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Charmed Again (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2001 on The WB

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  • This and every episode after should never have existed. You can't kill off the main character of a show and keep it going.

    I have so many problems with this show its not even funny. Charmed was one of my FAVORITE shows ever, even up to this last season, which was so aweful it made me stop watching altogether, but lets face it, Charmed should have ended with Prue. For one thing, they didnt even have the decency to really kill her off, one episode she was there, and the next its her funeral(where they dont even show her body), and nothing inbetween, no trying to save her or anything, just she\\\'s there then she\\\'s not. I understand that Shanon Doherty, was kicked off the show due to being intolerable, and they couldnt really get her to participate in her own character\\\'s death, but WTF, you can\\\'t just get rid of the main character of a show, and replace her with someone new. After this, Charmed became incresingly bad, and any true charmed fan will agree. I have kept watching because I LOVE charmed, but in this last season not only have I stopped watching, but I wish it would have ended here. It wasn\\\'t right what they did kicking Prue, the MAIN CHARACTER off, and no offense to Rose McGowan, but Paige never fit the part. She doesn\\\'t fit with the other sisters, and she could never replace Prue. I wish they would have just ended it all before this episode existed, instead of running it into the ground and makeing even the hardcore fans hate it.
  • They did a poor job of explaining Pru's death and explaining the joining of Paige.

    This was one of the poorest episodes I have seen so far as far as continuity and flow of the series. They just suddenly had Pru dead and Phoebe back free and yet Piper magically alive. And poof a fourth sister appears. This was not done well and was poorly joined in with the history of Charmed. They could have done a much slower and bettter job of merging Paige into the show and moving Pru out. Most of the Charmed epislodes have flowed together well but this one did not work well for me at all. There were much beter ways of doing this.
  • Prue is gone, Paige is in and Shaks looks likes he's wearing pyjamas...

    I quite like this as an episode that has the very difficult task of replaing a main character. The whole premise of Charmed is the Power of Three so when Shannen Doherty decided to storm out at the end of series 3 never to return the key element of the show was lost. Luckily the writers had already written a story about their mothers affair with her whitelighter Sam, originally probably just to reflect Leo and Pipers relationship but it has turned out very useful to introduce Rose believably......... That is as belivably as three sisters who run round battling demons and dating angels and, well demons can be.

    My main criticism of this episode is how it started. I realise that they could not film anymore of Shannen Doherty (trying desperately not use a rude word here) but I do think that they ignored a lot of what they set up at the end of series 3.

    I've always thought that they could have done moments after the scene by getting Leo to appear heal Piper and not be able to heal Prue. They could have easily avoided showing Prues face, have Piper throw a hissy fit and then go save Phoebe and then done the Charmed Again storyline in the next 2 episodes of thee season. This may just be me but it bugs me that Phoebe was about to be killed in the underworld at the end of 'All Hell Breaks loose' and is just in the Manor at the beginning of this one. I know they hint that her and Cole managed to escape but I don't like gaps and there are ways round a stroppy actors surely.

    Although this is a well crafted episode in many ways so good recovery people!!
  • Piper and Phoebe must continue the fight, with Prue gone, against supernatural evil. How will they use the Power of Three? Who is this Paige person? Is the writing really that bad? Yup.

    Oftentimes a great television series has fallen due to casting changes (i.e. Sliders or Talk Radio) and I am sorry to say that this what begins to happen with the Charmed Ones. Although it did survive for a total of eight seasons. For one reason or another, Shannen Doherty left the series and the show never fully recovered. Her replacement, Rose McGowan, is a talented actress but losing the chemistry that the original cast had hurts the series. The writers had to find a quickly find reason, in two episodes, to create a fourth Charmed One, who could be the third Charmed One. Story wise, the result [given the limitations] does work, but it is not terribly too creative. Personally, I never really liked Paige as a character because she reminded too much of Phoebe. I also generally felt that the quality of writing and the production values took a nose dive during this season as well.
  • Piper and Phoebe mourn the death of their beloved sister, unaware that forces are at work to rejoin the Power of Three.

