Season 4 Episode 2

Charmed Again (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

In the underworld, the Oracle is looking into her crystal ball when the Source appears. The Source tells her that his assassin, Shax, has failed and the witch, Paige, is still alive. Being an Oracle, one who can see into the future, she tells him that she already knows. The Source, mad at the fact that the Oracle told him Paige's future was short-lived and yet, she is still alive, comes off angry, but the Oracle corrects him in saying it appeared to be short-lived, and that seeing into the future isn't always exact. The Source is aware of the fact that the Power of Three is strong and that the Charmed Ones being reunited makes Paige, although a new witch, almost untouchable. However, the Oracle, knowing more about human emotions than any other demon because of the things she is able to see with her powers, tells him that the bond has not yet formed between the sisters, making Paige vulnerable. She reminds him that all hope is not yet lost because of the great flaw in the grand design-the mythological window guaranteed by both sides, good and evil, to protect free will. Jumping on to the Oracle's train of thought, the Source comes to see that Paige has not yet chosen a side, and that she can be easily swayed into using her powers for evil, as long as he can seduce her and gain her trust, and she will be his. After threatening the Oracle and telling her to see the future a little more clearly next time, he disappears.

In Shane's hospital room, Shane wakes up and notices the lights flicker. The Source appears in front of him. Shane, stunned, asks who he is. The Source tells him, for now, I am you, and possess him, just before he sees Paige coming down the hospital's hallway and entering the room. Paige tells him the most horrible thing just happened to her, and the Source, inside of Shane, comforts her, and they hug.

At the manor the next morning, Leo is sitting in the kitchen while Piper gets him an ice pack for his neck from the freezer, after his stalling technique last night to jump on Shax's back and allow the girls time to get to the Book of Shadows. Piper tells him that she still doesn't understand why in the world he can heal all of the innocents he wants but he can't heal himself, although he replies saying that it is a little hard for him to heal himself when he's knocked out. Phoebe asks him how an angel can get knocked out if they are, technically, dead. Before Leo has a chance to answer her question, Piper decided the more appropriate question would be, who does an angel get someone knocked up, speaking in turns of Patty Halliwell and her whitelighter, Sam. Phoebe giggles at this, although Leo doesn't find it as amusing. He tells the two sisters that there was no way that the Elders knew about Paige, if that's what she meant. Piper still seems annoyed by the fact that their mother never told herself, Phoebe or Prue that they had another sister, but Phoebe sticks up for her in saying that it didn't seem like she had that much of a choice. When the doorbell rings, Piper says that it better not be another long-lost relative at their door, and she goes to answer it, with Phoebe and Leo close behind. Darryl comes into the house, looking around. He asks them where Cortez is. At first, none of them recognize the name, but with a little more detail from Darryl, they remember that it was the Inspector that he, Darryl, clipped from behind the night before. Phoebe begins to say where she sent him, although a little hesitant to admit it, so Piper tells finishes her sentence and tells Darryl that Phoebe sent him to Timbuktu, because it rhymed with undo. Darryl is taken back by this, and doesn't seem to feel any better about the situation when Leo tells him that Cole went to go get him. At that moment, Cole shimmers into the manor, at the bottom of the stairs. Phoebe is excited to see him and is about to walk over to him, until he tells her to wait, and generates an energy ball. They wait for about two seconds and a bounty hunter attacks, Cole kills him, and then stands up straight, telling the group that the damn bounty hunters are like gnats. Darryl immediately asks Cole where the Inspector is, but Cole reassures him that he found him and moved him to a place where he can't tell a soul what he saw…literally. Leo asks Cole for a straight answer of where he put him, but Cole simply gestures below him. Phoebe asks him if Cortez is in the basement, but Piper corrects her and tells them that she thinks he means a little further down than that. Leo tells Cole that Cortez is a cop, one of the good guys, but Cole simply says that he is also someone who can expose Piper and Phoebe as witches, which he, Leo, above all people should want to prevent. Leo disagrees and says that they have to save him. Darryl still doesn't understand exactly what is going on, so Phoebe just rushes him out the door and tells him that they can handle it. Piper tells Leo to just try to reason with the Inspector and ask him to reconsider trying to expose them. Phoebe hugs Cole, and Cole asks Piper what will happen if Leo can't reason with him, and who is to say the same thing won't happen to her that happened to Prue. Both sisters, still sore about the subject, hesitate for a second, but Phoebe steps up and says that it's a risk they'll have to take. Cole then tells the girls that they have another risk to worry about, and mentions hearing gargoyles on his way back from the underworld. Piper and Phoebe are a little confused, so Piper asks if he means like statues. Cole tells them that they are statues in their resting state, and that they come alive to ward off evil…in this case, he thinks they are trying to ward off the Source, meaning he has surfaced. Phoebe is taken back and asks… "Wait – what? He's here? Now? Where? ". Cole tells her that the Source can be anywhere-and anyone. Leo rationalizes and says that he is probably here for Paige, and that she doesn't stand a chance against him. Phoebe and Piper seem to agree that they don't even stand a chance against him without their beloved Prue. Piper wants Leo to try to sense Paige, although when he can't, she decides that they have to start trying to track Paige down, starting with the church that their mom mentioned. She tells Phoebe that she isn't crazy about that idea of it either, but not their mother or Prue would want them to sit back and do nothing.

