sisters are forced to realising that the Charmed Ones can be reconstituted, seeing that they have another sister.


    Anticipating the opening of season four was a highly curious sensation, for obviously with the knowledge that one had seen the last of Prue, expectations were sky-high as to whether this new, mysterious brunette would ever be able to properly replace her and recreate the show that you had been adoring for three seasons until now.

    The heart therefore pounded a trifle more powerfully than usually when it opened, and as a result, every single line and every single facial expression and every single picture was absolutely absorbed.

    I think it is a marvellous episode, focusing excellently sufficiently on the terrible, incomprehensible and despairing loss of Prue, and on the chaos succeeding her funeral inasmuch as the future of the two remaining Halliwells is foggy.
    Rose McGowan already during these 45 minutes created a believable and intriguing character, whom you actually sat there and hoped to become a member of the Charmed Ones (well-knowing, obviously, that she would). Prue was my favourite character, I think she was more brilliant than words can tell. So her being replaced? Impossible!! No, it wasn\'t!

    So what a blast! Highly action-packed, thrilling, exciting, meeting all obligations, \'Charmed Again (1)\' was superb. I absolutely adored viewing it, and the cliffhanger at the ending was very clever; we get our climax, yet the climax simply becomes the opening of novel suspense with Paige\'s discovery of her actual identity. Hurrah!!!
  • Absoultely stunning Episode

    I saw this for the first time last night and i was wondering how they cut it so you're still left wondering what exactly happens but you don't feel like the story for that episodes been cut short. i liked Prue's funeral, especially the clip where the bounty-hunters come after Cole and Piper just goes berserk, Holly looks like shes actually living the role not just acting. I liked Grams in this one when she tells Cortez that they've been caught, and Phoebe goes, "Carefull Grams, not all of us are dead."
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