    Prue is dead and, therefore, technically, so is The Power of Three as there are now only two sisters left.

    What Piper and Phoebe are unaware of is that they have a long-lost half sister about whom they know nothing. She is the product of Patty's affair with her Whitelighter, Sam, and, in the Halliwell tradition, her name starts with a "P" as she is called Paige.

    I found this episode really weak for a season opener and thought the writers could have done much better. Naturally, for the show to continue, they had to bring in another sister, but the whole thing was quite cheesy. The only reason I gave it a 7 was because Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs did an excellent job of portraying their character's immense grief. The rest of it was pretty average.
  • Prue is dead, Piper is distraught, Phoebe is back from Hell and a new character is introduced - could she be a sister witch. Well, yeah obviously

    I'm sure there will be tons of fan-fiction out there filling in the major gap presented in this episode to do with Prue's death. We start the episode with Piper distraught that Leo saved the wrong witch and Phoebe back from the underworld holding in her emotions. They are getting ready for Prue's funeral and its all just a little too melodramatic.

    What this episode essentially does is not give us enough details on Prue's death. If there was an episode before this it would be to do with the details glossed over. How the hell is Phoebe after swearing herself to become evil now out of the underworld in free view of demons. Cole at least is on the run which ties into what he said in the final episode. Also Prue would most likely knowing the Angel of Death have fought her way out of dieing, which is something I would have liked to have seen.

    What this episode does do is strengthen the characters, in particular Piper who despite powers development had become the whiny third sister in the previous season. Holly Marie Combs actually gets some acting to do as she is really broken up by Prue's death, and doesn't want to accept the fact that there is a new sister. When she kicks off after the demons attack at the funeral and knocks that plant vase over its an effective and gut wrenching moment. I hope this development of her character continues throughout this season - watching later episodes it certainly seems that way.

    The introduction of Paige is a little pithy but sets up nicely that there is a connection. As a character she seems a little flat and gets some unintentionally funny lines at least I think they are unintentional. When she asks her boyfriend not to hurt her and then next scene we see her taking off her clothes on a roof top it strengthens the feeling shes talking about sex not emotionally which is what I think it was supposed to be. Her non drinking thing is interesting considering the re-introduction of her dad Sam in the next season though.

    A few last things, liked Cole's ramped up cockiness and was that really the same person playing Shax, his mannerisms felt different. It's obvious it wasn't the same person as the Source, that's for sure.
  • Prue.Dead.Dead.Prue.DEAD???!!!!

    Oh god I\\\'m gonna cry again! I was watching re-runs and I remember the first time i saw this and how I felt. I just noticed that she is my FAVE character. Closely followed by Phoebe. We\\\'ve got sooo much in common. Upon further research I found out that Alyssa and Shannon couldn\\\'t work together so Shannon quit...or got fired I can\\\'t remember which. But if they fired her then the producers aren\\\'t as smart as I thought they were! Shannon is an AMAZING actress. Beautiful, smart, talented! Her last words on the set are supposed to have been- \\\'I\\\'m on to bigger and BETTER things!\\\' I saw an episode of SCARE TACTICS and I don\\\'t think she\\\'s the BAD GIRL the press makes her out to be. Anyway, farewell again shannon! This whole ep is filled with the battle for PIPER as she is suddenly the oldest sister. A timeless classic from the CHARMED ONES yet again.
  • Very little is resolved from last year, but Brad manages an impressive premiere nonetheless.

    Treating this episode as a revamp to the series, I wasn't particularly bothered by a lack of explanation as to how Prue died and how Phoebe escaped the underworld. Truth is, fans knew of the onset squabbling and falling out, and the writers did a commendable job at attempting to move on without Shannon.

    All that said and done, Part One is an impressive Charmed episode. Despite some obstacles, Brad Kern manages to produce a compelling script, aided by series best performances by Holly and Alyssa, respectively. Rose McGowan, too, fits in nicely here, with a mix of all three former leads and a unique touch of her own, Paige's debut is solid.

