Season 4 Episode 2

Charmed Again (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2001 on The WB

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  • Why Couldn't Alyssa Be Replaced By a Long-Lost Sister? Part Two

    Unlike the many other two-parter season premieres during the later Charmed seasons, this second part is actually necessary and helps in making the proceedings feel much more real. It would be unnatural and unbelievable if Paige immediately became part of the family and this second part to this episode is greatly needed.

    Charmed Again Part Two sees Piper still untrusting of the Halliwells. Meanwhile, The Source takes advantage of the 48-hour window open after a witch discovers her destiny and possesses Paige's boyfriend Shane in order to convince her to join the dark side.

    Rose McGowan continues to impress as Paige and the discovery of her abilities makes for some of the best scenes in the episode, in particular the classic moment when she orbs the candle into her hands. The Source's plan is well constructed and provides some dark drama, in particular when he possesses the abusive father at Social Services.

    Paige believing she is evil is probably the most emotional storyline on display here. Like Piper back in the second ever episode, I've Got You Under My Skin, Paige worries that, now she knows she's a witch, is she automatically evil? It's interesting seeing Paige with so much depth here, which seems to have been thrown away later on in other seasons.

    The spell to see demons through "magical sunglasses" sounds lame on paper but it comes together pretty well. Though it's only a tiny subplot in this episode, it's still a fun one which helps detract away from the darker main storyline. The subplot involving Inspector Cortez is undemanding filler material and just annoys. Despite a great guest actor in Yancey Arias, the story goes nowhere and ends up being mostly pointless.

    The second part of Charmed Again sets up an interesting future for the show. I always think of this episode as the premiere episode for the second half of Charmed itself, with the Prue years being the first. Though the second half did derail most of the time, you can't deny it started well...

    Director: Mel Damski
    Writer: Brad Kern
    Rating: B+