Season 4 Episode 13

Charmed and Dangerous

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2002 on The WB

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  • The Source Vs The Charmed Ones - finally!

    This felt like more of a finale than anything else, 'Charmed and Dangerous' marks the beginning of a very impressive run of Charmed episodes. Easily one of the best offerings from the series, it's a gem from start to explosive finish.

    And before I go on, I gotta say that Charmed looks superb when I upscale to 1080p, the source's very cool fireballs look especially good, as do the debris and carnage throughout the episode. The girls' lippy also sizzles =P

    The script manages to cap off each chapter with some life threatening attack, and for once the good guys don't necessarily have the upper hand, as Phoebe is almost killed, Leo is struck by a Darklighter's arrow and Piper is slammed into a wall from a direct hit by the source. There's an unusual threat-factor to the proceedings, it almost makes you feel as though the Source could very well wipe the Charmed Ones out. Jon Pare directs this episode laudably, managing to evoke some very strong performances from the girls and provides some excellent thrills with some wonderfully choreographed action scenes. My favourite has to be when Piper is taken down by the Source, with Paige calling for her sister as she looks on in horror. Gripping stuff.

    Of course, there is a downside, which cribs this one of a 10. The pointless subplot involving Paige's charge has no place in this episode. Sure, it bleeds into the next one, but for what reason, it's an afterthought more than anything else that's resolved within minutes. It served as a distraction from the once-in-a-blue-moon moment where Charmed shed itself of its usual flippancies and proved to be worthwhile TV.

    Overall, though, this is a spectacular episode, filled with great action, a great introduction of the seer and solid direction. Cole is a tragic character, he has committed so many crimes in his lifetime due to a demon infecting him, and now he'll continue to do even more, as the source has infected his body. Poor guy. Bring on the rest of season 4!