    There are plenty of fantastic little moments Charmed rarely does so well tucked away inside this first part. Piper gets the bulk of them and I especially enjoyed her attacking Leo, asking him why he didn't do anything to save Prue. It's a good way of tackling the subject of why Prue died without digging too deep into the already convoluted reasoning behind it.

    Shax is back, which is always good. He's probably one of the best villains the show has ever had. It's a pity he looses some of his mystic appeal, with Leo jumping on him hoping for a jockey back. It would have been good to keep him around for the 2nd part, as the Source has yet to become to nefarious villain due to obvious casting issues, and he mucks up the dire second half completely.

    Overall, it's the better half of this two hour special and probably one of the best Charmed episodes of the season. There's an emotional hook for fans reeling from the loss of Prue, there's quite a few impressive action set pieces, and the script has plenty of lighthearted moments in an otherwise dreary, full on cry-fest.
  • Marked the begining of the new and better Charmed. The finall time that Prues body was technilaly on screen so her last ever f###ing real job.

    This episode was brillant fore many reasons. Firstly this episode marked the utter end of Purdance (Prue) who was getting really anoying towards the end of season 3. Thank God she was killed off to make way for Paige. The writting in of Paige into the series was utterly perfect. It all made sence and fitted perfectly into what was happening. It was also godod as it had all main charchaters in it like grams, Patty , Cole, victor, ect... It was just a brillent episode for explaining and content was fantastic. Long live Paige and death to the evil and curpatance of Prue
  • A good opener and way to reconstitute the charmed ones.

    Only thing I really want to say is how the hell did that inspector get a search warrant on their house! He has absolutely NO grounds for it.

    And I don't get people saying so far that nothing make sense or that the story they came up with for Paige's magic is pathetic. I thought it was well written, it's not like they had to create a love story with Sam or anything, that was already there, it was long enough, it's entirely possible and I feel it was hinted at before.

    I also have nothing against the exposure aspect in this episode. Exposure is always going to be a problem and I like that they aren't going to pretend that they can get a free pass. I did think it was handled well though, the inspector cortez or whoever was kind of crap and OTT but still alright. I don't get why they didn't just use memory dust on him but meh it was handled ok.
  • This two hour season premiere of Charmed starts off fresh with the surviving Halliwell sisters mourning the loss of their eldest sister therefore discovering that they have a long lost half-sister that can reconstitute the power of three.

    The episode starts off with Piper\'s unsuccessful attempts to bring her fallen sister back to life. It left me to only speculate what happened after Shax\'s attack and how Phoebe escapes from the Underworld after the Source double crosses her. It marks as a fresh beginning when Rose McGowan joins the cast as Paige Matthews, Piper and Phoebe\'s long lost sister, after the ungraceful departure of Shannen Doherty(repeat of 90210). After Prue\'s two-second funeral, Phoebe and Piper learn that their new innocent is indeed their sister that their mother had with her \"whitelighter affair\" and she may be able to somehow reconstitute the power of three. Basically the episode is about Phoebe and Piper convincing Paige that she\'s a good witch and getting back at the Source for taking something very precious from them, their sister.
  • Why Couldn't Alyssa Be Replaced By a Long-Lost Sister? Part One

    When Shannen Doherty announced her departure from Charmed in May 2001, fans were eagerly awaiting what the writers would do next. Go on without a third sister? Recast Prue? Instead, the producers decided to go the way of the classic, with Piper and Phoebe discovering they have a long-lost sister.

    Charmed Again Part One sees Piper and Phoebe mourning Prue's death. Meanwhile, in the Underworld, The Oracle discovers that there is another Charmed sister, a young woman called Paige Matthews. Eventually, Piper and Phoebe confront Grams and Patty about their suspicions of another sister and are told the complete truth...

    Rose McGowan was greeted with almost immediate hostility when she joined Charmed. To be honest, I don't really get where this came from. She gives an excellent performance in this episode, which doesn't appear to be showing any nerves that Rose may have had whilst filming.

