Season 4 Episode 13

Charmed and Dangerous

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2002 on The WB

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  • R.I.P. The Source

    Charmed and Dangerous-The Source breaks an age-old agreement between good and evil by stealing The Hollow, an ancient vapor which he uses to absorb Piper & Paige's powers. Meanwhile, Phoebe must allow Cole to help them, despite her having a premonition involving Cole sacrificing his life to save her from evil, but there may be more to the premonition that Phoebe just can't see.

    One of my favorites from the immensely dark 4th season and one of the most action-packed hours from Charmed, "Charmed and Dangerous" sees the battle that we've been waiting for since like...forever...with the Charmed Ones against the Source. Alison Schapker and Monica Breen both prove to be the some of the best writers on the staff as they create some epic and gripping television. Not to mention, the Hollow is one of the most original and elaborate plot device the writers came up with. I love how it just comsumes magic, whether good or evil and the apocalyptic danger it causes once it's released. The special effects are beyond stunning throughout, especially when the Source opens the gate to the Hollow and it engulfed by a powerful blue light.

    The whole cast are all in top form this episode and the performances range from great to superb. Holly Marie Combs is wonderful, especially during the scenes when Piper takes care of Leo. The anger and heartbreak that she conveys at the possiblity of losing Leo is powerful. Then's Phoebe who is struggle protect Cole after a terrifying premonition she has with him dying at the hands of the Source. Lastly, Paige, who in the mist of trying to aid in stopping the Source, helps her own personal innocent in the form of Carolyn and her abusive husband issues. The sub-plot, surprisingly, never feels out of place and the guest stars involved in the storyline are all convincing. The Source is without a doubt the finest villain the writers ever came up with and having Peter Woodward play the sinister king of all evil was a stroke of genuis. The thunderous voice and flawless delievery he conveys really makes the Source come to life. Then there's the brilliant introduction of The Seer, played by the majorily underrated and incredible Debbi Morgan. She without a doubt the most convincing female villainess the show has ever had and it's great to finally have a strong female villain to battle the Charmed ones as well.

    Not to take away from Brian Krause, who is brilliant when Leo is shot by a whitelighter. He is so good at playing pain and the scene where Piper pulls the arrow out of his chest makes it that much more painful to watch. Lastly, Julian McMahon is terrific when Cole is summoned by the Seer and both have well acted exchange about how to save the day. The final scenes with the sisters battling the Source is action packed and some of the most intense moments from Charmed. I loved Cole coming in to take the Source's power with the Hollow and the sisters' vanquishing the Source was an epic sequence with some mind-blowing effects. Even with all that, the episode end with a shocking twist you never see coming when Cole seems to have become the new Source! A shocking development which will make for an awesome second half of the season. "Charmed and Dangerous" is an epic masterpiece with some the best acting, action, effects and storytelling you'll ever see from this series period.