Season 4 Episode 13

Charmed and Dangerous

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2002 on The WB

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  • A bind between good and evil has been broken. The Source is out of options for the Charmed Ones powers and will do anything to get them. Prue's death is put to rest with vaquishing the source, but unknowest to the sisters is that Cole is the source.

    With the loss of their sister in the shocker season finale "All hell breaks loose”. Season Four brought the Power of three back to its glory. To avenge Prue's death and putting there lives at stake the charmed ones vanquish the source of all evil. But unknowest to these characters is that Cole. Phoebe's boyfriend is now the source and makes a perfect use for the ending of the half season and the beginning of the second half arc.
  • The charmed ones defeating the source for the 1st time!!!

    It really had you wondering if the charmed ones were going to make it!!i especially liked how Paige told darryl that they may not make it. I also liked how at the end of the episode they showed Cole\'s eyes light up like the source and Phoebe does not even know!!
  • Bye Bye Source-y

    Charmed and Dangerous is one of those few classic episodes of the series which go relatively unnoticed. Whilst All Hell Breaks Loose and Long Live the Queen get a ton of praise, this episode is one that seems to fade into the memory of some fans. In truth, it's probably one of the darkest ever Charmed hours.

    The episode sees The Source breaking an age-old deal between good and evil and releasing The Hollow, a terrifying spirit which possesses its releaser and is able to steal the powers of whoever they want. The Source uses The Hollow on the sisters, forcing them to defeat him once and for all without their abilities.

    Though Charmed and Dangerous could be criticized for essentially being one big info-dump on the audience, it does feature one of the most striking and underrated moments in Charmed history. The scene is around 20 minutes in and The Source slowly opens up the doors to The Hollow with his hands, enveloping him, and the darkened room he's in, in a stunning, eerie blue light. It's the most epic moment Charmed has ever done and immediately leaves you with a lump in your throat.

    There's a definite sense of darkness throughout the episode and all the acting from the regulars is some of the best they've ever done. Even Paige's somewhat out-of-place subplot is well acted and brings up some interesting ideas about personal gain.

    Featuring a scene-stealing first appearance from Debbi Morgan as The Seer and some truly shocking moments in the evolution of Cole, this is seriously an amazing episode. The vanquishing of The Source, to this day, remains my favorite vanquish. With the sisters calling on all the members of the Halliwell family and the quick camerawork and the flailing hair, it all comes together to make for a really apocalyptic and visually stunning finale to the storyline of the first Source.

    An episode about loss and personal gain, on various different counts, Charmed and Dangerous is a masterpiece episode, featuring some really dark writing and excellent performances from the entire cast.

    Director: Jon Paré
    Writer: Monica Breen, Allison Schapker
    Rating: A+
  • Is he evil again?

    Really great episode although it started off a little boring but the end made up for it all. We finally get to see what the source really looks like. All I can say is gross.

    He manages to get a hold of Piper & Paiges powers and thinks he can now defeat the Charmed Ones. But the Seer has other plans & goes to Cole for help to defeat the Source and take back the Hollow.

    The ending was the best part, where did the sources' powers go? And even better was when Cole's eyes turned black. He's evil again!!!! Well you have to admit that it was getting boring with Cole being human.
  • Charmed and Really Dangerous

    Charmed and Dangerous is one the best episodes of the series, because they destroy the Source that is one the best characters ever made, and in the end of this episode we discovered that Cole is evil again, he is the next Source.The effects were really cool, the Source with the Halliwell's powers was amazing, the Hollow story it was great,the spell to vanquish The Source is brilliant, The writers of this episode were great, made this episode more than a classic. I just keep imaging how this episode could be if Prue was on it.

  • not painful to watch because it's badd...painful to watch because this marks the beginning of the end for Cole = [

    i almost start to cry every time i watch this...and it's just about impossible for me to watch any episode after this one in season 4...cause i cry. SOO sadd

    anyway...Phoebe has a premonition of the Source killing the Charmed Ones with their own powers....AND Cole running in front of a fire ball to stop it from hitting Phoebe.

    Phoebe finds a way to create a vanquishing spell that is strong enough to use against the Source.

    Paige, even in time of EXTREME starting to try to help people more again, kind of like a whitelighter, and helps a woman prepare to appeal for custody of her son.

    this is a great episode...but this is when my growing hateful passion against the seer starts to come in.
  • this is a great episode 1 of my favourites its very revealing to what secrets there is

    this is a personal favourite episode we get to see the sources real face and much more the ancient power of the hollow is revealed in this truly charmed episode as the hollow was revealed in the last episode "forever charmed" its starts from the end then tells what happened at the start if yuo get my drift a truly amazing and also so revealing episode watch it please it will give you a great hour of entertainment......
  • Cole is a demon again.