    Paige herself is written well throughout the episode. She is written as a normal, everyday young woman and her reaction to demons and her destiny are well played by Rose.

    The show itself also has a different look. From the opening credits, with Alyssa in top billing, to the new sets, the show really seems like it's had a major budget increase. The chase scene through the warehouse between Paige and Shax is the most notable scene of the episode, with many special effects and excellent direction from Michael Schultz.

    Holly Marie Combs gives an excellent performance and it's a good decision to see her character still being a wreck after Prue's murder. Alyssa, on the other hand, doesn't seem at all saddened by Prue's death. Could this be a hint of Alyssa's own personal feelings about Shannen's departure? Or am I just going crazy with all "those" rumors??

    The cliffhanger from season three's finale isn't really resolved, with Phoebe's rescue from the Underworld being handily swept under the carpet and the reasons behind Prue's death being slightly vague. This doesn't necessarily spoil this episode, but it would have been a hell of a lot better if those cliffhangers were followed up on in a better way, in particular Phoebe's rescue.

    Thankfully, Charmed managed to survive Shannen's departure (well, at least for a while) and Rose's introduction is done with time and seemed to have been planned out well. A really good first part to the season premiere.

    Rating: B+
  • The stunning and highly anticipated opening of season 4. I adored it, it fulfilled all my expectations, even those that appeared unfeasible to fulfil.

    Prue is dead. The grieving Piper and Phoebe are dealing with the unbearable task of going through their big sister\'s funeral. The Charmed Ones seems to be a title belonging to a clear past, contrasting the chaotic and unsecure present. What will happen to them now?
    Matters take a surprising twist as Phoebe, shaking hands with a female guest at Prue\'s funeral, has a premonition in which the guest is killed by Prue\'s murdered, the Source\'s assasin Shax.
    This leads to the exposure of a secret that the sisters\' mother has been keeping for decades, one that now must come into light. The lives of Piper and Phoebe will be depending on it.
    The two sisters are forced to realising that the Charmed Ones can be reconstituted, seeing that they have another sister.


    Anticipating the opening of season four was a highly curious sensation, for obviously with the knowledge that one had seen the last of Prue, expectations were sky-high as to whether this new, mysterious brunette would ever be able to properly replace her and recreate the show that you had been adoring for three seasons until now.

    The heart therefore pounded a trifle more powerfully than usually when it opened, and as a result, every single line and every single facial expression and every single picture was absolutely absorbed.

    I think it is a marvellous episode, focusing excellently sufficiently on the terrible, incomprehensible and despairing loss of Prue, and on the chaos succeeding her funeral inasmuch as the future of the two remaining Halliwells is foggy.
    Rose McGowan already during these 45 minutes created a believable and intriguing character, whom you actually sat there and hoped to become a member of the Charmed Ones (well-knowing, obviously, that she would). Prue was my favourite character, I think she was more brilliant than words can tell. So her being replaced? Impossible!! No, it wasn\'t!

    So what a blast! Highly action-packed, thrilling, exciting, meeting all obligations, \'Charmed Again (1)\' was superb. I absolutely adored viewing it, and the cliffhanger at the ending was very clever; we get our climax, yet the climax simply becomes the opening of novel suspense with Paige\'s discovery of her actual identity. Hurrah!!!
  • How do you respond to the exit of a top cast member? With the best season opener in the series... Paige is found and the series grows darker.

    Some Charmed fans would never recover from the loss of Prue. I am not one of those. Charmed Again represents easily the best season opener Charmed ever had.

    From the very first scene where a disheveled and despondent Piper tries to use magic to reach her lost sister in a candle lit attic, we are immediately introduced to a darker and grittier Charmed. Piper is an understandable mess throughout the episode, and as usual, Holly shines whenever tears are to be shed. She has had a lot of practice, and unfortunately, she will get more. Her attack of Leo for healing her instead of Prue is very true to her character and heartfelt. Her fit of anger over the demonic attack at Prue's funeral is also very fitting for the character; we are quickly reminded- same old Piper. As usual, the end of the Charmed Ones is nearly taken with relief by Piper, who now wants to concentrate on the lives that are left, and as such, the discovery of a new sister is met with a good dose of doubt and then frustration from her. This can actually be interpreted as apathy towards Paige, but it isn't. It is apathy towards being a Charmed One again.