At Paige's apartment, she and Shane (the Source) are there, and Oscar, her bird, is going crazy. While Paige is going through her closet and picking out some clothes, Shane asks if she is going to tell him about what happened to her last night. Paige sits down on the bed, but tells that it's nothing. She says that when she was searching for who she was…she didn't want to find out she was a freak, although she would prefer not to talk about it. When Paige is about to leave to go to work, Shane reads her soul and is now aware of the fact that Paige wants to be there for a placement hearing that has to do with a little boy who she, Paige, and others believes to be abused by his father. Paige doesn't think she told him that, but is reassured by him that she did, and she leaves for work. After Paige leaves, Shane walks over to Oscar, who wouldn't stop screeching, and sets him on fire with his eyes, and then disappears in fire.

In the underworld, Cortez is on a ledge above a, what seems to be bottomless, hole of hot magma and is screaming for help. When Leo, who orbs, and Cole, who shimmers, appear on a ledge next to the one Cortez is on, Cortez is startled and yells at them to stay away. Leo tries to tell him that they are hear to help, but Cortez won't listen and says that he is the one who put him here in the first place. Cole confesses that, that was just him. However, Cole is more interested in the question of whether or not he had changed his mind about the girls. When Cortez makes it obvious that he does not plan to back down off the girls' case, despite what Leo tells him about the girls being the good guys, Cole tries to convince Leo that they shouldn't help him. He tells Leo that if they take Cortez back, he will lose Phoebe, and Leo will lose Piper. Leo still decides to stretch his hand out to Cortez, and after assuring him that there is nowhere else they could take him that is worse than this, Cortez takes Leo's hand, and he orbs them out. Cole shimmers out.

At South Bay Social Services, where Paige works, Paige is talking to her uncle of the phone at her cubicle. They chat about a little small talk kind of stuff. Paige looks over and notices Jake, who she believes to be an abusive father, got here for the placement hearing.

Jake walks into the men's room to wash up, where the lights flash and the Source, inside of Shane, is standing there. Jake asks Shane what he wants, and the Source comes out of Shane and then possesses Jake.

Back at her desk, Paige asks her uncle about the church where her adoptive parents used to go, and where a nun called Sister Agnes served. After hearing that she does still work there, Paige tells her uncle that something has come up and that she thinks she should talk to her. A little distracted by the boy from the placement hearing's parents being brought into Mr. Cowan's, her boss, office, she rushed her uncle off the phone and approaches Cowan. Mr. Cowan tells Paige to stay out of it, because she isn't a social worker, goes into his office, and closes the door. When he goes to close the blinds, because Paige is looking in, we see Jake give her a look, and then the blinds are closed. Paige leans up against the window, and sighs.

Back at the manor, Piper is upstairs with the yellow pages, and walking down the hallway. She peaks into Phoebe's room to tell her that she has found the church but Phoebe isn't there. Then she heads to Prue's old room, where Phoebe is standing and looking out the window. When Piper comes from behind her and asks what she is doing in here, Phoebe turns around holding a leather jacket in her hands. It is obvious that she was crying. They talk about the time when Phoebe borrowed the jacket from Prue without asking and her boyfriend's cat peed on it, and Prue flipped out, only she was mad at Piper because Phoebe had never told her that it was really herself that took it. They both say that they miss her so much, and Piper admits that she was wondering when Phoebe was going to break. Phoebe says that she thought that she had to stay strong for her, Piper, and didn't think it would be okay for them to both break down at once. Piper tells Phoebe that they have to put their energy right now into saving Paige, because they can't let the Source get her, too. She adds that they are sisters, after all, and sisters protect each other.