    This episode is exciting and a fine example of when one thing starts and carries onto the next episode or episodes. The Hollow is unleashed in this episode by the Source, and while the girls try to vanquish the Source, the Hollow takes the powers of 2 out of the 3 Charmed (Piper and Paige).

    Cole also helps the girls vanquish the Source despite Phoebe's premonition telling her that Cole sacrifices himself to save Phoebe. However, there is more to the premonition that Phoebe did not see, and Cole absorbs the Source's powers through the Hollow. The Source is vanquished at the end.

    This ending of this episode hints that Cole might be (and actually is) a demon again by showing his eyes turning black with fire. This episode is also the start of Cole being the Source, which will carry on for the next episodes. I feel that this episode starts the climax of the fourth season. In the next few episodes, Cole starts being taken over by the Source and does things behind the girl's back, and the girls do not know that Cole is the Source. The thought does come to your mind of "When will the girls figure out that Cole is a demon again?" will stick to your mind until you figure it out. Overall, this is an excellent episode.
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  • Aweosome episode where the Charmed ones vanquish the Source....or so they think.

    This episode was overall really good. It was a great action episode with some pretty good action sequences. This episode was awesome because it kept you wondering if and how the Charmed Ones were going to get through it and vanquish the Source and in the end they did. I give this episode a solid 10 out of 10-and this episode deserves it because it was awesome!!
  • The Charmed Ones are about to enter the fight of their livs...

    The Charmed Ones greatest enemy is finally bringing the fight to them. The Source of all Evil is breaking a pact made between good and evil and unleashing a power that he cannot even control. He is using the Hollow, an all-consuming being the devours all magical powers both good and evil...

    Piper, Phoebe, and Paige have to find a way to stop both the Source and the Hollow before the world is plunged into a never-ending cycle of darkness and misery.

    After amazing fighting and strategizing the Charmed Ones vanquish the Source, and with the help of the Seer, banish the Hollow. However, this leaves a void on the side of evil...Who will rise and fill it?

    This is a great episode and it finally shows the end of the Source, and Prue is fully avenged.
  • The vanquishing of the REAL Source.

    This episode, is perhaps, one of the darkest Charmed has ever produced.
    The Charmed Ones finally face up against the Source of all Evil, and win.
    The use of the Hollow was an original and imaginative concept. This episode showed that the sisters don't need their active powers to win all the time, they are The Charmed Ones, and will always find a way.
    Holly once again stole the show for me, her grief of the prospect of losing Leo was hard to watch, and when she tells Paige to do something, probably knowing herself that nothing else can be done, it shows just what losing Leo would do to her.
    This episode also marks the first of the Source taking over Cole. I loved how the Seer says," I can still see the void where your demonic half used to be".
    And later in the episode Pheobe asks, "Where did the Sources power go" and the Seer replie, "Into the void". Great forshadowing.
  • The Charmed Ones finally face the demon truly responsible for their sister's untimely death...

    The Source finally declares all-out war on the Charmed Ones, who have managed to survive his constant attacks throughout season four so far. To actually stand a chance against the most powerful witches in existence, the Source steals the Hollow, a vapor-like entity, from its crypt. The Hollow can consume powers and ultimately, all living things if not banished. Still, the Source will do anything to kill the Charmed Ones, making him the sisters' greatest threat thus far.

    This is easily my favorite episode of Charmed. The reason for this is all the actors’ amazing acting, especially Holly Marie Combs (Piper) and Debbi Morgan’s (The Seer). Another reason this episode is so great is the epic atmosphere of the episode. Viewers could easily tell the sisters were truly in danger, beginning with the guardian demon nearly killing Phoebe and Leo getting shot by a Darklighter arrow. Unfortunately, this feeling will never truly return again. If one thinks episodes will get brighter and happier after this, think again. It will get MUCH darker to my delight. The shocking end will leave all in suspense, with the new plot ending in “Long Live the Queen.”

    "Charmed and Dangerous" is truly the best episode of Charmed ever, obviously thought by many fans in the ‘top episodes’ section. It has action, drama and all-around excitement.
  • Good but not nearly as good as all hell breaks loose!!!