    Like in the beginning of the series, Phoebe is again the wiccan heart of the manor, and her and Cole actually take over the demon hunting duties, temporarily. The scene where Cole and Phoebe spy Shax's attack of Paige on the rooftop is a classic. Fantastic writing. And how cool is it to see a witch being able to orb? I love this rinse and revamp of the Phoebe/Cole story. The melodrama at the end of Season 3 needed to be seriously dumped and forgotten, and that is exactly what has been done here with very little explanation how, which is fine with me. The bottom line is that Cole is back in Phoebe's good graces and it is GREAT to have him back. Great scene when he goes toe-to-toe with Shax. Kind of surprising he couldn't vanquish Shax considering the damage he does to the source in Brain Drain.

    Paige showing up at the manor and the Charmed Ones being reconstituted is another classic scene. The vanquish of Shax was somewhat quickly handled, but it was still great to see revenge exacted. Rose McGowan as Paige isn't given too much to do this first episode, but she is more than adequate in the role. She is actually more believable as a sister of Piper and Phoebe than the black haired, blue-eyed Prue was. The exposure subplot in this episode is about as ridiculous as any we ever see on this show, and it is highly annoying that the writers would beat that drum again so soon after All Hell Breaks Loose. Fortunately, it is a small part of the show, and I do like Cole threatening the guy and the Timbuktu spell. Personally, I had no problem with the show spending no time trying to explain the gap between last season and this. Everyone can come up with their own explanations, quite easily.
  • In this episode, we see the new sister Paige Matthews who is replacing Prudence, their eldest sister. Shax, the Source\'s murderer, comes for Paige aswell, but the sisters manage to vanquish him.

    First things first, let\'s make something clear:
    In may 2001, when we saw the episode \'\'All hell breaks loose\'\', nothing was decided. Shannen didn\'t say she\'s going out of the show immediately... It happened a bit later, when Alyssa Milano asked the producers to be the main star, that is, that her name gets listed first in the opening credits. That\'s when Shannen gave up on Charmed.
    I must admit, I was shocked at first, and to be honest, this isn\'t exactly one of my favourite episodes, but I think that seasons 5, 6, and 7 (I haven\'t seen the season 8 yet) made up for that, It is, however, unclear, how did Phoebe get out of the Underworld, or how did Leo know that Piper & Prue needed help, and then healed only Piper. But that\'s better than saying \"Shannen left us hanging, and we had to cover that up\". They did cover it up, and they did the best they could! So give them a break!

    And Charmed stayed, from season 1 to season 8,
    The best TV show ever!
  • This episode is about Piper and Phoebe mourning the death of their oldest sister, Prue. Meanwhile, it seems that they have a younger sister as a result of their mother having an affair with Sam, her whitelighter.

    I absolutely looove this episode and it made me cry. I mean Prue was the strongest and ultimate witch and now she's gone. So Piper and Phoebe have a bad time trying to get over Prue's death. Menahwile, Paige goes to Prue's funeral thinking she knows her from somewhere. Where she finally meets the sisters.

    Holly Marie Combs did a very great job and she really seemed emotional. She is avery great actress and I wish her the best in future endeavors. Her character Piper was always my favorite and her faith is shaken after Prue's death. Which raises a problem as the Power of Three is threatened. But they stick it out.

    Alyssa Milano also did a very great job as the sister that held it together after Prue's death. Her character was faced with the decision to help Piper get through it. Usually they have to help her but now its the other way around. No longer was she the damsel in distress. Her character grew up in this episode.