At South Bay Social Services, Paige is anxious and pacing outside of Mr. Cowan's office, when Cowan comes out. Paige quickly questions him about what happened, and is upset to hear that Cowan is having them come back in tomorrow for re-evaluation, meaning their son will go home with him. Jake and Carol, the boy's mother, step out of the office and Jake asks Paige if she has a problem. Paige tells him yes, she has a problem with people who hit their kids. Jake tells her that he can do whatever he wants, and that there's nothing she can do to stop him, and then leaves. Paige goes to her cubicle, picks up her purse, and turns to leave. Mr. Cowan asks where she thinks she is going and Paige tells him church, and she leaves.

In the men's bathroom, Jake enters to see an old man kneeling next to Shane's unconscious body. The old man asks for some help getting Shane up because he must have slipped, but Jake/the Source simply lights the old man in flames with his eyes, comes out of Jake and goes back into Shane.

Paige is walking up to the church that her adoptive parents used to go to, and the church where Sister Agnes works, the nun who found her. As Paige enters the church, we see gargoyles along the roof. Paige finds Sister Agnes and introduces herself as Paige Matthews, but when Sister Agnes doesn't recognize her name, she tells her that she, herself, has changed since the last time they saw each other on August 2nd 1977. It is now that Sister Agnes remembers who Paige is. Paige and Sister Agnes go into a little office where Sister Agnes pulls a box out of a trunk. Sister Agnes tells her that she was just about Paige's age when they came in a swirl of bright white lights like angels. Paige was previously unaware of the fact that both her mother and her father were present when she was given to Sister Agnes. Sister Agnes tells Paige that they appeared in the lights with her in their arms, and they told the sister that she, Paige, was in great danger and they had to give her up to protect her. Paige asks what kind of danger, but is told that she didn't know, although Sister Agnes assures her that is must have been real by the pain in giving her up. Sister Agnes says that they wanted her to find Paige a good home and to keep their secret, until she, Paige, came looking. Sister Agnes reaches into the box and pulls out a blanket with the initial "P" on it, and tells Paige that her mother had only one request – that her name was to begin with a "P". There's a knock on the door to the office and Phoebe and Piper enter. Piper freezes Sister Agnes, and tells Paige that they have to get her out of here. Paige is stunned that they would freeze a nun and is still holding the blanket. Phoebe notices the blanket and shows Piper, who asks "is that our blanket?". Paige tells her no, it's hers, and to leave her alone, and begins to leave. Phoebe and Piper follow Paige, who is almost leaving the church, and Piper is trying to say something that will make Paige stop. Piper is trying to warn her that someone very bad is after her, but that doesn't work so Phoebe gets Paige's attention by saying "you have a magical power, you know", and Paige stops and Piper and Phoebe catch up to her. Piper tells her that according to the prophecy, the third sister has the power to move things with her mind, like Prue could. Phoebe tells Paige that it works by concentrating on an object; she points out a candle in the room, and tells her that she just has to wave her arm at it. Paige tries it, but nothing happen. Piper and Phoebe tell her to try squinting her eyes, like Prue did, and still nothing happens. Paige tells them that maybe she isn't one of them after all if she can't even make that candle, the candle orbs into her hand, and she stops in the middle of her sentence, handing the candle to Phoebe. Phoebe rationalizes saying that the whitelighter in her must make it work differently than how Prue's did, as she sets the candle aside. Piper mumbles "half-breed".

Outside the church, Shane/Source appears in flames and is walking towards the church. He says, appearing to be talking to himself, that she, referring to Paige better be here and that he is running out of time. The Oracle's voice tells him that she is, and not to worry. As Shane gets closer to the church, he notices the gargoyles along the roof. The gargoyle screeches and Shane/Source drops to the ground and tries to cover his ears. He is crying in pain.

Piper, Phoebe, and Paige hear the noise from inside the church. Paige asks what that is, but Phoebe says she doesn't know, stumped herself.

Outside, Shane's magically opens the doors to the church and cries out for Paige. Paige turns around and sees Shane on the ground and rushes to help him. She asks him what's the matter, but Shane says that he doesn't know and says something's after him. Paige helps him up. Phoebe and Piper run after Paige, but Paige is already telling Shane that they should get out of here. When Phoebe yells for Paige to come back, Shane fires a bolt at Piper and Paige, sending the two flying backwards and sliding all the way to the front of the church. When they finally come to a stop, Piper asks what that was, but Sister Agnes shows up and says, good question.