    I liked this episode but i wouldn't say it's the best one ever or even one of my favourites. Paiges story just kinda bores me with the whole social worker thing. Piper was funny with the will, and phoebe and cole are okay. But i prefer phoebes character in the earlier seasons. The actual source vanquising wasn't that great. The seer is a good evil person and i liked the ening with coles eyes going black! Overlll good but i think not as good as people say"!
  • I dont think it is really that good

    There is no Prue, the storyline is quite sucked..i wonder why people think that good... the source and the demons could not even scared me at all...the ridiculous seer, Paige is so annoyed me through the episode . . . .
    Why the writers give demons have the same uniform like that...look at them like demon try to be a demon .. besides the source is so weak, after all..he was betray by the seer... although i love Cole so much but after Prue died...Cole is not impotant to me anymore.. by the way..this episode is also the beginning of the downhill of Charmed..
  • The Source has been vanquished.

    This episode is one of the highest ratings episode in I'm not surprise, because this is A GREAT EPISODE!!!I love this episode, I can't describe how good is it.

    The Seer, who can see the future (premonition, like Phoebe), saw the Source will be killed by the Charmed Ones. In order to prevent it from happening, the Source stole the Hollow to absorb the Charmed Ones power.

    The Source's plan work, Piper and Paige power has been absorbed. Poor Leo, been shot with a poison arrow that is used by the darklighter. So sad. Can the Charmed Ones killed the Source without Piper and Paige's powers? Watch this episode by yourself.

    So the Source is finally gone. It took a clever bit of spellwriting from Phoebe but it seems Prue is avenged at last.

    This is probably the darkest episode so far. The sense of despair is palpable and, for the first time in the series, the sisters truly believe their fate is sealed. Compare Piper's reaction to Leo's shooting to that in "Love Hurts". She almost cannot be bothered to try.

    The Hollow is a brilliant idea and the effects are awesome. I particularly liked the way it lit up the attic at the end. As so often, though, it would have been good to have had at least a mention of it in earlier episodes.

    There's some wonderful acting this week. All the regulars do well and the pain on Brian's face is frighteningly real. Debbi Morgan has a real presence as the Seer and makes a great baddie - much better than the Oracle. Peter Woodward also does a fine job as the Source but I'm not sure he's really the right choice for the part. Should they have shown his face? I think the jury's still out on that one.

    Poor Cole. In trying to protect Phoebe, he absorbs the Source's powers, which leads ultimately to his death. The scene at the end where his eyes turn black is, for me, one of the saddest in the whole series.

    This is a great episode but one which could have been even better had there been a bit more build-up. What made "Sleuthing with the Enemy" so good was the way the tension grew over a number of weeks. This installment, which has an even bigger storyline, instead comes after four weeks of filler episodes. As the Source himself says: "Feels almost anticlimactic after all this time, doesn't it?" I have to agree.
  • best episode ever

    this episode truley sets the standard for telovision. one of my favorite parts was when the source blew up the vase then frose it, also i liked that they also put in the leo dying thing so it would add to the episode, however they could have done without paige's client thing, they should have just left that out, and they should have out more enfasis on the sources vanquish, so much was going on it sort of took away. also why would leo worry that if the source came they would need phoebe's powers, when even the source said he didn't want them. over all this was an extrodinary episode that delivered to the full extent. I LOVED IT.
  • R.I.P. The Source

    Charmed and Dangerous-The Source breaks an age-old agreement between good and evil by stealing The Hollow, an ancient vapor which he uses to absorb Piper & Paige's powers. Meanwhile, Phoebe must allow Cole to help them, despite her having a premonition involving Cole sacrificing his life to save her from evil, but there may be more to the premonition that Phoebe just can't see.

    One of my favorites from the immensely dark 4th season and one of the most action-packed hours from Charmed, "Charmed and Dangerous" sees the battle that we've been waiting for since like...forever...with the Charmed Ones against the Source. Alison Schapker and Monica Breen both prove to be the some of the best writers on the staff as they create some epic and gripping television. Not to mention, the Hollow is one of the most original and elaborate plot device the writers came up with. I love how it just comsumes magic, whether good or evil and the apocalyptic danger it causes once it's released. The special effects are beyond stunning throughout, especially when the Source opens the gate to the Hollow and it engulfed by a powerful blue light.