    Overall this show was a tearjerker because it made me cry. It was just sooo sad that Prue died. At first in the previous episode we thought it was Piper that was gonna die. But they switched up on us.
  • The Power Of 4

    Who knew there was a fourth sister! Certainly not me. I do not think they originally planned on their being a fourth sister before Shannen (Prue) decided to leave but it felt very ntural and not at all forced like many a Prue fan thought. Not to mention, Paige (Rose) turned out to be a true delight.
  • Absoultely stunning Episode

    I saw this for the first time last night and i was wondering how they cut it so you're still left wondering what exactly happens but you don't feel like the story for that episodes been cut short. i liked Prue's funeral, especially the clip where the bounty-hunters come after Cole and Piper just goes berserk, Holly looks like shes actually living the role not just acting. I liked Grams in this one when she tells Cortez that they've been caught, and Phoebe goes, "Carefull Grams, not all of us are dead."
  • New Sis On The Block, Part 1

    Charmed Again Part 1-Mourning the death of Prue, Piper and Phoebe must now come to grips with the loss of their oldest sister, and the loss of the Power of Three. However, The Source discovers an unknown sister - the daughter of Patty and her whitelighter Sam, who had been kept hidden, Paige, the now-youngest Halliwell can restore the Power of Three and reunite the sisters' strength as witches.

    An overwhelming first part to this sad and surreal premiere that sees Piper and Phoebe grieving over Prue's death and preparing for her funeral while unknowingly, they discover they have another sister named Paige. Despite not resolving the shocking cliffhanger at the end of "All Hell Breaks Loose", "Charmed Again" Part 1 is a stunning episode regardless. I'm glad that instead of shying away from the loss of Prue, the writers fully embrace the harsh reality of losing a sister. Brad Kern continues to writer some impressive dark drama and the cast works wonders with the material. Holly Marie Combs, never the less, is the shinning star of this episode. Now, the best actress on the series and stealing literally ever scene from the rest of the cast, she conveys Piper's grief so convincingly that you believe the actress herself is actually grieving. It would make sense that Piper would be the most hurt as her and Prue were always the closest. Alyssa Milano does a fine job of making Phoebe's pain internal as she tries to direct her focus on her witch duties, especially when Paige becomes the lastest innocent.

    Speaking of Paige, Rose McGowan (Scream, Jawbreaker) makes her smooth and solid entrance into the series as the charismatic, quirky Paige Matthews. The writers really crafted a relateable character whose just your average everyday woman in her 20's who has some soul-searching to do. Rose gives a fine performance throughout as she becomes sucked into the world of magic and is shocked by it all. I love how the writers brought back the relatioship between Sam and Patty, as it was genuis and it came in handy to create the character of Paige. The revelation scene where Patty and Grams reveal Paige's identity is acted so well by the whole cast as Piper and Phoebe discover they have another sister. The scene where the Charmed Ones are reconstitued is beautifully done as well as when all 3 sister reunite and vanquish Shax for good.

    The only real annoyance in the episode is Inspector Cotrez and that lame storyline with him findng out the sisters are witches. It's just drags and it sucks this storyline continues on to part 2. On the plus side, I love that the writers are finally building on the Source's agenda with the Charmed Ones and his appearence is now making the series more darker. All and All, "Charmed Again" Part 1 is a marvelous first part with some brilliant writing, dark, emotional scenes and truly surreal acting by Holly Marie Combs.
  • a great but sad episode!!!

    this episode was soooooooooooo good but sooooooooooooo sad at the same time.the sisters were at the funeral crying thier eyes out.that just made me want to cry too.meanwhile paige matthews is mysteriously drawn to prudence's(prue) funeral.after pheobe has a preminision about paige getting attacked by shaf(correct spelling???) (the demon that killed prue)phoebe will do nothing but try and save her.while pipper has some personal feelings about prue's death that dstracts her from helping paige.the sisters summon thier mother patty and she has a secret she needed to tell them.they have a half sister.paige.she is half whitelighter half witch.anyway this epiosde marked the charmed ones being was soooo sad but also the best things that could happen to pipper and phoebe since prue's death.
  • the charmed episode charmed agian is an ok episode. prue died in this episode because of the sorce and the demand that was the source upper level demands. piper almost died but leo healed her but he couldnt heal prue and piper at the same time.