At the San Francisco Police Department, Cole and Leo are following Cortez as he makes his way to a phone. Cole tells Cortez that they didn't have to bring him back and could have left him to rot. Leo tells Cole that what he's saying isn't helping any, although Cole says that his, Leo's, way isn't doing anything either. Darryl comes over to the three of them and asks Cortez where he has been. Cortez doesn't answer him, but does tell the person on the other end of the phone that he needs around the clock surveillance and that he would take one shift. Darryl asks him what he's doing, and Cortez tells him that he's doing what he said he would do before Darryl clipped him from behind. Cole tells Cortez that he's making a big mistake and that he doesn't know what he's doing but Cortez doesn't care. Leo senses that Piper is calling and tells Cole that something must be wrong. Cole then threatens Cortez, although it doesn't have any effect. Cortez tells the person on the phone the address to the Halliwell manor and says that Piper and Phoebe Halliwell are murder suspects. Leo and Cole leave. Darryl grabs Cortez's arm and asks him to listen, but Cortez tells him to let go of him. He then starts to almost verbally attack Darryl, and questions him about how many other murders he's ignored to protect the Halliwells. When Cortez tells Darryl that he is a disgrace to his shield, Darryl pins him up against the wall, telling him that the Halliwells are the best people he's ever met and that they will do more good then he, Cortez, will ever know…and it cost them their sister. Two inspectors pull Darryl away from Cortez, and Darryl calms down.

Back at the manor, in the conservatory, Piper and Phoebe are sitting down while Cole and Leo pace back and forth in front of them. Leo asks them "so the source was there, at the church" and Phoebe tells him sarcastically that the gargoyles weren't exactly whistling Dixie. Piper adds that something powerful knocked them on their asses. Cole sits down, and asks why, if the source had the opportunity, didn't he try to kill Paige. Leo then realizes that the Source isn't trying to kill Paige and wonders if maybe the Source is trying to lure her to his side. Phoebe looks to Cole for a translation, but he only adds on to what Leo was saying - "the mythological window". Leo and Cole go back and forth, finishing each other's idea, and explain to the girls that there is a 48 hour window of opportunity when a witch who hasn't decided to use her powers for good or evil, can be swayed to either side. Cole explains that the Source can't use a spell on her to make her evil, but he can persuade and entice her, and if she decides to use her powers for evil...then she will become evil forever. Piper asks who makes up these cockamamie rules, but doesn't get a straight answer because Leo looks up, to the good side, and Cole looks down, to the evil side – meaning both sides agreed to this. Phoebe says that this means they have less then 24 hours to find Paige with no idea how to find her, and Piper tells them that she bets the Source does.

At Paige's apartment, Paige is sitting on the couch bundled in a blanket when Shane comes over and gives her a glass of water and sits down next to her. When Paige is reluctant to tell Shane what is going on, he tells her that she is safe with him and that he will take care of her, and they kiss.

In the attic at the manor, Cole is looking out the window towards the street, where Cortez is leaning against his car in front of the manor, while Phoebe, Piper, and Leo are looking through the Book of Shadows. Cole asks if they want him to turn Belthazor loose on Cortez, just for a minute or two, but Leo refuses because he doesn't have anything on the girls yet. Phoebe closes the book and says this is useless, hoping that Grams will offer up some help. Next thing you know, the book opens itself up and flips to a page and stops. Phoebe tells Piper it works every time and then focuses her attention on the page it flipped to, being the "Enchantment Spell". Phoebe doesn't understand how this will help find her, but then Piper suggests that it isn't to find Paige, but to identify the Source, because of the last line of the spell: "so she can reveal the evil within". Phoebe says that it would be useful, but only if they can find the Source first. Leo says that they can, or at least Cole can. Phoebe doesn't understand, so Cole clears his throat and explains that demons can sense the Source's aura because it is how he reminds them of his powers and his reach. He tells them that if he focuses on it then he can find the Source. Phoebe, however, isn't okay with this idea because she knows that the Source would know that Cole is focusing on it and would be able to find him. Cole goes back to the window and says that it is the only way they have of saving Paige. Piper and Phoebe decide to use a pair of sunglasses to enchant, and after they say the spell, they test it out on Leo but he looks the same. Cole tells Phoebe to try it out on him, and when she does, she screams a little at the sight of Belthazor. Cole asks her what he looks like, and smirks when the answer is "you look like hell". Phoebe thanks Grams for the magical assist, but Piper asks Phoebe how she knows it wasn't someone else, meaning Prue.