    The whole cast are all in top form this episode and the performances range from great to superb. Holly Marie Combs is wonderful, especially during the scenes when Piper takes care of Leo. The anger and heartbreak that she conveys at the possiblity of losing Leo is powerful. Then's Phoebe who is struggle protect Cole after a terrifying premonition she has with him dying at the hands of the Source. Lastly, Paige, who in the mist of trying to aid in stopping the Source, helps her own personal innocent in the form of Carolyn and her abusive husband issues. The sub-plot, surprisingly, never feels out of place and the guest stars involved in the storyline are all convincing. The Source is without a doubt the finest villain the writers ever came up with and having Peter Woodward play the sinister king of all evil was a stroke of genuis. The thunderous voice and flawless delievery he conveys really makes the Source come to life. Then there's the brilliant introduction of The Seer, played by the majorily underrated and incredible Debbi Morgan. She without a doubt the most convincing female villainess the show has ever had and it's great to finally have a strong female villain to battle the Charmed ones as well.

    Not to take away from Brian Krause, who is brilliant when Leo is shot by a whitelighter. He is so good at playing pain and the scene where Piper pulls the arrow out of his chest makes it that much more painful to watch. Lastly, Julian McMahon is terrific when Cole is summoned by the Seer and both have well acted exchange about how to save the day. The final scenes with the sisters battling the Source is action packed and some of the most intense moments from Charmed. I loved Cole coming in to take the Source's power with the Hollow and the sisters' vanquishing the Source was an epic sequence with some mind-blowing effects. Even with all that, the episode end with a shocking twist you never see coming when Cole seems to have become the new Source! A shocking development which will make for an awesome second half of the season. "Charmed and Dangerous" is an epic masterpiece with some the best acting, action, effects and storytelling you'll ever see from this series period.
  • The Source Vs The Charmed Ones - finally!

    This felt like more of a finale than anything else, 'Charmed and Dangerous' marks the beginning of a very impressive run of Charmed episodes. Easily one of the best offerings from the series, it's a gem from start to explosive finish.

    And before I go on, I gotta say that Charmed looks superb when I upscale to 1080p, the source's very cool fireballs look especially good, as do the debris and carnage throughout the episode. The girls' lippy also sizzles =P

    The script manages to cap off each chapter with some life threatening attack, and for once the good guys don't necessarily have the upper hand, as Phoebe is almost killed, Leo is struck by a Darklighter's arrow and Piper is slammed into a wall from a direct hit by the source. There's an unusual threat-factor to the proceedings, it almost makes you feel as though the Source could very well wipe the Charmed Ones out. Jon Pare directs this episode laudably, managing to evoke some very strong performances from the girls and provides some excellent thrills with some wonderfully choreographed action scenes. My favourite has to be when Piper is taken down by the Source, with Paige calling for her sister as she looks on in horror. Gripping stuff.

    Of course, there is a downside, which cribs this one of a 10. The pointless subplot involving Paige's charge has no place in this episode. Sure, it bleeds into the next one, but for what reason, it's an afterthought more than anything else that's resolved within minutes. It served as a distraction from the once-in-a-blue-moon moment where Charmed shed itself of its usual flippancies and proved to be worthwhile TV.

    Overall, though, this is a spectacular episode, filled with great action, a great introduction of the seer and solid direction. Cole is a tragic character, he has committed so many crimes in his lifetime due to a demon infecting him, and now he'll continue to do even more, as the source has infected his body. Poor guy. Bring on the rest of season 4!
  • The Hollow victory...

    So, here is the famous episode where the original Source is vanquished. For the most part, it lives up to its billing.

    It is tense and dark from the beginning with one of the grimmest opening scenes in the history of Charmed. The Source proceeds to go the route traveled later by Zankou in taking the sisters' powers en route to trying to kill them. The Hollow is introduced here with the proper amount of awe, ritual, and excellent special effects throughout. We also meet one of Charmed's all time great evil beings in the Seer. Debbie Morgan plays her with fantastic gravity and intelligence. The episode builds in intensity as first Piper and then Paige lose their powers, becoming desperate after Leo is struck by the one thing that can kill him, a darklighter's arrow. This is the first time, of several, that we see the sisters just give in to despair as the final showdown looms. The end is fittingly explosive for the vanquish of the Source. Great idea on the vanquishing spell. The Seer's welcome interference with the Source's plans is surprising, and repeated viewings only highlight how well she manipulated events and Cole to her own ends. It is always slightly disappointing when a 3rd party saves the day, and that is clearly done by Cole here, something he never gets the proper credit or sympathy for. Cole's possession by the Source proves this is indeed a hollow victory, with more trouble from the Source yet to come.

