Season 4 Episode 1

Charmed Again (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2001 on The WB

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  • A shock for all the fans. Anyway, we feel the pain too. One sister is gone, and we will miss her...

    It's so weird to see that Shannen is not there anymore. We feel the pain ourselves. It was their sister, and for the fans, was as a sister aswell. It's imbelievable she's gone, we can understand why but it has happen...

    As a episode it's perfect:

    A lot of people find strange that suddenly all has happen (We don't see the scenes inbetween the dead and the funeral) In my opinion, it was a way to suddenly bring the conclusion of the final of season 3. For exemple, til we see Phoebe we don't know what happened...

    The whole episode has a bond between scenes that has not been shown in any episode (I mean... It's kinda of a strange episode and it's only a few hours of the day)

    The off-screen job was excelent: The camera job was fantastic making the scenes look sad and weak. The photography aswell, made cold scenes and a palid color theme. In the camera field we can see scenes so great: The first scene, for exemple was remarkable. The scene in the kitchen aswell. And we see a effect that make us feel down in all the bad scenes... If you see closely the image you can see in a lots of scenes that the camera is kinda turned to one side. It's seems that the camera is falling. Is a way of transmit that life is falling appart, that things are not right.

    The actting work was great aswell! Piper specially! The scene when they see Paige for the first time after knowing that she is her sister was inforgetteable

    To end, I have to say that we have not to forgot the music. We have of the best episode in the musical corditation. I'm not talking only about the songs that appear in the episode but the whole background music in the sad scenes and in the fight scenes.