    The charmed episode charmed again is an alright episode. the episode charmed again is the episod when the deman droi kills prue. he almost killed piper but he didnt because leo healed piper but he couldnt heal prue. the reason prue couldnt get healed was because leo could oly heal one of them so he decided to heal his wife pipier. on the day of prues funeral piper is devistated evry thing was going wrong demands were attacing. on the wrong day and at the wrong time the source is trying to kill an girl named page. page is another charmed one an there half sister.
  • We'll miss you, Prue

    Dealing with death is never easy on a lighthearted show such as this but Brad Kern does a good job with this installment. The season opens with Piper trying to bring back Prue (although technically we don't know it's Prue who's died until Phoebe appears) and this sets the tone for the episode. Whatever happens, the sense of loss is never far away and, unsurprisingly, it's Piper who feels it the hardest.

    As a lot of folk have already pointed out, many of the cliffhangers from the last episode are left unanswered. We never find out how Phoebe escaped from the Underworld, how Cole evaded capture or why Leo was only able to heal one sister.

    Despite this, a lot happens this week. No sooner do we meet Paige than we find out Shax is back and no sooner is he vanquished than the Source himself appears. Inspector Cortez could have picked a far better day to try to expose the sisters.

    The introduction of Paige is handled very well. Discovering 'long lost' siblings is usually a total cringefest but Charmed somehow manages to avoid the trap. This is all down to Season Two's "P3H2O", where we learn that Patty had an affair with her whitelighter. Whether this was amazing foresight by the writers or pure good luck doesn't really matter - it works! Rose McGowan gives a convincing performance as Paige and I'm glad she doesn't throw her lot in with the sisters straightaway.

    There are some excellent scenes this week. For pure action and some great special effects, the rooftop fight with Shax is top notch. The inspector bursting into the attic is both tense and funny and Phoebe's premonition of Paige being killed is dramatic and unexpected.

    What happened to the opening credits on the DVD btw? Were they vanquished?
  • Funeral Location

    It was sad to see Prue (Shannon Doherty) leave, but I swear that her funeral was held in the same mausoleum that Inspecter Davidson was killed in at the end of Death Takes A Halliwell (3:16). Am I wrong?

    Anyway, I started watching this show because of Shannon but I actually think it got even better with Rose McGowan. Still, this was a fitting, yet heartbreaking, farewell to a beloved character. I think they handled it well.
  • A shock for all the fans. Anyway, we feel the pain too. One sister is gone, and we will miss her...

    It's so weird to see that Shannen is not there anymore. We feel the pain ourselves. It was their sister, and for the fans, was as a sister aswell. It's imbelievable she's gone, we can understand why but it has happen...

    As a episode it's perfect:

    A lot of people find strange that suddenly all has happen (We don't see the scenes inbetween the dead and the funeral) In my opinion, it was a way to suddenly bring the conclusion of the final of season 3. For exemple, til we see Phoebe we don't know what happened...

    The whole episode has a bond between scenes that has not been shown in any episode (I mean... It's kinda of a strange episode and it's only a few hours of the day)

    The off-screen job was excelent: The camera job was fantastic making the scenes look sad and weak. The photography aswell, made cold scenes and a palid color theme. In the camera field we can see scenes so great: The first scene, for exemple was remarkable. The scene in the kitchen aswell. And we see a effect that make us feel down in all the bad scenes... If you see closely the image you can see in a lots of scenes that the camera is kinda turned to one side. It's seems that the camera is falling. Is a way of transmit that life is falling appart, that things are not right.

    The actting work was great aswell! Piper specially! The scene when they see Paige for the first time after knowing that she is her sister was inforgetteable

    To end, I have to say that we have not to forgot the music. We have of the best episode in the musical corditation. I'm not talking only about the songs that appear in the episode but the whole background music in the sad scenes and in the fight scenes.
  • Prue dies and The charmed ones are reborn with a new sister.