    Besides the fact this is only a faux climax, I believe this episode, as great as it is, is held below the greatest of the series by several disappointing factors. First and foremost, Peter Woodward as the Source is a grand miscalculation in my mind. He has a whiny voice and comes no where near the Luciferic presence of the Source from All Hell Breaks Loose nor the slightly diminished but still adequate Source from Charmed Again. Altogether, I was disappointed that the writers turned the Source into just another upper level demon in this season. The Source even needs to disempower the sisters before he can defeat them, when without Leo, the sisters would have died multiple times by now. Great celebratory ending with the toast to Prue. Finally avenged. But the darkest of storylines for Season 4 is just beginning.
  • the Charmed ones take on the source in one of the 5 most perfect Charmed episodes ever!!!

    All Hell Breaks Loose is and always will be the definitive episode of Charmed ever!!!in the history of the shows 8 year run.
    Prues loss was a difficult affair amongst severe fans of the show.
    But it isn't until now tht the 4th season of the show has kicked up several gears after the greats episodes of the year that have been - Charmed Again, Hell Hath No Fury and Brain Drain...Charmed & Dangerous has now continued the trend of improving on the previous pretty sturdy episodes and proves to be one of the most perfect episodes of the shows run.
    i have throughly enjoyed this episodes all tghe way through and have watched this the most out of any episode of the shows is incredibly intenese in many areas of the episode and there are plenty of key scenes through the episode that will change the course of the shows history and add much needed character building.
    this and Long Live the Queen are the best episodes of the season and are two of my favourite top 5 episodes of the shows entire run.
    it is massive,action packed,well scripted intense fun and with a massiv cliff hanger that will change the course of the show and Phoebe forever.
    its shocks abound and all to the power and complexityof the episode as this is one of the best episodes the show has ever made,and the writers are defiately at their best,as are the cast.
    and the direction this episode has rtaken is fierce and very very detailed in its execution.
    a genuinly fantastic and perfect episode,only matched by All Hell Breaks Loose and Long Live The Queen.
  • What seems like the Ultimate Battle...The Charmed Ones vs The Source..amazing...well yeaa just amazing.

    The Source taps into the Hollow, (which we only see one other time in the series' end) which he absorbs and puts into demons to steal Piper and Paige's powers. A darklighter shoots Leo, so they have no in-house healer as Paige said. So with the source having two of three charmed powers...he comes to attack. The sisters use the power of three to say the summon their powers using the call a lost witch/ powers spell..but the source is summoned instead. he blasts piper into a wall using a fireball. they meet in the attic and cole saves phoebe from a fireball and he has the hollow in him so he gets the sources powers.. and the sisters use the powers of their ancestors to vanquish the source.

    excited episode..the beginning of season 4 part 2
  • Now why couldn't every episode of Charmed be like this?

    WOW! this has to be the best episode of season four. the action is immense and special FX are amazing. it appears the writers and the directors and the make up artists have gone all out on this one - why couldn't they all be like this?

    i reckon this is why piper had trouble concieiving - that smack into the wall was quite painful and i actually felt it at home! Piper was great in this episode and had an unusually positive attitude all the way through.

    Paige was delving into her whitelighter side in this one too. her helping that poor woman and her courtcase was a nice thing to do.

    but the episode belongs to Cole who's character changed from good to evil in one easy stroke. poor phoebe!
  • Charmed and Dangerous

    Charmed and Dangerous was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and full of great surprises and character development. I liked watching The Source plot to use the Hollow to destroy the Charmed Ones. The Seer was a very cool character and I liked seeing her dark wisdom in action. I loved the way the episode turned out with Cole hiding a huge secret! The bad guys were given lots of screen time and had lots of development and progression in their story lines. This is one of the best episodes of the series! I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Good episode.

    Agree with everyone's points.

    But I have to ask, you protect the Hollow with such weak beings? I mean surely, the people guarding it should be able to fend off anyone? But that angel did nothing except talk and get killed instantly. Any old demon would've been able to come for it in that time.

    The ONLY thing I actually really hated in this episode was Paige and Carolyn. I understand why she wanted to help her and it was fine up until near the end where she just invites them over and is all 'oh nothing is wrong' and is basically making Piper look like the bad guy WHEN THE SOURCE IS COMING TO KILL YOU.

    And it makes Darryl's line stupid. "I've known you long enough to know you wouldn't do something like this" Actually Paige does it regularly for little to no reason. God she gets annoying in I think it's season 6 with the boyfriend she gets and well season 7 with the boyfriend then.