At Paige's apartment, Paige is stepping out of the shower in her bathroom. She comes out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her and looks in the mirror of the medicine cabinet. She hears Shane's voice trying to convince her that she knows who she is now (he voice becomes demonic) and this is where her destiny lies, not with her sister witches, (he appears behind her) and that it is for no one but her. Shane makes the picture of Jake/Source show up in the mirror, and Jake says that she, Paige, can't stop him. Shane tells Paige to use her powers for her own desires and to seek her own revenge, while Jake's image disappears. Shane then tells her to use her power to call for his, Jake's, heart…to call for his life. Shane disappears, and Paige uses her power to shatter the glass of the mirror.

At South Bay Social Services the next day, Jake and Carol storm out of Mr. Cowan's office and leave. Shane is standing in the background. Paige follows them into the parking lot, where she holds out her hand and calls for Jake's heart. Jake falls to the ground in pain, and Carol begins to panic.

At the other side of the parking lot, Piper pulls into a parking space in her jeep with Phoebe, Cole, and Leo in it. They get out and look around, but they don't see Paige anywhere. Cole, however, confirms that this is the right place and that the Source is here. Leo spots Paige, and Phoebe puts the enchanted sunglasses on to see a black aura around her. Leo thinks that it is the Source, but Cole tells him that it can't be because Phoebe would see his demonic self just like she saw Belthazor when she looked at Cole. The group heads towards Paige and a small group is gathering around Jake. Carol is crying for her husband. Phoebe tries to get Paige's attention, but all Paige will say is that "he (Jake) is evil. He's hurting his child." Phoebe tries to get her to stop calling for his heart but then just pushes Paige's hand down and has Leo orb her home. When Paige is orbed out, Jake is no longer in pain. Piper, Phoebe, and Cole walk away before anyone notices anything strange. When Jake stands up, he tells Carol that he won't cover for her anymore and to keep her hands off of their son.

At Piper's jeep, Piper and Phoebe are in the car but Cole offers to stay behind just to make sure the Source doesn't follow them. He and Phoebe kiss, and then Piper drives away. Shane comes out of the building and runs up behind Cole, but disappears in a burst of flames just before Cole turns around. Cole shimmers out and reappears where we see Shane, although he is turned around. Cole walks up behind him, but Shane quickly turns around and stabs Cole in the stomach. Cole falls to his knees as Shane tells him not to die too quickly, and that he wants his beloved witch, Phoebe, to see his last breath. Shane moves his hand from beside Cole's ear to under his chin and mutters that he wants Phoebe to feel the heartache of loss…again. He begins to walk away, and calls for the Oracle to find Paige one last time, and then disappears in a burst of flames.

Phoebe and Piper walk into the manor to see Paige throw a knife at Leo, and he quickly explains to Piper that he is having a hard time convincing her that she isn't evil. Paige calls for a lamp and throws it at Piper and Phoebe, but it misses when the two sisters duck. Phoebe mentions the positive side to this…that she is learning how to use her power, but Piper, being not so positive, tackles Paige to the ground telling her that the lamp was their mom's crystal. Phoebe then rushes over to help hold Paige down. Leo takes Piper's place in holding Paige down, but as Piper begins to go up the stairs to get the book of shadows, the lights flicker and Shane appears in the room next to the stairs. Shane's eyes go all black and he throws Piper through the banister. Shane then throws an energy ball at Phoebe, but it misses because Phoebe levitates. Phoebe tries to kick Shane but misses, and uses the sunglasses to confirm that Shane is the Source. Shane tells them that their powers are strong, but they aren't enough without the power of three. Paige asks Shane what is going on, and the demonic voice changes back into Shane's when he says to Paige that everything is going to be okay. Paige, not so convinced or stupid, tells Shane to stay away from her. Leo tells the Source that she still has free will and that he, the Source, can't make her choose. Shane tries to convince Paige to join him and promises that she will be safe forever, and tells her that Piper and Phoebe don't care about her, only her power. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe are trying to tell Paige that Shane is lying and that he is evil. The Source turns into familiar faces that Paige knows, like Mr. Cowan, Carol, and then the little boy that she didn't want to go home with Jake. Paige finally takes the little boy's hand, and when Phoebe tries to stop her, the little boy suspends Phoebe in mid-air and electrocutes her. Paige, seeing this, pushes the little boy down to stop him from hurting Phoebe. Piper, Leo, and Paige all help Phoebe stand up and the clock chimes in the background, meaning time is up for the mythological window of 48 hours. The Source comes out of Shane and reveals his true self, who says that he has broken the charmed circle before and that he will do it again. He also mentions the fact that, thanks to Belthazor, this wasn't a complete loss. Phoebe asks the Source what he did to Cole, but before she gets an answer, Cortez, who came into the house with a video camera, says oh my god, shocked from what he is seeing. Piper yells for the inspector to get out of the house, but before he can do anything, the Source fires and energy ball at him and sends him flying onto the coat rack and is stuck in the back with one of the hangers. He falls down, and we see blood on the hanger. The Source disappears, and Leo kneels down beside Cortez. Cortez says that it looks like evil wins again, but Leo begins to heal him and says not if he can help it. Cortez is shocked, again, and gets up checking his back where he was stabbed. Leo tells Paige that this is what whitelighters do, they heal good people, and then Phoebe says that they have to find Cole, so Leo, Piper, Paige and Phoebe rush out the front door. Cortez then checks his video camera.