    One of my favorite Charmed episodes. Prue dies in season 3 finale and this episode starts with Piper trying to summon her back. This shows how you mourn for a family member and how you can have someone in your life and the next day that person can be gone. Piper and Phoebe learn that they have a half sister Paige. They learn that their mothers relationship with her whitelighter was more then what they thought in season 2. The source is again trying to break apart the charmed ones. I like this episode and it is apart of my top 5 shows of Charmed.
  • Bye bye Prue & hello Paige.

    After wondering what will happen to Prue & Piper at the end the season 3 finale, season 4 opens with the sisters geting ready for Prue's funeral.

    Alot of things from the previous season are left unexplained, for example, how did Leo know that Piper & Prue needed saving, afterall they did make a deal with the Source to turn back time. Wasn't Pheobe supposed to stay behind in the underworld with Cole? That was the deal.

    This episode was great, emotional, funny & so sad all at the same time.

    Seeing the sisters cry at the funeral made me want to cry with them. Piper was the most emotional, while Pheobe was trying to stay strong.

    One of the lighter moments in this episode is when Piper & Pheobe find out about Paige from Patty, and when the detective barges in on them & Pheobe sends him to Timbuctu. I couldn't stop laughing.

    I can't wait for the 2nd part.
  • A new era begins......


    This is the episode that really lets the audience know Prue was killed. Fans knew from many many sources that Shannen Doherty was leaving the show and All Hell Breaks Loose was to be her final episode....however, it was not revealed until the begining of this ep. (All Hell Breaks Loose ends with both Prue and Piper hurt).

    Unlike many others, I felt 95% of all Charmed episodes have revolved around how great Prue was and frankly, it was irritating me.

    For those new to the show, give Paige a chance. She's has given a wonderful new dimension to the show.
  • So sad Prue left...

    This episode features a few days after Prue's death, Piper and Phoebe hunt for Shax, the demon who is responsible for Prue's death. While in the funeral, Phoebe saw Paige, and she got a premoniton that Paige will be attacked by Shax. Later on, Phoebe and Cole learn that she can orb, which means that she is possibly a whitelighter. But Leo get nothing from the Elders. Luckily for the sisters, they have Cole, a good demon, and learn that Paige is the new charmed ones.

    Paige Matthews take over Prue and become the new charmed ones. She orbs things. I like Prue more than Paige.

    This episode is NOT really good, although it has a novel. The writer(s) should have done better than this.
  • Prue is killed by Shax, and a new sister Paige reconstitutes the Charmed Ones. Starring: Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, and Holly Marie Combs as "Piper", Brian Krause, Julian McMahon, Dorain Gregory

    When Prue died, i wasn't exactly sure how i was going to react. I didn't really known how i was going to act when Paige (Rose McGowan) came into the picture. The pain that Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Pheobe (Alyssa Milano) were feeling was great, and well acted by the both of them. Piper's rage when demons attacked was also fantastically acted by Combs. How Paige came into the picture,Patty (guest star Finola Hughes) and Sam Wilder had a child, and her power i think did what the Charmed Ones needed to actually become the Charmed Ones. I personally believed that the Charmed Ones could have easily been take out by the Source, until Paige became the third sister. The Charmed Ones are stronger with Paige, and a larger threat. I love it when some of the family is entered into episodes like Patty, Grams (Jennifer Rhodes), and Victor (guest stat James Read) appeared. Comedic elements in this episode, like Cole (Julian McMahon) mentioning that the Halliwell Family Tree is more messed up than his family was great. This episode began a new chapter in Charmed, and it turned out to be the better Chapters of series.
  • A great way to start a new chapter int he \'Charmed\' story.

    This episode was a spectacular start to season 4. It brought back some of our old favourites, like Grams, Victor and Patty and introduced Paige.

    The overall story of Paige\'s story was so well writeen and not forced upon us at all. It fit in very well altering no previous storylines. Being one of those Prue haters I am glad she is gone, but it was quite sad to see the funeral and wathc Piper and Phoebe break down.

    And finally they avenge Prue\'s death together, with the Power of Three united. But Unfortunatley, it doesn\'t look like Page is too happy about becoming a Charmed One...
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