Season 4 Episode 13

Charmed and Dangerous

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2002 on The WB

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  • The Hollow victory...

    So, here is the famous episode where the original Source is vanquished. For the most part, it lives up to its billing.

    It is tense and dark from the beginning with one of the grimmest opening scenes in the history of Charmed. The Source proceeds to go the route traveled later by Zankou in taking the sisters' powers en route to trying to kill them. The Hollow is introduced here with the proper amount of awe, ritual, and excellent special effects throughout. We also meet one of Charmed's all time great evil beings in the Seer. Debbie Morgan plays her with fantastic gravity and intelligence. The episode builds in intensity as first Piper and then Paige lose their powers, becoming desperate after Leo is struck by the one thing that can kill him, a darklighter's arrow. This is the first time, of several, that we see the sisters just give in to despair as the final showdown looms. The end is fittingly explosive for the vanquish of the Source. Great idea on the vanquishing spell. The Seer's welcome interference with the Source's plans is surprising, and repeated viewings only highlight how well she manipulated events and Cole to her own ends. It is always slightly disappointing when a 3rd party saves the day, and that is clearly done by Cole here, something he never gets the proper credit or sympathy for. Cole's possession by the Source proves this is indeed a hollow victory, with more trouble from the Source yet to come.

    Besides the fact this is only a faux climax, I believe this episode, as great as it is, is held below the greatest of the series by several disappointing factors. First and foremost, Peter Woodward as the Source is a grand miscalculation in my mind. He has a whiny voice and comes no where near the Luciferic presence of the Source from All Hell Breaks Loose nor the slightly diminished but still adequate Source from Charmed Again. Altogether, I was disappointed that the writers turned the Source into just another upper level demon in this season. The Source even needs to disempower the sisters before he can defeat them, when without Leo, the sisters would have died multiple times by now. Great celebratory ending with the toast to Prue. Finally avenged. But the darkest of storylines for Season 4 is just beginning.
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