Somewhere near the house, Phoebe, Piper and Leo are walking along the sidewalk and Phoebe sees Cole lying on the ground, almost dead. She rushes over to Cole and kneels down beside him. Phoebe puts Cole's head in her lap and is repeating that work "no", scared to loose him. Piper freezes Cole to give them a little bit more time, and tells Leo to heal him. Leo says that it is against the rules, but Phoebe tells him to screw the rules. Leo then tells Phoebe that even if he could heal him, he could only heal his human half and that wouldn't be enough to save him. Paige steps up, and suggests that she uses her half-whitelighter genes to offset his demon half. Together, Paige and Leo combine their healing power to save Cole, who unfreezes after being healed and gasps for air. Cole and Phoebe hug. Paige asks if that was a good thing, and is told by Piper that this was a VERY good thing, although it may have all been for nothing, thinking about exposure due to Cortez.

At the San Francisco Police Department, Cortez comes in with his video camera. Darryl notices him, and is watching from his desk. Cortez looks over at the captain's desk and walks over to Darryl, handing him the video tape.

At P3, Piper, Leo, Phoebe, and Cole are sitting at their usual spot, when a waitress brings Leo and Cole their drinks. Leo says that it feels good to be here again, and Cole adds that it feels good to be anywhere again. Phoebe tells Cole never to scare her like that again, and he promises. Leo notices that Piper is kind of quiet and asks her if she is okay. Piper says that she isn't sure and Leo knows it is Prue. Piper says that she is upset because they barely got a chance to mourn before everything in their lives got crazy again, but Phoebe tells her that it's okay because they have the rest of their lives for that. Piper tells Phoebe that she may need some time thinking about the whole destiny thing, and Phoebe says that she is fine with that. Paige walks up to them, and jokingly asks if this means she gets free drinks now, although Phoebe is the only one to even slightly chuckle, so Paige says that she's just going to go now. But, Leo stops her before she leaves and tells her that she belongs here. Cole stands up to let Paige sit next to Phoebe so that the three girls are all sitting together, and Cole gets up, saying that he and Leo should probably go pretend like they have something better to do, giving the girls a little alone time. Cole and Leo leave. Paige says that she feels like she should bake them a cake or something for saving her life, but then again, she can't cook. Phoebe asks how Shane is, and Paige tells them that he doesn't know exactly what happened but he knows that it is somehow connected to Paige and they won't be seeing each other anymore. Piper tells her that it's okay, and that she isn't really one of them until she's dated a demon before. Phoebe asks Paige why she went to Prue's funeral, and Paige tells them the same thing that she told Shane, that she just felt connected and she just felt like she had to. Piper and Phoebe look at each other, and then tell Paige that there's something they need to show her. Paige asks them what it is, but Phoebe just says that they are going to show her what good magic can do.

Back in the attic of the manor, Phoebe lights the candles in a circle and then she and Piper read the summoning spell from the Book of Shadows : Hear these words, hear my cry, spirit from the other side, come to me, I summon thee, cross not the Great Divide". Patty Halliwell, AKA their mother, appears in bright lights in the circle. Phoebe tells her mother that there is someone who herself and Piper think she should meet. Patty looks at Paige, and is stunned to see her. Paige asks "mom?" and Patty steps out of the circle to become real, and she and Paige hug. After the hug, Patty gets a look at Paige and says two words: welcome home. She and Paige hug again as Piper and Phoebe watch this special moment.

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